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05-20-2015, 06:04 AM
Hi, I'm Nicoleblond from Alchemist Miniatures company and I just tell you about Alkemy. Alkemy is a miniatures game set in a medieval fantasy universe. The game was created by Allan Carrasco, Jeremy Bonamant Teboul and Josselin Moreau, they created Kraken Editions company. The game was released in France in late 2007 and was a big success, he had been released in English version too, with some success in England, Germany and the United States. Unfortunately, Kraken Editions has stopped its activity in September 2010. Studio 38 company took over the game license in March 2011 and continued development for two and a half years.

An amazing discovery
I discovered the game in early 2008 and I liked Alkemy right away, becoming a fan of the game. With the release of the book of universe Genesis at end 2008 (English version http://alkemy-the-game.com/genesis-the-book-of-the-universe), my passion for the game does not end. I played a lot, and I participated in tournaments, I began to organize, and I created a campaign on Alkemy forum in 2009, bringing together players from the community in France. I became a beta tester of the game in March 2010, and it was a real slap for the fan that I am, discovering the future of the game. In September 2010, despite the judgment of Kraken Editions company, I began the second Alkemy campaign on the forum, and I organized in October 2010 the final "unofficial".

Player to head of the community
When Studio 38 resumed the license of the game, they contacted me for that I run management rules, the review of the game profiles with the help of a group of players called Galleon and the bustling community. So I continued the organization of tournaments, the finals, I also worked with communication game (newsletter, creation of a personal website for the game), as well as new profile cards that I proposed in download from my website (in French and English).

For the game to be alive
In March 2013, Studio 38 announced that they were not going to continue the development of the game, do not have enough time (they have a miniature store in France). They thus asked me if I wanted to restore the license of the game. For me, it was impossible that the game ends and I feared that no company regains the license. So I contacted the players collective Galleon. We worked for months on the project. With 7 friends and fans of the game, we created Alchemist Miniatures company in December 2013 to continue the development of miniature gaming.

It's different but nothing changes
The first version of the game (2007) is played on a table 48 inches x 36 inches, with 10 to 12 average miniatures (300 points). The game lasts between 1h30 to 2h. We adapted the game in a new format called "blitz". The goal was to have another version of the game faster, without changing the rules. A game to blitz size is played on a table 24 x 24 inches, 6 to 7 miniatures on average (180 points). The game lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. This version of the game knows a good success in France. For those familiar with the first version of the game, the rules are exactly the same.

A website and an online shop
We have created a website for the game: www.alkemy-the-game.com (in French but it is possible to use the translator on the website), and an online store entirely in English: http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/?id_lang=1 with the entire range of miniatures and their English profile cards, and the rulebook printed in English (pdf online here: http://alkemy-the-game.com/alkemy-rules)

What we have achieved since the resumption
14 Waves for 20 new models
Restocking of all ancient miniatures (kraken éditions and studio 38)
Objectives pawns (terminals jins, chests, teleporters, spores) to play the scenarios
Textured bases
2 battle mats
Engraved dice
8 starting offers / starters blitz and packages
You can see all products in the online store:

Highlights of the game
- The wide availability of the rules, a player can play a part after 45 minutes, even from the age of 7/8 years.
- Fun. Often forgotten, but a game is to have fun first. The dice, combat cards, points, simple rules, interaction between the 2 players make Alkemy game is a very fun game miniatures.
- Wealth and tactical depth. After the first part and learned rules, you will further refine your knowledge and your strategy after several parties.
- Scenarios. They all have different mechanical and each scenario offers a different approach to the game, a reflection ...
- Table size (24x24 inches), speed of the game and only 5-6 painted miniatures to deliver a first part.
- Miniatures. Felidae Khalimans to Aurloks-animal men, and through the medieval human Avalon and Asian Triadic, the miniatures are original and give a special touch to Alkemy, coming out of the known standards.
- The universe. This is one of the main highlights of the game. Alkemy is primarily a universe rich, dense and deep, strong history and an evolutionary timeline, mapping, the colorful characters that make the Disposal at the game table is even stronger!

