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08-01-2016, 07:28 PM
We are currently looking for a couple more players in each campaign that can attend somewhat regularly. We have players that play locally and players from out of the area so we use a combination of http://www.Roll20.net and ooVoo.

The game schedule is as follows:

First Saturday of each month from 2pm until approximately 7pm we will be playing Black Lake Raiders using the normal Pathfinder rules in a home brew campaign world. Characters will be members of a group of good "Pirates". A short (couple of paragraphs) concept for a level 4 character should be submitted prior to joining.

"Word has reached the Black Lake Pirates that things are further amiss and much wider spread than before. The citizens are turning on each other and odd things have been seen. Reports of mysterious disappearances of the common folk, strange creatures in and around the Lake, weird storms throughout the known Kingdoms.
Tales have been told that the neighboring region, Darsidia, has been having similar occurrences, including the assassination of a Darsidian Knight.
Who or what is behind this and what is their purpose? Are you brave enough to investigate?
You have all been summoned to the Great Hall within the Pirate Hold, and while not uncommon, the urgency seems to be."

On the third Saturday of each month a customized Pathfinder rule set will be used. This involves piece meal armor, location DR, and hit locations. As with the other game a brief concept should be written and submitted prior to joining, though this is for a level one character and only core classes and races are allowed.

The Lands of Pinarth are a vast continent comprised of multiple kingdoms, clans, and other organizations. The campaign begins in Darsidia, a predominantly human nation.

The kingdom of Darsidia is the north most nation in Pinarth. It has varied terrain in a temperate climate. While somewhat diverse racially it is still predominantly human. There are small settlements of elves within the Aeleron Forest and a dwarven stronghold within the Smouldering Peaks. While humanoids do exist in this region and some skirmishes occur, it is rare, typically on outlying farms or small settlements, and dealt with swiftly.

Darsidia has seen peace for decades with the only battles being with small groups of humanoids that rarely come out of the Smouldering Peaks or bandits that have formed camps within the Aelron Forest. There has been evidence of larger humanoid creatures near the settlements of Rutherford, Piroq and Hillsborough but none have been seen.
Darsidia has been ruled from Bridgeport by the Fitzbanes for several generations, with High Lord Hugh Fitzbane sitting the throne in current times. Hugh Fitzbane, while being born noble, has worked hard for the kingdom from his early years on. He fought in the last large scale war when he was a young paladin, fending off numerous humanoids and a trio of giants. He and his troops fought for the better part of a day before their foes were driven back into the Peaks.

Lord Fitzbane has established alliances with both the elves of Aeleron and the dwarves of Smouldering Peaks and, while infrequent, trade has been established.

High Lady Mira Fitzbane, Hugh’s wife and Queen of Darsidia, met Hugh during one of his earlier campaigns when he was stationed in Midland Pass. While on patrol Hugh encountered a group of bandits pinning down a small elven trade company. Hugh and his group dispersed the bandits, slaying those too brave (or stupid) to flee. Mira held Hugh in high regard then, but became much closer as time went on. They married a few years later, obtaining blessings from both Hugh’s family and Mira’s father.

Mira is an accomplished archer and ranger. She will still accompany scouting parties, much to Hugh’s chagrin, if they are patrolling locally.
Marshall Fitzbane is the son of Hugh and Mira. Marshall follows in his father’s footsteps, learning the ways of the paladin. He is already well established as an expert swordsman, fierce horseman, and protector of the innocent. He maintains a small group of soldiers and frequently travels the trade routes to keep them clear of danger.