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Continent of Akhenaten - Underdark of the Sezzara Wastelands -
500th Year of the 3rd Age - 10th day of Mid Spring
__________________________________________________ ____

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Cavern of the Underfolk Aridu Tribe __________________


Time is not easy to measure in the underdark... it exists no doubt, and still it is hard to remain conscious of just as the caverns of your home are largely hidden in shadow. You have no concept of time in your present state, deeply drugged from Ania's magical potion that coaxed a deep yet dreamless sleep. Perhaps that is best, for some would surely face madness if they were aware they were carried within an extradimensional space with a limited air supply.

Luckily for you, Ania takes care to remove you from her Bag of Holding before you suffocate. Most Warmages are familiar with such items, but few risk transporting living things in them, especially one so young. Aria however is daughter to Kairos, a living legend in tribal lore. Kairos is the first man born to the warrior caste to own a seat on the warmage council. His mandate safeguarding internal security for the tribe is fitting, albeit ironic, since he has no idea his own daughter is serving his most hated foe!

Irregardless of that, Kairos trained her well. Ania is as skilled and confident as any other Warmage twice her age, with the added advantage of breathtaking good looks and a no-nonsense persona. Ania is bold to the edge of recklessness, yet clever enough to minimize risk surprisingly well. How else could she avoid suspicion among the very organization tasked to protect the tribe from such traitors?

Her reasons for your capture shall become known to you soon enough as she removes you from the bag to lie on an impossibly soft fur rug laid across a beautifully marbled floor. Her fingers snap themselves sharply above you, instantly dispelling the effects of her potion. Even so, your wits are slow to return as you feel yourself sucking in huge breaths like someone who nearly drowned. Your disorientation is only amplified by a deep, dangerous voice that warns your gut you are in serious trouble!

Crusher: "Ersun is it? I'm told you are not an easy man to capture! Forgive me not than, my methods, but understand they were necessary to bring you here to warn you about our true enemies!"

[Ersun: What do you do?]

05-19-2015, 11:16 PM
Ersun: Slowly sits up and leans onto his knees, trying to rub the drugs out from his face. He supposes he should be thankful he has to still fight of the last of the dosage, as it gives him an excuse to take his time to gather his thoughts instead of rushing into panic. He gives his surroundings a quick glance: who is there, where are his items, and so on. First of all, if they went through so much trouble to get him there he can hope they won’t kill him out of impatience.

He supports his forehead with one of his arms braced onto his thigh as he gives Ania a scrutinizing look. He was technically in the hands of her father and his warmages, she sure risked a lot by kidnapping him from that situation. Covering that up seems like an impossible task, so he can’t help but wonder her reasons. He gives her a faint smirk just to make her wonder a little too.

Then he gathers himself, straightens up, stretches his arms and legs a bit, and faces Crusher. His guts strangling at him suggest he will have to make a rather quick judgement of his character to stay healthy. Although unintentional, focusing on Ania first might have been a good test of his personality, people’s reactions are gold after all.

Ersun: “You went through a lot of trouble... Yesterday no one really seemed to give me a second glance...” He finally replies.

05-19-2015, 11:21 PM
Ania avoids looking you directly in the eye, but makes no effort to apologize either. Her expression is one of frank determination, and her body language makes the impression she did what she had to do, regardless of how she might feel about it. Taking stock of your surroundings you notice the fur rug you sit upon lies before a raised circular dais, upon which rests a huge silver bowl filled with blood set within the grasp of a beautifully carved Underdragon in the middle of a marble floor patterned in diamond-shaped tiles of contrasting red, black and grey hues, polished mirror-smooth, about thirty feet across within an ancient circular cavern.

The walls and high domed ceiling are natural stone inset with rich veins of platinum ore that luster's brightly in the glow of several low-burning sconces. The sconces are mounted within upturned iron helms held by statuesque dwarven busts leaning out of the rock. Their stern faces stare at you with eyes made of precious gems, as if their likenesses could awe and shame you from the grave. You quickly note however that their skulls are bald and their countenance is generally threatening, suggesting rather obviously that these busts, and indeed this whole chamber, was likely made by duergar, not dwarves. Furthermore disturbing is how the busts are stained and dripping with blood like some sort of offering had recently been made to them?