The Game Forum
The Alkemy Forum exists since the beginning of the game. We just changed the sections of Alkemy forum with mixed sections (French and English), and we created the English sections so to welcome new players, answer questions, including ... to provide opportunities for English players to participate in future Chronicle of Mornea ... Do not hesitate to come to the forum and register: http://alkemy.webkido.com/index.php

The Chronicles of Mornea
This is a organized game on the forum Alkemy each year. Chronicles begin on September 1 and last until late May. Each month there is a scenario to play, the game is individual and as a team. You play at home, in your club, your store, you post the result on Alkemy forum in the "Chronicles of Mornea" section. You can play many times in the months and there is no obligation to participate every month. You can simply play by posting the result of the scenario or you can play with the challenges sheet. At the end of each month we draw lots and 4 people earn lots. Also, the 2 best scores of the month qualify for the French final. The future chronicles (1st September 2015) will also be in English, allowing English players to participate, and especially, they will support and be connected with a big event for the game ...

Two new factions to wake Mornea
We will launch a crowfunding by kickstarter early October to create two new factions, Naashtis and Utopia. If you read the Genesis story you've heard of Naashtis the people snake decimated by the Empire of the Jade Triad during the alchemical war. They had disappeared from the Mornea surface. The Naashtis are the masters of fire and they resurface of "citadels" buried throughout Mornea ... As for the people of Utopia, is the result of interbreeding of men the Kingdom of Avalon banned a long time ago and a forgotten people of the ocean of Dreams. From their union and their wanderings at sea was born a new society. But a cataclysm came upon them and they landed on an island where they discovered ancient artifacts. The idea to settle on the great continent germinated in the mind of some ...

A game ported by enthusiasts
Alchemist Miniatures Team is primarily players who are passionate about this fabulous game and universe. Alkemy is not our core business, we take care of more of our real trades. I started Alkemy in 2008, I've always worn, "defended" even in difficult times and crises that the game has known. Our desire is always the same: to discover this fabulous game system, this magnificent universe and its beautiful miniatures. Feel free to spread the word to shout very loudly, Alkemyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :-)

Find links to all
Website: www.alkemy-the-game.com
The book of the universe in English (Genesis): www.alkemy-the-game.com/genesis-the-book-of-the-universe
The rules of the game in English: www.alkemy-the-game.com/alkemy-rules
The online store: www.alkemy-the-game.com/shop/?id_lang=1
Alkemy forum: http://alkemy.webkido.com/index.php
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/alkemy.the.game
Architekt, the army generator and scenario: http://architekt.alkemy-the-game.com/alkemy/architekt/?L=1

06-16-2015, 06:32 AM
A new model opens Auroch Clan, sub-faction of Aurlok Nation. Two totem-warrior, 2 Rain-Dancer and Manitou Warrior have their heroïn called Woa Wa'yake. Make your list in architekt !
Model sculpted by Didier Fancagne.

See Woa Wa'yake on Alkemy's Shop:



You play Avalon and/or Templar, you can finally play 2 Templars with Lotharius for power lists. Model sculpted by Johan Chauvet.

See second templar on Alkemy's Shop:


03-31-2016, 11:13 AM
Spring Release

Berac'h The Jailor, hero size 3 for Kingdom of Avalon.
Tough 2, Frightening 15, Entanglement, Long Reach, and what else?
Strength and power! It will encompass the enemy and its partners will be able to torment his "prey".


Blade of the Tiger Guard, troop size 3 for Empire of the Jade Triad.
Incredible movements, walking 8 inches, charge attack 12 inches and running at 20 inches!
Cavalry, Sequential Attack and Fearless with a combat value of 6 and a strong table Damage.


Ca'apiti for Aurlok Nation and Walosi Clan
Leap and Toxic Frogs. A subtle and versatile profile!


Find profiles on architekt: http://architekt.alkemy-the-game.com/alkemy/architekt/?L=1
and miniatures on Alkemy's Shop : http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/?id_lang=1

11-24-2016, 10:27 AM
November Releases

Knight-Errant Mordren de Klarmen for Kingdom of Avalon


Alchemist of the School of the Crystal Sun for Empire of Jade Triad


Abdelan Ibn Malikh for Republic Khaliman


Wolf Night-Shaman and 2 spirits for Aurlok Nation




and to enjoy all this, get ready at Black Friday Alkemy from Friday till Saturday evening :-)


03-17-2017, 07:43 AM
Some pictures of the last releases of November...

