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Andrew Olson
04-04-2016, 06:14 PM
Hi All

Haven't played in decades. I'm thinking of DMing a game just using a modified (improved) version of the basic D&D rule-set. At some point I'll be open to using advanced or modern versions of the D&D (or Pathfinder) rule-set, but I'd really like to keep it simple to start with. While I am a total geek (I'm a computer/database programmer), I need to run at least a few game without getting bogged down in the minutia since I am prone to go the minutia direction without even trying.

I'm working on a good story line for the game, as I don't just want a "kill the monster, get the treasure" type of game, and I'm about half way there. I like to have a decent story line so playing the game can come off like reading a good book, like LOTR (yes I have low expectations, don't I / sarc off). I want everyone to have a great time.

It'll likely be late April/early May before we start (I have a few family things happening until then... like a family member just gave birth.. sorry I can't start sooner). If you are interested, contact me asap so I can get the storyline to you.

I'd like to meet everyone first, as a group, at a starbucks (I'll buy) or a similar location, so we can get to know each other a little (& roll up characters, etc).

I think I'd like to game at my place (it's plenty big, just on the south side of Springfield Lake), but I'm open to suggestions or someone else's place (especially if you have small kids which makes it hard for you to get away), but you must be centrally located to the other participants. I'll be running a rated G/PG game, as I'm a family guy with a teenage kid. No smoking at my house (sorry 'bout that) and please watch your tongue. I don't expect you to be a saint... I just can't have 4 letter words rolling out of your mouth on a regular basis. I'd like to meet every 2 or 3 weeks (Saturday... or maybe Sunday).

As the game goes forward, feel free to critique my DMing. I can handle it. I don't want a bunch of players that think the DM sucks and then have the group evaporate. Everyone will start at 1st level. If we are short players, each player will run multiple characters.

Thanks you for your consideration,
Andrew Olson

Please email your interest, questions or comments to: s2p7r3i1n1g4f9i2e7l3d@gmail.com