View Full Version : LFG/DM Friday Afternoon/Evenings EST

Highway Man
10-22-2015, 07:56 PM
Our group has switched its normal gaming day to Friday and we are looking to either join a group or have a GM join us. There is currently three of us and we can play starting in the afternoon until some time in the evening (Eastern Standard Time). So plenty of hours to work with a possible GM on getting a game time settled. We use Skype for voice chat and we'd prefer to use MapTool for the vtt.

As far as systems and genres we are open to a lot so feel free to ask. Odds are if we haven't played it then we are probably willing to try. No 4e D&D or Cthulhu though, sorry. We'd be very interested in Savage Worlds and Pathfinder, but like I said we are open to a lot of games.

So to sum up.
-Looking For: GM or Group.
-Game Time: Friday EST (exact time tbd).
-Virtual Table Top: MapTool.
-Voice Chat: Skype.
-Game/System: Open for discussion.

Any interested groups or GMs just shoot me a message here or PM me.

Thanks for reading and good gaming!