Knight-errant Mordren de Klarmen (Kingdom of Avalon), painted by Whispe
The tactical guide to play it:

Wolf Night-Shaman (Aurlok Nation), painted by El-Ludo
The tactical guide to play it:

Aurlok Ancestor Spirit (Aurlok Nation), painted by El-Ludo
The tactical guide to play it:

Aurlok Hero Spirit (Aurlok Nation), painted by El-Ludo
The tactical guide to play it:

Alchemist of the School of the Crystal Sun (Jade Triad), painted by El-Ludo
The tactical guide to play it:

03-28-2017, 01:08 AM
Concepts of next wave (late april)

Explosive Autoscrew, Yodh~Mez, for Naashtis
Concept by Tania Sanchez Fortun

Medusa Hunter for Utopia
Concept by Thomas Verguet

Waga Thunder-Warrior for Waga Clan
Concepts by Benoît Dellac


See profiles on architekt :

04-19-2017, 06:29 AM
Chronicles of Mornea
The chronicles are an organized game on Alkemy forum since 2010. It start at the beginning of September and last at the end of May. The players play at home, in their club, in their store, where they want, and post the results on Alkemy forum. The result of each player influences 2 levels, individually because each month the 2 best players of the month qualify for the final, and in team because the score of each player is counted within a group or a faction, according to the theme of the chronicles.

In September, there are 3 scenarios to choose, and each month, a new scenario is added, thus giving a diversity to the players. Players can download a challenge sheet with plenty of possible options, which allows them to score, and they can replay throughout the month to improve their score. It is this score that is posted on Alkemy forum, and the best score is retained for each player.

This year, an additional novelty, a new profile is unlocked at the end of each month, depending on the results of the players. Players indicate the faction they played when they post their result, and the faction that scored the most point at the end of the month unlocks a new profile for its faction or sub-faction. These new profiles will be future releases. Thus, it is the players who participate in the program of releases.

There is no obligation, you can join the chronicles at any time, play from time to time, not necessarily every month, the system is free. Finally, at the end of each month, a random draw is made among the players of the month and 4 players win each month vouchers on Alkemy webstore.

Join the chronicles on the Alkemy forum!

Profiles unlocked by players
October: Waga Thunder-Warrior for Waga Clan


November: Jailor for Sanctified (new sub-faction)

December: Explosive Autoscrew for Naashtis

January: Prisoners for Sanctified

February: Haze for Cobra Guard

March: Collector of Knowledge for Cobra Guard

April: Toh R'ok for Waga Clan

05-18-2017, 06:38 AM
The new spring releases.
Miniatures are already available on Alkemy Shop, except Explosive Autoscrew will be available in 1 week...

Explosive Autoscrew for Naashti, sculpted by Florent Kristner

Medusa Hunter for Utopia, sculpted by Johan Chauvet

New khalid Skinner for Escapees, sculpted by Johan Chauvet

Waga Thunder-Warrior of Auroch Clan, sculpted by Johan Chauvet


07-11-2017, 07:13 AM
Alchemist-Miniatures team has the project to launch a second crowfunding project via Kickstarter, in order to finance:
- A basic box to start Alkemy
- Packaging of starters, blitz lists and individual blisters
- New products to be delivered in 2018 for the birthday of the 10th anniversary of Alkemy, including a miniature sculpted by one of the original sculptor...


Our project started at the end of 2013, our objective was that Alkemy could be sold again in store. To achieve this goal we have passed several stages:
- Acquisition of Alkemy license
- Design a new game format named "Alkemy Blitz" (180 points)
- Relaunch the French community
- Create 2 new factions (Naashti and Utopia): funding by first Kickstarter in 2015.
- To distribute the game through by a store network.

This last step requires a second investment and that is why we will solicit you financially by this second Kickstarter.

Passing through a distribution network means that we produce a packaging and this entails additional costs.
We will present our offer to:
- Create a basic box that will allow to have "all in one" to play with friends, family, club... This one will not address to all the current players because they possess all elements to play Alkemy. The box will take up existing miniatures from the Khaliman Republic and Jade of Triad factions. This box will address new players who will be able to discover the game, and have all the game elements to start playing Alkemy.

- Create starter boxes for one faction

- Create “Blitz list” boxes (A starter without having to spend for the game elements that the player already owns). The faction boxes will address players who want to go further in the game by discovering new factions, new game strategies, or collecting the miniatures of their favorite faction

- The unit sales of blister-size miniatures will allow players to vary the miniatures played and optimize their game strategy, or to complete their collection.