The voice that addressed you came from behind you, closer to the wall, so you have to twist around bit to lay eyes on one of the most dread-inspiring duergars you've ever seen. By the look of his mighty hands and burly stature you know instinctively this duergar must be Crusher. You remember Ania spoke of rumors regarding his ability to alter his appearance, yet somehow you doubt this is any sort of magical disguise. He looks completely at ease staring down at you from a crude throne of bleached bones and skulls lashed together with black iron wire and strips of taught black leather. He looks as if he's exactly where he belongs and he knows it. Suddenly, legends from your tribal history flood back to you suggesting that this whole network of caverns was once home to a mighty duergar clan before something exterminated them and your tribe moved in.

Crusher is dressed in a plain grey, fur-trimmed tunic with short sleeves over bulging biceps and black iron bracers. A single platinum chain drapes around his thick neck while each of his fingers bears a unique platinum ring. His belt bears a richly jeweled platinum buckle as well, but his trousers and boots lack further embellishment. You see he carries no weapons beyond a single dagger, but if reputation is anything to go by, Crusher prefers to dispatch enemies with his bare hands! Indeed there is little doubt he could given the great strength he obviously possesses.

His expression towards you is icy and calm, yet the ringed fingers of one hand tap restlessly against the skulls of his throne, whilst those of the other roughly pet a cave badger lying across his lap. Crushers completely hairless grey skull features a sizable iron plate above one of his temples that's been there so long the flesh has started to creep over the edges. His beard is deeply grey and streaked with white indicating he is old, perhaps even venerable in years, yet clearly still strong as an ox and very dangerous. When he speaks to you, his deep voice echoes with authority, whilst his dark eyes glint with terrible capability.

Crusher: "You are of interest to me because Izell chose you as his eyes and ears abroad in the Kingdom of Vulkh. I want you to go ahead with that mission, except now you'll also report to me, in secret, just as Ania here does." He huffs. "I encourage you to question why, but the facts may frighten you. In any case, refusal is not an option!"

[Ersun: What do you do?]

05-19-2015, 11:26 PM
Ersun: lets what has been said sink in for a bit before responding. It was baffling how easily a short conversation with a single man a few hours ago turned his life so upside down, but there wasn't much else to do than trying to roll with it by now. He finally sighed.

Ersun: “I see. I am in no position to argue with that indeed. You mentioned true enemies, who or what do you mean by that?”

05-19-2015, 11:34 PM
Crusher: Leans forward to emphasize his words. "Our true enemies are responsible for this..." He remarks tapping a ring on the iron plate in his skull. "...and who also did the same with your young friend Shala yes?" He pauses then for a moment, regarding you not with pity, but recognition. The pain of loss in your face is something he understands all too well. However it only seems to encourage him to needle you further. "Did you know Ersun that an illithid does not actually pierce the skull when it attempts to eat your brains? It dissolves it with a powerful flesh-eating secretion through its tentacles. This secretion acts so quickly the tentacles actually appear to push through scalp and bone as if it were soft clay..." He says watching your reaction closely.

Ania grimaces with discomfort and outrage behind you. Crusher stares at her for a moment.

Crusher: "...What is it Ania? You think poor Ersun should be spared such gruesome details? You underfolk aren't much better than humans, such weak stomachs!" He snorts. "Sometimes I wonder why I bother with any of you."

Ania: Scowls. "We're wasting time!"

Crusher: Leans back against his throne. "I disagree. I need to know what sort of man Ersun is... Will he put his life at risk knowing what horrors await him if he should fall?" He mutters out loud.

[Ersun: What do you do?]

