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07-20-2007, 07:40 PM
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Augmentation Art Preview and More (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/wordpress/?p=179)

Hello everyone, it’s time for our weekly update.
Before you do anything else, go vote (http://www.ennieawards.com/voting.html) for Street Magic (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/products/product.php?i=26004) to win the ENnie award for best supplement. Do it!
I’m sorry to say that I still don’t have an exact street release date for Emergence. (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/products/product.php?i=26301) The book is now in our hands, though, and I suspect it will be in stores the first week of August, so look for it then.
On the other hand, Augmentation (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/products/upcoming_products.shtml)is off to the printer, and I’m excited, because the book kicks ass. It features a whole lot of cyberware items, cyberlimb options, bioware, nanoware, and gene treatments that are completely new to Shadowrun, in addition to updates of the stuff you’d expect to see ported over from SR3. It also covers new ground with biosculpting, biotech symbionts, genetic infusions, biodrones, and full-body cyborgs. You’ll also find the usual fiction and source material flavor text, info on the corps who dominate the medtech fields, new qualities for augmented characters, easy rules for surgery, and an optional rule for handling severe wounds. It really is a must-have book for Shadowrun.
We’ll have a full preview for you next week, and the PDF will likely also go up on sale next week. In the meantime, here’s an art preview featuring some of the new artists we used for Augmentation, as well as a few of our regulars:
First up is a cyber-monster piece from Abrar Ajmal (http://www.aaillustrations.com/):
And another Ajmal illo, this one a full-pager for genetech:
Next a cyberhand drone from Mike Mumah (http://mumah.com/):
This cyber-surgery piece comes from an artist new to SR, Mariusz Gandzel (http://www.artserwis.pl/portfoliobrowser.php?gid=8396&action=thumbs&aParam Table%5Bdzial%5D=1):
The next two are also from a new artist, Tony Shasteen (http://www.theillustrator.com/):
Meanwhile, work continues apace on Arsenal, Corporate Enclaves, (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/products/upcoming_products.shtml) and future books. See you next week.

07-21-2007, 02:47 PM
Totally sweet. I've never much liked cyberpunk, but still, sweet.