View Full Version : Troy, MI: Shadowrun 5E or Star Wars d6

Sliver Beetle
09-09-2015, 02:57 PM
Hi All,

I'm thinking about running a monthly Shadowrun Fifth Edition or Star Wars West End d6 game.

But I wanted to see if there are any players still out there and interested in playing either RPG.

I would like to run the game the first Saturday of every month from 5-10 pm in Troy unless someone else has a really groovy game room they would be interested in letting the group use.
The first Saturday of the month is so we can avoid most of the major holidays.

I probably would not be starting until somewhere between November and the beginning of the new year.

The game sessions will be based on published adventures lasting 1-2 game sessions.

Game play will be more convention style adventures, versus an ongoing campaign with a larger unfolding backstory and character histories woven in. Meaning you can make a new character for every adventure if you want, or you can use the same character for a couple adventures.

I'm hoping this is more of a show up and have fun group for people who are in other groups or who haven't gotten to play either RPG in a while, or who have always wanted to try or play either Shadowrun or Star Wars.

Since I'm just reading and learning the rules myself I'm open to players of all levels, from never played an RPG to older gamers like myself.


Silver Beetle