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05-27-2016, 04:06 AM

In a dark city with rival gangs and ancient supernatural forces, characters of power spring up to leave their marks.
Border town is a low powered darker campaign set in the twin cities of Sault Ste Marie between the great lakes. The style and setting could be compared to Gotham, Hells Kitchen or World of Darkness.


This will be a sandbox in nature, not constraining characters or forcing them in predefined directions. I'll try to be as unbiased as possible to the choices characters make and how the npc's of this city react to them.

The mechanics will be more lethal to reflect the atmosphere.

Characters will start at power level 5 but with 60 total points and should be designed for street level play. Think of characters such as Daredevil, Green Arrow or Punisher when thinking of power level. Please don't exploit arrays or make extremely one sided characters that off balance the fun for other players. Street level heroes are usually based on a power or two and the skills and advantages of being peak human. A general guideline is the characters total points spent across powers, advantages and stats above 5 should be less than 20.


The game sessions will take place in Skype. Dice rolling and character sheets along with city maps will be within roll 20. The group text channels will be set up within Skype.


I'd ask that players have aspirations, but keep the past achievements small. This should be the story of coming into being, not already having. Tell this story from its humble beginnings, assume you have yet to achieved your goals.


When sharp objects, guns or fire/chemicals are involved it usually defaults to kill. Blunt objects and fists can also kill if that's their intent.

Wounding will be possible with lethal weapons, but will require a more skilled shot.

Wounding attacks will heal at 1 level per hour, while lethal attacks take heroes 8 hours of rest.

If your negative due to injury exceeds your toughness you will be knocked unconscious or dying.

I'd rather not see the power immortality or the advantage luck being used as they are very powerful in a more lethal campaign.

Stamina/Toughness costs are 3/2 per rank since they act as limits for knock out/death.

All npc's will be considered non minion due to the lethal nature of the setting.

New characters should keep wealth to a minimum. Anything up to middle class to start is acceptable. I'd rather wealth and power was earned through story telling.


My schedule isn't very predictable so it's my intention to run smaller independent stories. Since I can't run on a specific date and time on a regular weekly basis I plan on having smaller more impromptu sessions that can take place whenever a few players are available.

It's my hope that players can fluidly move into and out of short stories as they are available. Players that are not present will fade into the local setting.

The start session is just a placeholder and is not the actual first session. Sessions times will be shared and discussed between all involved once players are ready.

05-27-2016, 04:09 AM
If you decide this interests you, or even if you want to just check it out you can join with this link. There's 6 example characters made already inside the campaign plus blank sheets ready for you to fill in.

https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/48098/mutants-and-masterminds-bordertown (https://app.roll20.net/join/1428534/QhcPxQ)

You could also contact me through Skype at dansmith759.