View Full Version : Question About A Hypothetical Situation . . .

Tony Misfeldt
06-26-2016, 12:04 AM
In my thread about homebrew spells, I had listed a series of spells based on the Glassteel spell. Namely Woodsteel, Stonesteel, and Bonesteel. The initial intention was to provide barbarian characters with wood, stone, and bone crafted weapons and armor which were a match for any steel weapons and armor used by more civilized characters (thus allowing players to improve their characters' equipment without sacrificing their barbaric look/style).

I then got to thinking about other uses for these spells. For example, Woodsteel could be cast on wooden doors after they've been installed making them harder to break down. Similarly each stone used to make a city wall could be enchanted with Stonesteel thus making the city walls harder to batter down.

My hypothetical is this: Suppose a character were slain and reduced to nothing but a skeleton. If a sorcerer or a wizard were to spend several weeks enchanting each bone with Bonesteel before a cleric casts Resurrection upon the remains, and the Bonesteel spell does not prevent the character from being resurrected, what would be the effect on the resurrected warrior? Clearly his bones would be as unbreakable as steel. But what effect would that have on him in terms of game mechanics? Likely an improved natural AC, but improved by how much?

I'm thinking of creating an NPC with this as a backstory. I'm want him to be more formidable than your typical warrior, but not overpowered. So what do you guys think? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Please let me know.