View Full Version : Ministry of Game Term 1 2016

12-29-2015, 05:40 PM
At Ministry of Game - the premier gaming club on Sydney's North Shore - we have a whole bunch of openings in a whole bunch of our RPGs for Term 1 2016. Our evenings run weekly on Tuesday nights starting at 6.45pm with dinner, and then then we split up for our games at 7.30pm. The first night of term 1 is 2 February 2016.

Starting in 2016, we have spaces in all of our games!

We have a sci-fi horror game running in Unisystem!
We have a detective investigative drama running in a (soon to be published) homebrew system!
We have A Graveyard of Civilisations, a brand new 5E Dungeons and Dragons game!
We have a brand new Robotech game!
We have a long-running epic level 4E Dungeons and Dragons game!
We have a 4E Shadowrun game!

All these games have at least one space for a new player. We also have a board game group which currently has a permanent quorum of players, but can usually accept a couple of random extra players, as our board game selection is enormous.

Beginners are welcome! New people to the group are welcome! Old hands are welcome! We are an adult group though, so we can only take players aged 18 and over.

We are always looking for new players ,and we love to have new people join us. So why not check out our website (http://www.ministryofgame.org/?p=651) and see if there's a game that might interest you!