This packaging represents design costs:
- Illustration
- Printing of different box formats

Create game sceneries and mats included in the base box
- Creating the design concept (illustration)
- Printing sceneries
- Playmat in poster form

Translation of the game DE
- We are going to have a partnership with a German distributor to distribute Alkemy in the German-speaking countries
- Relook all our profile cards in GB and DE

We don't forget players who have supported us since the beginning of our project. The Kickstarter will be able to edit new miniatures.
Here is a first look at a new concept: the knowledge collector for the sub-faction of Cobra Guard.


09-04-2017, 06:14 AM
Concepts by Benoît Dellac (left and right), colorization by Tobias (center),

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: 3 Crow Wind-Warriors for Aurlok Nation!
They have been waiting for a long time. They are quick and stealthy! Movements of 5 inches for walking, 7 inches for charge attack and 12 inches for running, they possess the skills:
- Ranger that allows a free walk per game round
- stealthy which allows to deploy after the deployment of the opponent, and to be charged attack by opponents to 4 inches or less
An incredible profile for moving on the battlemat, but not only. 9 life points, 4 in Reflex, 4 in Combat and 11 in Defense, they will also be good fighters with a Damage table of 2 2 2 3 3 4.

You may even have a blitz list in 179 points with Tecum Seh, the 3 Crow Thunder-Warriors and the 3 Crow Wind-Warriors. A magnificent themed list with a troop in motion. The blitz list will be available on the KS page ;-)

Design by Tobias

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: A battlemat in starter box!
This battlemat will be include in starter box or add-on. On a "desert" theme, it will be the scene of the fighting between the Khaliman Republic and the Triad of Jade. In 24 x 24 inches (just over 61 cm), the carpet will be printed and folded to fit into the starter box. At the end of week, we'll show you the scenery that will go with the battlemat ;-)

09-06-2017, 06:15 AM
Concept by Louis, colorization by Stéphane Lamirand

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Litam Bint Sorhna for Sorority & Fadela !
With the Mornea chronicles of 2016/2017 (organized game on Alkemy forum), the players unlocked the sub-faction of Khalimane Republic: Sorority & Fadela, with the first character: Litam Bint Sorhna. She is an alchemist of the outer circle, she has with her an ondin, a small creature invoked from the waters components. She has 2 formulas. The first one will target friendly djiin, genii and ondins to make them attack every ennemy within 1 inch, with no possibility to react. The second formula lets you invoke two extra ondins. 4 AP, 9 Health points, Reflex 6, Defense 12, Litam Bint Sorhna will be hard to hurt, especially if the 3 ondins are on the table !

Concept by Louis, colorization by Stéphane Lamirand

These creatures invoked by Litam Bint Sorhna are fragile : 6 Health points and Defense 6, but they should we able to defend themselves with Combat 3 and a 1 2 2 2 3 3 Damage Table. They are "fearless" (they ignore The frightening miniatures), and they also have the "Servant" skill that allows them to fetch the components from the table and bring them back to their alchemist. The "alchemical decline" will cause them to lose 1 Health point per round. It can be avoided if an alchemist spend an alchemical stone. The ondins are going to be a valuable help on the fights to come. :-)

09-08-2017, 05:20 AM
Concept by Tania Sanchez Fortun

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Nas~Far'k, defender of Dal~Eth for Naashtis !
Warning, a heavyweight hero will arrive on the battlefield ! Nas~Far'k is a Pes-Hat, a large size Naashti (size 3), as well as Choker of Dal~Eth. 11 Health pionts, Combat 6, Frightening 14, a 3 3 4 4 5 6 Damage table but this is these two skills that will make the difference. Projection will allow him once per round to perform a free combat roll in opposition to an opponent's miniature. If successful, the difference between the two rolls will be the distance in inches that the opposing miniature will be pushed away, losing as many Health points. Provocation will allow him once per round, to target 2 enemy miniatures located at max 3 inches from him. These 2 miniatures will not be able to move any more except if they engage Nas~Far'k. Born for fighting, he will spill blood and tears across the battlefield ! The miniature will be a 3D sculpture...

Design-prototype by Nicoleblond and Tobias

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Scenery sets for starter box!
A basin, a well, a building, 2 walls and 1 temple will constitute the 6 sceneries set that will be the starter box. Using the same graphic theme as the "desert" battlemat, they will increase your immersion to your games. This set will simulate perfectly a Khaliman Republic's environment. These sceneries sets will be printed on thick paper (300 g) and pre-cut. You'll just have to unpack them, the assembly will take 5 minutes.