05-19-2015, 11:39 PM
He doesn’t know if he should be annoyed or amused that everyone keeps bringing up Shala to him even after so long. It’s like they found a decent tool to work him with, and didn’t bother to look for any other since then. He frowns at the description of mind flayer cuisine habits and grunts as a sign that the point was made. He wonders how much exactly crusher knows about him, their tribe isn’t as large as some cities of far-away lands at all, so it’s not that difficult to hear something about most people. It would be safe to assume he’s asked around since Ersun’s meeting with Izel.

He glances at Ania at her interjection. “Unless you took especially long time to drag me here, I should still have plenty of time to talk before I will have to leave.” Of course there could be something that makes things more urgent he doesn't know about yet, that would be the smallest surprise of the day.

Then he turns his focus back onto crusher. Everybody is playing a con, whether they realize and admit or not, and he doubts one could get the likes of this diligent girl to serve him unless they got the smarts to match those hefty arms. Both Crusher and Izel has been a bit straightforward about wanting to use him, he would be however more curious about the things they are hiding despite that. False honesty can be so misleading... He has to hold back a sigh about needing to have this conversation, but since his life might very well depend on it, he can’t be picky.

“I try only to run when it is prudent to do so. What do mind flayers have to do with the Kingdom of Vulkh?”

Meanwhile he slowly tests his limbs further, and if they seem stable enough gets up onto his feet and pats himself to check what belongings he has left.

05-20-2015, 03:38 AM
[Ersun: You have no trouble standing, and your equipment is all there.]

Crusher: "I understand you have not traveled far enough to know much about what exists beyond these caverns. Indeed, your lifespan as an underfolk is far too short to truly grasp the passage of history. Thus, I shall do my best to answer your question, for so long as you remain ignorant you are useless to me. The Kingdom of Vulkh, or more specifically, beneath it, is where the Mind Flayers are strongest." He pauses to scratch the badger behind the ears and the creature makes a satisfied growling sound.

"Have you ever heard of House Uldraeg? Centuries ago they were a powerful house of dark elves who ruled a grand city known as Garethche beside an underground lake. They were enemies of my clan of course, but we avoided outright war fighting smaller skirmishes instead. One day we heard rumors that House Uldraeg was warring with another drow household named Harltanik. That sounded like good news until reports came back that proved we were mistaken. Yes Garethche was under siege by House Harltanik, but those dark elves were actually Mind Flayer thralls absorbed into their army after their house had already fallen."

"Accounts of that battle spoke of great losses on both sides except the Mind Flayers had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of thrall reinforcements. Rank upon rank of them marched to their doom without hesitation because their Mind Flayer masters stripped the fear of death from their minds. Victory for the Illithids was assured except they never managed to actually sack the city. House Uldraeg's rulers decided death was better than conquest by those creatures and brought the cavern roof down upon their own city! Thousands perished and all their wealth was buried with them."

"We anticipated the Mind Flayers might send their army for us next so we did our best to ready ourselves for that confrontation. Our preparations proved inadequate however because their tactics completely changed. They did not march an army of thralls into our tunnels where our warriors were ready and waiting. Instead, they plagued us with an underdragon named Aphyon-Sarolssuule who filled our tunnels with poison gas! Defenders died by the score leaving our perimeter defenseless!" Crusher paused to reach for a pitcher of ale beside two mugs on a side table.

"...Will you share a drink with me Ersun?" He asks. "...Tales of woe always make me thirsty."

05-20-2015, 07:48 AM
He starts stretching a little and circles his shoulders and glances at the pitcher and then back to Crusher. He tries to determine how sincere he just might be, or how much could his words be calculated for manipulation, and whatever else he can pick up from him. So far the duergar’s story seems to aim for sympathy instead of enlightenment.

“Considering my day’s encounters with substances I could be most suspicious.” he smirks. “On the other hand poisoning or drugging me again would be rather cliché and unnecessary. Regardless, I will abstain, thank you.” He was actually honest, as wherever he went so far they’ve been making him drink while the situation kept getting worse. It seems like a hint to play around less... for now.

