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11-28-2015, 03:29 PM
Hello all,

First would like to get some of the gritty stuff out of the way.

-Time and day(s) to be played. My availability is Sunday and Monday with open availability.
-System: Mutants and Masterminds 3e
-Powerlevel: 10 Standard point buy as per rules in M&M 3e.
-Microphone as this game will be played over Google hangouts.
- Mature players only
- Character concepts/bios before characters are ok'd to be made.

Earth 53

Unstable anomalies have struck this Earth granting 15% of the world’s inhabitants with powers, some use them for good others use them for world dominance. Powers of these meta or super humans are varied in power levels some ranging from plvl of 1 up to almost cosmic level.

Age before the Anomaly, both an age of war and peace much like you would see on Earth Prime a world without supers.

Age of the Anomaly, Various meteors, lighting strikes and the like hit various parts of the world people within the radius were granted with strange powers, some manifested fasters than others and others needed to mature overtime. A rise in military power as well as criminal activity has rose throughout the world. With few champions to stand in-between these evil doers.

Various scientists have made facilities to study some of these people, some went as far as poking and prodding these “Meta-Humans” to extremes changing these people into monsters due to the hate that’s been brought to them. Others capture these meta humans and lock them in holding centers and throw away the keys.

Some stand up and find a way to better humanity and aid these Meta-Humans. Though far and few in-between.

City: Skyline city found in Missouri, population of 400k give or take. The city has various infrastructures, houses one of the top 10 colleges in the USA for Science. It also holds the HQ for various Corporations Such as LexCorps, Savage INC.

The city scape is varied, broke up into 3 districts.

Downtown mainly houses the shopping, restaurants, government centers, office buildings, sky scrapers etc. Vast public transit, a monorail train wraps around most this area.

Eastern Heights which is prone to the ghettos of the city, this area houses a lot of the poverty of the city, low income families, an area more prone to violence, drugs etc. A once industrialized area had gone to waste when major companies started sending factories overseas, this area is also known are the start of Skyline city where it had all started.

Skyview: The suburb of the city. Majority of the city’s population is found here, small shopping centers, cul-de-sacs and gated communities can be found throughout as well. This is one of the newest additions to the city as it continues to grow.

Current events: Meta-Human group known as the Legion of Doom has been branding their mark around the city. Unknown members baring masks and various different outfits.
These Meta-humans/superhumans have increased the crime rate within the city, ransacking various plants, factories and business buildings of interest. Various LEXcorps tech has been noted to have been stolen, along with various power cells.

04-21-2016, 10:24 PM
when were you wanting to start this game and do you have any room left in it?