09-10-2017, 06:01 AM
Concept by Thomas Verguet

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Spume apprentice for Utopia!
He's an alchemist from the outer Circle. He posses 3 skills : "Feint" that allow him to change his combat card by the inactive one. This skills apply AFTER the combats card are revealed, tacital help in a lot of situations. "Mythical devotion" that allow him to "guard" (take the position of a friendly miniatures within 2 inches when targeting by a spell, a shot, a charge...) legendary hunters. He only have one formula : Nevoa that will summon a fog area (the size of a profile card). Miniatures inside the area will be hidden, only visible by the miniatures inside the area. The area cuts the lines of sight. This formula can be cast up to 6 inches away from the sprume apprentice :-)

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Interview with Nicoleblond by Mellal
They have been a lot of announcements in July at the annual final and Mellal, the winner of the final, wanted to know more about the kickstarter and about the other projects.The interview is to be read here: http://alkemy-the-game.com/interview-with-nicoleblond-by-mellal

09-12-2017, 05:12 AM
Concept by Benoît Dellac

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Jailor for sanctified
An elite profile for the sanctified faction. 3 AP, 10 Health points, Combat 4, a good DAM table : 2 3 3 3 4 5, Frightening 13, and Sadicstic skill. When an enemy miniature is entangled by the retarius or the sanctified alchemist's formula, the Jailor may strike the entangled miniature freely once per round. When you know that an entangled miniature loses 2 points of Defense, the Geolier will be able to deal a lot of damage easily.



ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Miniatures for the Starter boxes
Six miniatures for Khaliman Republic: Araoui, Sorhna oracle, 1 ghulam, 2 jarayas and 1 meharist. A blitz list led by the terrible Araoui, which can be played two different ways : in "diplomat" mode to play scenarios and making himself difficult for enemies to attack, or in "shooter" mode where he can shoot up to 4 times per round, up to 25 inches, and ignore 2 covers per round. At his side, Sorhna oracle with 2 formulas that will upgrade the friendly miniatures. Uchronia which allows to reroll a dice and premonition which allows to strike back even if the miniature does not posses any AP. The 2 jarayas, which are basic troops with fairly strong characteristics, the ghulam, an elite warrior with long reach and an impressive DAM table (3 3 4 4 5 6), and the meharist who is the fastest miniature in the game, walk to 6 inches, charge attack to 9 inches and ca run 20 inches.
To face them, the Triad of Jade aligns 8 miniatures with Captain Lee-Ping, a warrior hero and his terrible sequential attack (which can cause up to 8 DAM for only 1 AP), he can kill a lot of your enemies with this skill. The formidable alchemist of the long breath, with an offensive vocation thanks to his two formulas. The enemies will be slower and will do less damages, or they will fall to the ground without being able to reply : 2 devastating formulas. To support them, four militia-lancers with the famous long reach wich will take advantage of the enemies on the ground, and the 2 militia-archers who will be able to shoot up to 30 inches.
The miniatures will be made of plastic, they will be very easy to assemble, without glue point (except perhaps 1 or 2 khaliman tails), and will fit perfectly into the appropriate black plastic bases. Easy and quick assembly. You will be able to deliver your first game quickly. If you prefer to have painted miniatures on the table (which is always more enjoyable), again, the time should be short because those 14 miniatures to paint are all you need to play !



09-14-2017, 03:51 AM
Concept by Benoît Dellac

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Toh R'ok for Waga Clan, sculpted by Allan Carrasco
Warning ! A heavyweight hero comes in Waga Clan! Toh R'ok costs 50 points, 4 AP, a Defense of 8, a Combat of 6, a monstrous DAM table: 3 4 4 5 6 7, he cumulates leader (he always throws the white dice for initiative and can transmit his Spirit of 8 to the friendly miniatures in 8 inches around him), Tough 2 (it will reduce the DAM he takes by 2 points, always with a minimum of 1 DOM) and Rage (when it is in red life point, it acquires Expert Brutal who will give him 1 bonus die if it plays a brutal combat card). Push yourself out of the way, here is Toh R'ok! Alkemy will be 10 years old in March 2018, we asked Allan Carrasco to be able to sculpt Toh R'ok to celebrate the event. Who Says Heavyweight Sculptor of the Same Category :-)

