View Full Version : Selling 500+ dollars worth of Shadowrun 4e, a little Shadowrun 5e, DnD 4e, and World of Darkness!

03-02-2016, 07:49 PM
I have roughly 400-500 dollars worth of DnD and Shadowrun books given to me by a family member, as well as like 5 world of darkness books and I'm looking to sell them!

Cost wise, I do a quick search on Abebooks for a good baseline, but from the few books that have sold it seems most go for about 10 dollars without shipping, and I'm totally down for the dank wholesale discounts if you want to buy multiple books. All purchases will include priority 3 day mail shipping (an additional 7 dollars).

I rather not ship to outside the US (will make exceptions if the international rate for your country isn't super high).
DnD 4e
-Adventurer's Vault 2
-Open Grave: Secrets of The Undead
-Player's Handbook
-Adventurer's Vault
-Eberron Player's Guide
-Eberron Campaign Guide
-Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn
-Blood Sand Arena
-Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
-Psionic Power
-Monster Manual
-Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
-The Plane Above: Secret's of The Astral Sea
-Divine Power
-Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons
-Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons
-Martial Power
-Domain of Dread: Histaven
-Monster Manual 2
-The Plane Below: Secrets of The Elemental Chaos
-Manual of The Planes
-Dungeon Master's Guide 2
-DM Screen

Shadowrun 5e
-Core Rule Book
-GM Screen

Shadowrun 4e
-Corporate Intrigue (x2)
-Jet Set
-The Twilight Horizon
-Running Wild
-Core Rulebook 20th Anniversary Edition
-Contacts and Adventures
-Shadow of Europe
-Feral Cities
-Corporate Enclaves
-Runner's Toolkit
-Shadows of North America
-Storm Front
-Spy Games
-Runner's Companion
-Sprawl Sites: North America
-Street Magic
-GM Screen
-Runner's Toolkit: Alphaware
-Data Trials
-Seattle 2072
-Run & Gun
-Steet Grimoire
-Runner's Black Book
-Sixth World Almanac
-Run Faster
-Map sheets (Gambling Den, Trideo Studio, Luxury Hotel, No Tell Motel, City Hall, Lonestar Station, Random streets, maybe barrens?, Mall Of The World)
-Corporate Guide
-Sprawl Wilds
-Splintered State
-Conspiracy Theories
-Hazard Pay
-The Clutch of Dragons
-Ghost Cartels
-London Falling
-Stolen Souls

World of Darkness
-World of Darkness Core Book
-Changling The Lost
-Promethean: The Created
-Vampire the Requim
-Mage the Awakening

01-25-2017, 02:13 PM
sorry i am not interested in reading books this is not my hobby.