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05-24-2016, 06:13 PM
I have 3 regular players for this campaign. I'd like to bring some more players into our group. We're starting a new campaign playing the World's Largest Dungeon on Sunday, June 19th.

About the Campaign
Their nation has been at war for many years. The PCs grew up during a time of war, though they have never had any direct interaction with the war, it's always been some distant thing that had little bearing on their lives. The king's arch nemesis is a powerful wizard lich known to the world only as Rathmazaar who commanded an army of orcs and other monsters. Supposedly he was king of this land centuries ago, but when he became a lich his people rebelled and banished him from the kingdom. Now, centuries later, he returned with a horde of monsters at his heal.

Rathmazaar is too powerful to defeat in individual combat, the greatest heroes of the land were sent to slay him and all of them were reanimated and sent back to slay the king. The king's army was finally gaining ground, pushing back the monstrous horde. They took Rathmazaar's mountain fortress and ransacked the wizard's tower. The reason they were able to defeat him so easily in that last battle was because he knew the war was lost long before they knew they were winning, instead of fighting to the end he left a simulacrum behind to command his army while he went in search of a powerful ancient artifact.

With Rathmazaar's forces completely defeated, he has no hope of returning to power anytime soon. But, the old mage has other plans. He prepares an epic teleportation spell that can penetrate the palace wards and arrives amid the banquet being held in celebration of the king's victory. The king's highest advisor, an old and powerful wizard, the only living mage whose power matches Rathmazaar's, senses the incoming teleportation with his own powerful but passive wards. He is in action even as the lich arrives, having spent all his spells for the day in the final battle his only resort is to run and jump and tackle Rathmazaar down to the ground. Rathmazaar aims for the king, thinking to banish him to a dungeon he could never survive on his own, but the shot goes wide and hits the player characters instead.

The PCs are sent to a strange demiplane where they must navigate a massive maze while being attacked by every variety of monster, if they live and find their way out they may return whence they came.
The players may make any kind of character who they could justify being there. Most likely the prince/princess and/or their entourage; though it could just as likely be a simple servant who was pouring wine when the wizard arrived. If every player wants to be the prince then they are all siblings, the eldest in order of who claimed royal blood first. PCs may be any non monstrous race that has no level adjustment or racial hit dice. Half orcs are strongly discouraged, but if played they should have a good reason for being there (this kingdom just defeated an orcish horde).
Each PC may begin the game with a dagger and one special item, for a wizard this would be a spellbook, for a cleric it would be a holy symbol, a rogue would have lock picks, warriors would have masterwork weapons, etc. The PCs are dressed in formal attire because they were attending a banquet when they were sent here, so none of them are wearing armor.

Abilities: 4d6 keep 3, reroll 1s, roll 7 scores, keep 6

Players are encouraged to submit a backstory, at least a paragraph, up to a page or two. They may take a bonus feat for submitting a backstory, as long as there is some explanation given for the feat in the backstory.
Food, water, ammunition, and spell components will be strictly tracked in this game.