KICKSTARTER ALKEMY: Shipping charges
We looked for less costly shipping solutions.
Thus, we will propose the following shipping costs for the starter box:
France / Belgium / Luxembourg : €6 - Europe (Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom) : €10 - Other european countries / USA : €15 - Rest of the world : €18
If you take only few miniatures, the shipping costs will be cheaper, example:
France / Belgium / Luxembourg: between €2,50 at €4,50 - Europe (Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom) : between €3 at €5 - Other european countries / USA: betwenn €3,50 at €6,50 - Rest of the world: betwenn €3,50 at €6,50

KICKSTARTER ALKEMY: The language versions
The entire kickstarter and Alkemy range will be available in English, French and German :-)

09-16-2017, 04:23 PM
Concept by Thomas Verguet

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Sanctified alchemist
The alchemist for the Avalonian sub-faction, the sanctified. Common statistics for an alchemist, 7 in Spirit, 3 in Reflex, 3 in Combat, he still has 10 life points. Its particularity is going to be in its competence "blood of sap", which allows him to improve a formula by spending 1 life point instead of 2 stones. The sanctified alchemist has 2 alchemical formulas, "Sap Rise", which makes frightening (13) friendly miniatures or himself, or increase the level of frightening, and the targeted miniature gains +1 in Combat. The second formula "grows beathacran" will create an area of entanglement effect around the alchemist. An enemy model penetrates the area suffers a Combat 4 roll, and if the defense has passed, the miniature is entangled (1 malus die at combat roll and -2 Defense).


ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: The complete starter box!
In Starter box, there will be: 6 khaliman miniatures, 8 triadic miniatures, the "desert khaliman" battlemat with 6 scenery sets, rulebook, profile cards and combat cards, scenario book, dice, alchemy tokens, jin posts tokens, measure tape and erasable felt. Unfold the battlemat, assemble the scenery sets and miniatures, and play the first scenario "the jin posts" with the help of the "Quick Play Guide" sheet. Once the first game is played and the game mechanisms have been acquired, you can play the campaign for 7 scenarios for 2 players or for one of the 9 scenarios for 2, 3 or 4 players.

09-18-2017, 06:27 AM
Concept by Louis, colorization by Sébastien Lamirand

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Triadic Emissary for scenario book
The triadic emissary will be the first miniature offered to contributors. It will be used for scenario book.
It took time and numerous clashes so that the Celestials of the Wan Moon perceive all the interest of a corporation like that of the Sheikhs. Many spies working on their own were sufficient to provide information beyond their needs, yet immense. But what they did not do was to influence events.
When it finally appeared to them, a school was created within the Black Magistrates, the school of the Stone on Water. There were formed the first emissaries, distant heirs of the knowledge of the astral snake. Rhetoricians and cartographers, therefore, their role is not to spy, as is often mistaken, but to create the circumstances that can give an advantage to the Empire. Thus, unlike the ambassadors and official figures, they rarely wear their extravagant outfits but prefer to dress in the black of their administration of origin.

Jiàn Kè has taken advantage of all the teachings of her teachers, but she has added a personal touch to it. His talents enable him to pass as well for a man as for a woman. Her fellows themselves come to doubt her sex. It is only natural that she (or he) was appointed to investigate what was happening south of Coelon and to reestablish the lost smuggling counters ...


ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Scenery set pack
Are you not interested in the starter box? But battlemat and scenery sets interest you? You will be able to acquire the battlemat, the scenery sets, the scenario book, the objective pawns, individually or by "pack" :-)

Work in progress

ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: T'oh Rok sculpture by Allan Carrasco
We talked earlier about T'oh Rok, the incredible hero of the Waga Clan. For the 10 years of the game, we appealed to Allan Carrasco to make this sculpture. The miniature will be part of a pledge "novelties" or will be accessible in add-on. No need for more explanations, the picture is worth all the long speeches :-)

09-20-2017, 05:11 AM
ALKEMY KICKSTARTER: Blitz starters and lists
For those who want to complete their collection or to start a new faction, it will be possible to acquire only blitz starters (miniatures with game stuff) and / or blitz lists (miniatures without game stuff).