“How did you escape the mind flayers?” he asks after a little pause. He would have so many questions regarding connections and assumptions he can make, but one has to prioritise somehow. “For all I know you could be one of their puppets, no offense.” Once again, during negotiations, because that’s the healthy way of thinking of this, he prefers to shift the opponents out from their comfort zone. That and he really has no relevant background on Crusher or what his agenda might be. The simplest would be accepting his story and writing it off as revenge against the ilithids, but simple answers are often just traps, and even if they are not, nothing is ever one-sided.

He also tries to piece together which locations he is exactly mentioning in his mind, and try to fit the described events into his knowledge of history, to get a grasp around the circumstances more. Since Crusher is sceptical about his knowledge it would be all the more satisfying if he could recall relevant insights.

[Sense Motive; Crusher: 29]
[Geography/Dungeoneering/History; Location of Garethche: 23]
[Geography; Kingdom of Vulkh: 29]
[History; ilithid wars & conflicts of the surrounding area: 30]

[For Garetche I am not sure which knowledge to use, as it’s underground and also in the past. All three of the knowledges have the same rating of ten for Ersun. If its actual history is roll-able separately, then that would probably merge into the History regarding the ilithids? Although that may only cover their downfall, the rest of their history shouldn’t be relevant probably anyway.]

05-21-2015, 02:32 PM
Skill Check Results
__________________________________________________ ________

[Sense Motive; Crusher: 29]

This roll basically affirms that so far as you can tell Crusher is being frank with you and not keeping truths from you about anything he's spoken of up until this point. (If he was trying to blatantly lie to you I would've had him roll bluff and asked you to roll Sense Motive by now)

This roll also gives you the gut instinct that he is easily capable of lying and doesn't care about you in the slightest. His tone is obviously patronizing, almost mocking, but that shouldn't be surprising from a Duergar to begin with, much less one who enjoys a position of great power. (Duergar are known to be cruel, sadistic, racist, megalomaniacs anyway.)

[Geography; Kingdom of Vulkh: 29]

Being that the Kingdom of Vulkh is primarily home to surface races and rather far from your lands its unlikely that many Underfolk have visited Vulkh before. Any general and/or geographic knowledge you have learned would've come from accounts by other races that already explored it.

This roll indicates you are certainly already aware of Vulkh's existence and know some common knowledge about it. You know how long the kingdom has existed and how it came to be. You know which major races dwell there and some of their laws. You know Vulkh is largely desert surrounded by mountains with two cities near large water sources such as rivers and lakes. You even know the names of Vulkh's neighboring lands, but nothing specifically about them unless you made separate rolls for each.

[Geography/Dungeoneering/History; Location of Garethche: 23]

This roll indicates you were aware of the name and general location of this fabled city before Crusher told you, but only so far as it is a lost city best avoided. You would've needed a better roll to know exactly where it is, its history, and downfall as he described it.

[History; Ilithid wars & conflicts of the surrounding area: 30]

This natural 20 roll indicates you are already an expert on the history of Mind Flayer activity in the surrounding area. (Within this local region) There's likely very little Crusher can tell you that you aren't already aware of in this regard. (You should feel free to claim as much without the need for a bluff check) However, your tribe is only largely aware of the history after it moved into this area. The battle Crusher speaks of occurred a long time before that.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Crusher: Leans forward again slowly and glares at you. Sensing his anger the cave badger on his lap starts to growl loudly. "No offense my ass! Imply anything like that again Ersun and I'll let my little friend here chew out your entrails! The damned nerve!" Scoffs "I was never captured, I suffered this wound in battle! Lucky for me someone knocked this one off before it got to the goods!" He snorts and fills both mugs full of ale. "Ania what about you? Are you in a drinking mood?"

Ania: Steps past you to take the offered mug. They tap the mugs together first before they each take a swallow.

Crusher: "I'm not sure your friend Ersun appreciates our company Ania?"

Ania: Shrugs. "Can't say I blame him, I can't hardly stand you myself."

Crusher: Guffaws with amusement."Well whatever happens, you brought him before me, that means you vouch for him."

