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08-24-2015, 03:04 AM
I would like to share some of the things that I'm working, and I hope that everyone will enjoy!
More of my work can be found here http://miniature-games-28mm.com/
I'm preparing a project and he will live on Kickstarter soon.

Size 28mm












08-28-2015, 09:49 AM
[Kickstarter] 28 mm miniatures with individual character

We plan to launch on September 1st. 7:00 am New York time (12:00 London time).
Express your opinion about my project before its launch.
Write about it on the project page at Kickstarter.
Please note, in small sets (less $ 100), you yourself can choose the figure at will.
Thank you.


09-07-2015, 01:18 PM
Hi Everyone,

This is one of those ‘Good News / Bad News’ updates. So let us get the ‘Bad News’ over first.

The ‘Bad News’

On Monday the 7th September we will be closing down this kickstarter project. The simple fact is that it needs to be totally redesigned and reorganised.

Obviously to all of you who have shown us support by backing this kickstarter project we would like to give our whole hearted thanks. In fact it is because so many have backed it that we feel we should redesign and reorganise the kickstarter.

Right, that is the ‘Bad News’ bit over with, now let’s get to the more important ‘Good News’ bit.

The ‘Good News’

We are now working on redesigning and reorganising a brand new kickstarter to replace this one. Our aim is to produce a kickstarter where from the start potential backers will have the vast majority of information readily available to them in photos (size of miniatures, comparison with like figures from other manufacturers, whole painted units so that backers can see exactly what a unit looks like, photos of how our figures mix and match within units made up of other companies figures so that more variety is achievable for the gamer on the board or table top, and a whole lot more).

What might just interest some of you is that we are looking at how we can get the shipping costs reduced. (Shipping from Ukraine to either the EU or USA / Canada is not cheap, but we are investigating ways of getting the costs as low as we can, we make no promises except that we will get it as low as we can whilst keeping your pledges safe in the shipping process.)

One thing that will change is that we have been offering during this kickstarter a choice of all figures in either lead-free pewter or plastic. This has caused some negative reaction on some of the miniatures and gaming forums and we think this has caused many to hold off from backing this project. We have therefore decided that the new kickstarter will be solely for pewter figures. We will launch the plastic figure ranges at some time in the future, but for now we will solely concentrate on production of the lead-free pewter figures.

Although we were on target financially to reach our goal of course a successful kickstarter will also break through stretch goals whereby backers start getting bonuses for backing the project. With the new kickstarter the funding goal will be lower than it was for this project, this will be for the ‘core pledge level’ that is offered in the new kickstarter which may be slightly different to that offered in this kickstarter, but we are still working on that.

So overall the main points are:

- This kickstarter will close on Monday

- A new kickstarter is aimed to be launched to replace this kickstarter in the very near future

- The new kickstarter will be for purely lead-free pewter figures (no plastic figures)

- The new kickstarter will have a much lower ‘funding goal’ allowing for stretch goals to be unlocked

- Shipping costs will ‘hopefully’ be lower.

Yours, Rodrigo, Sergey, Alex.