- Aurlok Nation: Tecum Seh - Toad Medicine Shaman - 1 Auroch Totem-Warrior - 1 Wolf Thunder-Warrior - 1 Crow Thunder-Warrior - Auroch rain-dancer with drum
- Avalon Kingdom: Garlan, priest, 4 recruits, 2 retarius
- escapees: Hakan (New sculpture), 2 convicts of the tooth, 1 Khalid Skinner, 2 Suleman Choker
- Naashtis Dar-Mehki, Master Water-Lightning, 1 Klaph-Ouros, Waw-Ouros, 1 Swordman-Naa of Zay~Hin, 1 Naa trooper of Al~Eph
- Utopia: Evhan, Water Diviner, 1 Manikin, 1 Chora Gardian, 1 Flibuster, 1 Necromorph


- walosi clan: Tha'pioca the Pot-Bellied - Toad Medicine Shaman - 3 Toad Thunder-Warrior - 2 Toad Hive-Throwers
- waga clan: Woa Wa'yake - 2 Auroch Totem-Warrior - Auroch Rain-Dancer with Horn - 2 Waga Thunder-Warrior
- wolf clan: Wolitse - 3 Wolf Thunder-Warrior - 2 Wolf Spirit-Guard
- crow clan: Tamel seh - 2 Crow Thunder-Warrior - 3 Crow Wind-Warrior (NEW)
- Templars: Lotharius, Templar Collector-Monk, 3 Templar Novice, 1 Avalonian Templar, 1 Templar Auxiliary
- Cobra guard: Chen Sze, Disciple of the school of Black Wind, 2 shadows, 2 whispers
- khaliman republic: Dahlia, Sorhna Summoner, 2 jarayas, 1 ghulam, 1 meharist
- escapees: Hakan (New sculpture), 2 convicts of the tooth, 1 Khalid Skinner, 2 Suleman Choker

09-22-2017, 05:12 AM

The kickstarter will start Monday (in 3 days). There will be several different pledges:
- Pledge to access the add-ons
- Pledge "one blitz list": miniatures of one blitz list + free stretchgoal (SG) + access the add-ons
- Pledge "six miniatures": 6 miniatures size 1 and/or size 2 to choose from new miniatures + free stretchgoal (SG) + access the add-ons
- Pledge "one blitz starter": miniatures of starter blitz and game stuff + 1 miniature size 2 to choose + free stretchgoal (SG) + access the add-ons
- Pledge "starter box" (same pledge in early-bird, WARNING, LIMITED TIME AT 3 DAYS): starter box + free stretchgoal (SG) + access the add-ons
- Pledge "all new miniatures" (same pledge in early-bird, WARNING, LIMITED TIME AT 3 DAYS): 15 new miniatures + free stretchgoal (SG) + access the add-ons
- Pledge "create your hero": create a hero in the faction you want with Alchemist Miniatures team + free stretchgoal (SG) + access the add-ons
- Pledge "Alkemy" : 1 copy of all miniatures in the webstore shop + starter box + free stretchgoal (SG) + access the add-ons

Spread the word out very loudly:-)

09-25-2017, 02:52 PM
Kickstarter campaign is launched:

Spread the word very very loudly :-)

09-29-2017, 06:48 AM
We have just launched a second kickstarter to fund a starter box for 2 players, with all it takes to play Alkemy Blitz: miniatures, game stuff, battlemat, scenery sets and scenario book.

For those who already own the game, we offer new miniatures, starters (miniatures with game stuff) and / or blitz lists (miniatures without game stuff), and also the 10th anniversary miniature of the game sculpted by Allan Carrasco.


https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/018/415/465/38ad4e9cec2e3ded130a6b761c9c3db5_original.jpg?w=68 0&fit=max&v=1505945423&auto=format&q=92&


If you are not interested in the game, it is still possible to take the first contribution (€1) and select one or more miniatures, a battlemat, objective pwans, ... The smallest contribution is invaluable to the success of this project. We need everyone, thanks to those who will support us :-)

Spread the word very very loudly :-)

10-06-2017, 06:49 AM
Here is the blitz list exclusive kickstarter of the Sanctified!
2 miniatures size 3 et 3 news : Avalonian Colossius, Berac'h the Jailor, 1 prisoner, the Jailor et Sanctified Alchemist
It was only during the Alkemy Kickstarter campaign :-)

And we release the Mornea collection :-)
A set of tee-shirts with faction logos and sub-faction, with "Alkemy" underneath the logo.
Price for on Tee-shirt : €18

And we unveil one of the sculptures of the new miniatures: Nas~Far'k, defender of Dal~Eth for Naashtis

Go to Kickstarter page:

10-10-2017, 02:08 AM
Come on, it's a week ...

