View Full Version : GM Seeking Players - Details TBD

01-29-2016, 05:07 PM
Hi all,
I'm exploring the possibility of getting a face-to-face game going and want to see if there are players out there interested in playing!

I've been the GM for various games with various systems, but my current favorite is 4e D&D and maybe 13th Age (have not yet given it a test drive to confirm). Nothing against other systems, but I've grown very comfortable with 4e, enjoy it's style, and find it very GM-prep friendly. The challenge, for me, is that it seems most folks in the vicinity want to play 3.x/PF.

I have not worked out any details about what I would run yet, since I really want to see if I can get players first. I can say that I like to have at least 50% RP vs. combat; I'm always content to up the RP percentage. My games are mostly serious and I tend to err on the side of fun vs. sticking to RAW.

TL;DR version - Is there anyone out there interested in a 4e game? We can sort out the details later.