View Full Version : [Demon Gate] Kickstarter coming in September

08-16-2015, 04:25 AM
Arcanum Syndicate is now a part of the GPG (Game Publisher's Guild) and will soon be releasing the kickstarter for a new dark fantasy RPG called Demon Gate. What we wanted to do with this game is bring back some of the old art styles of like Savage Sword of Conan comics and just put in a great deal of material that mixes the feeling of horror and fantasy so well with the art, the lore, and the layout of the book. Old parchment paper, demonic symbols, blood spattered pages, all about this world Koth that is in its own medieval era yet on the brink of a demonic apocalypse. You will be able to play races like Nephalim, Cambion, human, some of the classic fantasy races, dwarf, orcs. We really hope it interests people to see some gore, nudity, language, and get an adult RPG going for all of those who are fans of dark fantasy and horror, we hope to have their support. Check us out at www.arcanumsyndicate.com (http://www.arcanumsyndicate.com/) and give us a like please, we will keep you updated. We do have some GMS running test versions of it on Roll20, so feel free to sign up.