We will unveil sculptures every day;)
We start with the 3 crow wind-warriors



Accustomed to circumvent the enemy lines and watch for the movement of the opposing troops, they come today to deliver a joyful message. They saw in the plains a triadic emissary. She joins the ranks, and is ready to live scenarios of the scenario book campaign, and other adventures you will make her live :-)

Now is the time to support us

04-07-2018, 02:12 AM
Love the Crow Wind-Warrior minies. The female one looks amazing. Very cool stuff, as usual.

11-16-2018, 08:02 AM
There are new ones in the online store :-)

Nas~Far'k, defender of Dal~Eth, for Naashtis
Sculpted by Florent Kristner, painted by Jérémy Mahieu

3 crow wind warrior, for Aurlok Nation
Sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painted par FABYAN.Paint Studio
Find article on website : [url]http://alkemy-the-game.com/en/the-winds-warriors-of-crow-clan-a-song-to-discretion//url]



Vicar of the spine, for Sanctified
Sculpted by Raphael Banguet, painted by Jérémy Mahieu

Jailor, for Sanctified
Sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painted by Jérémy Mahieu

Prisoner, for Sanctified
Sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painted by Jérémy Mahieu

11-20-2018, 06:45 AM

Alkemy Black friday - friday 23th (French hour from 00:00:01 in the night from Thursday to Friday) to Sunday 25th (23:59:59)
25% on whole range
Discount code will be: black


For shipping costs, they are calculated from the "initial" basket (ie before reduction)
< 29,99€ = 2,50 €
Between 30 € up to 74,99€ = 4,50€
From 75€ = free

< 29,99€ = 3€
Between 30 € up to 74,99€ = 7€
Between 75 € up to 149,99€ = 10€
From 150€ = free

< 29,99€ = 3,50€
Between 30 € up to 74,99€ = 7€
Between 75 € up to 199,99€ = 10€
From 200€ = free

12-17-2018, 06:50 AM
It's the December wave! 6 new miniatures enter the factions and sub-factions!

Toh R'ok, hero for Waga Clan
Miniature sculpted by Allan Carrasco for the 10 years of the game, painting by Studio Delavida.
- About the miniature and its game profile: http://alkemy-the-game.com/en/toh-rok-hero-for-waga-clan//
- Miniature on online store: http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/product.php?id_product=460


Litam Bint Sorhna, Summoner of the Sorority
Miniature sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painting by Studio Delavida.
- About the miniature and its game profile: http://alkemy-the-game.com/en/litam-bint-sorhna-summoner-of-the-sorority//
- Miniature on online store: http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/category.php?id_category=104


3 Water Sprite for sorority
Miniatures sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painting by Studio Delavida.
- About miniatures and its game profile: http://alkemy-the-game.com/en/3-water-sprite-more-powerful-than-it-seems/
- Miniature on online store: http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/category.php?id_category=104


Spume apprentice for Utopia
Miniature sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painting by Jérémy Mahieu.
- About the miniature and its game profile: http://alkemy-the-game.com/en/spume-apprentice-for-utopia//
- Miniature on online store: http://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/product.php?id_product=472


05-13-2019, 04:42 AM
Two new troops make their entry for the sub-faction Escapees from the prison of the Tooth. The two fugitives Malikhs have the Ranger skill, which allows them to perform a free walk per round.
With 8 health life points (3 white, 3 yellow and 2 red), a REFlex of 4, a DEFENSE of 11, and a table of DAMmages 2 2 3 3 4 4, they will provide important support to the sub-faction, especially to look for enemy miniatures a little behind, or to play scenarios that require movement.

Miniatures sculpted by Johan Chauvet, painted by Jyrio Delavida

Find miniatures on the alkemy online store: https://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/category.php?id_category=13&id_lang=1

https://scontent-cdt1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/59847119_2128643007248312_6072357773926989824_n.jp g?_nc_cat=101&_nc_ht=scontent-cdt1-1.xx&oh=4cdd7403aa3aa4df7bc278921aa733f5&oe=5D5D6762




07-26-2019, 08:34 AM
4 new battlemat are entering the range, and new format 36x36 inches, and restocking in 24x24 inches

Battlemat Swamp 36x36

Battlemat Rados Desert 36x36

Battlemat Plain 36x36

Battlemat Rados Desert 24x24

Battlemat Desert Khaliman 24x24

Battlemat Crossroad 24x24

Battlemat Earth and Water 24x24

Battlemat Desert 24x24

Find all battlemats on Alkemy Shop: https://alkemy-the-game.com/shop/category.php?id_category=47