View Full Version : Tacoma WA GM Looking for a Group!

03-22-2016, 08:30 PM
Anyone out there in the T-town area interested in joining a gaming group? This would
be a completely new group, so there arenít any existing campaigns to join. I am
looking for some folks who would be interested in getting together weekly or
every other week, whatever, to just have some good old storytelling, dice
rolling fun. My preference is a weeknight but I can do weekends, it would just
be less frequent as I like to get my outdoors on when I am not working. Also,
probably be at one of the fine FLGS in Tacoma unless a player has some gaming
space at their crib.

All that being said Ė I am looking to run (and do not mind sharing GM duties) a
fantasy based game using 5e, Fantasy AGE, Savage Worlds, Cypher, 3.x, Pathfinder Ö whatever
people prefer. Also, I like to do one shots at times (which can turn into
many shots Ė IT IS ALL GOOD!!!). So mix in the forthcoming Conan or Shadow of
the Demon Lord or The One Ring or whatever you, thatís right YOU! want
to play.

And as much as I love fantasy RPG, I dig me some SciFi/modern/horror as well. So
letís add in some Shadowrun or Eclipse Phase or Cthulhu or Mutant Chronicles or
WH40K RPG(s) or or....

You get the idea I am sure. Letís just get a good, consistent gaming group
going and have some fun. Hit me up here or at wrchylde at gmail


02-18-2017, 01:32 AM
hey i am looking for a group to join iam pretty open for anything. i have tuesdays and wensdays off. so if thats works let me know