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06-07-2016, 12:34 AM
Here I go with all them negative waves.

Magic weapons that arent. You know, weapons that only have a bonus to hit and damage. Pretty lame if you ask me.
Character background stories. Sick to death of every character being Mr. sad sack loner with no social ties and such. From now on every character comes for a normal background with living relatives. Plus it annoys me when people write 15 pages and expect me to incorporate it the game, sorry I have better suit to do. Keep it down to three sentences or less.
People who roll skill checks when I didn't ask them too (because I probably would let you do it without needing a roll)
People who make attack rolls that suck, then think I am not watching and roll again. Unfortunately for them I have no problem calling out that BS by asking what they rolled the first time.
Dungeon vermin. I mean really...no one should have to fight giant crickets it's even more lame than #1.
Boxed text in a moduleles that are more than a few sentences. Seriously, every time I read a room description, or boxed text from a module people's eyes glaze over and they stop paying attention. So I stopped doing it.
People who have been playing for years but still haven't figured out which dice are which. After 10 years of playing you no longer get a free pass. Just keep rolling the d12 every time you make an attack, I feel no obligation to point it out.
Point buy systems for character building. Absolutely hate it, people should roll 3d6 in order as nature intended.
Any game that takes an hour or more to make a character or has dice pools. I won't run either type any more.

06-07-2016, 10:14 AM
I got burned out on high fantasy in the late 80s, so most of your peeves are very different from mine.

1. (with a bullet) Lack of communication from a player. Like when they don't show after saying they would. This level of inconsiderate behavior will get a player tossed from my campaign.

2. (also with a bullet). Hack and Slash gaming. The object of ROLE playing is to interact with an environment, which includes the NPCs that live there. The Trinity of "Go somewhere" "Kill something" "Take its stuff" is SOOOOOOO 1975.

3. I agree about an excessive background, but I don't have that problem, I usually get a very thin background. However, the bit about the pathetic loner thing is far too true. Everyone wants to be lone wolf McBaddude and that gets old.

4. I fully agree on players that don't bother to learn the rules even after years of playing.

5. Min-Maxers. Do you really thing that being a rules lawyer and taking advantage of the spirit of the rules for your benefit is really going to help you?

6. Rolling for stats is like the 70s called and wants their character generation system back, game design moved on from this primitive method decades ago and with good cause. Point build all the way every day.

7. I do agree that if it takes an hour to make a character, either the system is too complex or the player really should do something about their OCD.

8. Arguing with the GM. I like role playing games because they are about a collaborative effort to tell a compelling story. They are not supposed to be adversarial. If as GM I make a decision a player doesn't like, it's not because I'm out to get them, it's because I've made a decision based on my interpretation of the rules or the logic of the situation.

9. The d20 system in any flavor. Whether 1e or 5e, I walked away in 1987 for a reason.

10. Lack of communication from a player. It's my pet peeve and needed repeating.

06-07-2016, 01:56 PM
I quit playing AD&D right about 1989. Hated it for years, never had anything nice to say about it to be honest. Played other games during the nineties then drifted out of the gaming scene when magic started to explode. Came back just as 4e came out, played that for a while until I started to loath playing because it all took so long. Played some AD&D with some of the people from that group, and hated it all over again. Turns out I like Basic D&D because it's a rules light game. The rest of them just have too much for my tastes.

3d6 in order gets rid of min/max power gamers. They never come back for a second game, but the guy who laughed his assistant off because his cleric was illiterate does. lol

Cool stuff. We all have this shared background in gaming but it is always interesting to see how and why people developed differing attitudes towards certain aspects of gaming based on personal experience. As a player I hate dungeon crawls, but other people seem to like that stuff.