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07-19-2007, 06:30 PM
I'm looking for players for a play by messenger game using the GURPS version 4 rules that meets on mondays or tuesdays. Here is the game concept:

The universe has been largely explored and colonized by humans. Unfortunately as a result of a massive war five hundred years ago the communications between the different life bearing worlds has been severed. There are two main mega-powers still fighting for control of the habitable worlds. The Terran Empire and the Void Children. The Terran Empire is the remnants of the advanced core worlds closest to the human homeworld. The Void Children are those who were exiled into unknown space as a result of their losing the original war and came back 50 years ago into known space to try again. The Terran Empire has suffered terrible losses in space battles at the hands of the Void Children and is now seeking to recruit personnel from the outer worlds in their territory which have not been contacted for hundreds of years, also they are trying to liberate worlds conquered by the Void Children. The myriad worlds have a wide variety of cultures and technology levels across them, however in their need for soldiers and agents the Terran Empire is willing to take those who can adapt to their rigors and reward them greatly for their service once the Void Children are defeated. These volunteers (and sometimes conscripts) will have to go from world to world in order to recruit new warriors, fight old enemies, and survive strange and deadly environments. Sometimes with little or no backup or chance for resupply or reinforcement. The man to lead this mix of heroes is Commander Eliat Sherako, a veteran of the original skirmishes with the Void Children two centuries ago who's awareness has been transferred into the Terran Empire's flagship and last remaining battleship the “Infinity”.

Let me know if you are interested by messaging me at bayne_of_winter on the yahoo IM or bayneofwinter on aol IM. thanks!

07-20-2007, 07:34 AM
Can I be a Void Child?

They sound like the good guys, battling the evil empire against impossible odds.