Ania: "Yes I do... You should have seen him undermine that madman Moruk with an illusion of a giant Beholder. The look on my fathers face was priceless!"

Crusher: Chuckles. "I bet it was. Moruk is another matter however. He will have to be dealt with eventually of course."

[Ersun: What do you do?]

05-21-2015, 08:18 PM
__________________________________________________ _______________

[Approximate time in game = 7am]

Your voyage from Chival was long, yet those weeks at sea were not quite so arduous as they would have been if your old friend Jarahdrin hadn't paid for a first class cabin. However those comforts ended the moment you landed in the port of Chakralanka in the Kingdom of Maharatha. Jarahdrin's letter insisted you keep a low profile after you made landfall which meant you had to carry your own belongings and squeeze aboard the same crowded riverboat as other poor travelers on your way north to the city of Masaeus.

Your journey is slow thanks to the strong current of the Arosis river bearing against you, but as it is very broad and gentle to sail upon the ride at least is very tolerable. The Kingdom of Maharatha is quite beautiful to behold as you sail past thick jungles and rich marshlands which the other passengers claim are full of dangerous beasts. Much wiser to take the riverboat they say! Eventually the riverboat sails past the mountains of northern Maharatha which give way to the oppressive Thayamar desert. A true boneyard full of terrible monsters and vicious bandits they say, again praising the wisdom of taking the riverboat.

However, as you near the rising mountains of Vulkh's southern border you overhear a commotion at the bow. Other passengers are starting to shove and clamor clearly upset about something. The captain bellows at his sailors (you cannot comprehend his language because he speaks Maharathan) while they frantically do their best to adjust their course. Unfortunately the riverboat is so nearly overladen with passengers and cargo there is little they can do.

Suddenly the riverboat heaves as the wake from another passing vessel crashes against the hull! The much larger ship moves past you at a reckless clip, sails full while also aided by the rivers strong current. Many of your fellow passengers are knocked off balance, some are even dragged overboard as the wake washes across the deck!

[Make a Balance check, DC 15]

05-21-2015, 10:15 PM
“Just like your other two goons vouched for me?” he quips as he smirks at their banter and shifts his weight a bit in his stance. “As much as I like to hear about my assumed bravery and creativity I am suspicious the gracious invitation was not for my pleasant company.” He makes a very faint beginning of a bow to hint at parodying showmanship.

He recites some of the ilithid conflicts he knows of both before the settlement of the tribe and afterwards. He is careful not to reveal everything he knows, but likes to play with further implications between the lines. “We could discuss past history all day long, but I rather wonder your take on my mission and our tribe’s relevance to the ilithid of Vulkh.”

Although, just as with Izel, he is stretching his boundaries, he deems it better to do that instead of covering behind safe lines. For now it seems killing him would cost Crusher more than it would gain and that gives a small leeway. He slints his eyes slightly and then adds the following: “And which of Izel’s bodyguards is your snitch?”

He wasn’t sure if it was one of the patrons of the tavern, a man of Crusher stalking Izel, or one of his bodyguards until recently. The fact that Crusher was already aware the nature of his mission however narrowed the circle, and he doesn’t get the vibe that Crusher was bluffing about that. The patrons of the tavern or a stalker wouldn’t have been well situated to overhear the details of their discussion. Izel was also obviously not the informant, since if he would’ve been they wouldn’t require this entire circus to play out. That leaves one of the two guards, the cursed posers, he can easily recall how the pretentious grunts got offended at his every slight.
Also, by the time he got to Lysen Rahul was already informed that he Ersun is a mark. That speaks of amazingly fast information connections within his network that he can’t help but admire. While most people would riot at the thought of so many layers of intrigue and power play within their small tribe, this only reinforces his ideology that everybody lies. As despairing as it is, optimism is self-defence to keep your ignorance content, or maybe the reverse, it is sometimes hard to tell.
~Right, that shows them! Yet somehow I am the one in this baatorian situation instead of them... what does that tell about me?”~
In the case of Ania however, he can only blame himself for dropping his guard, underestimating the reach of the players. He should’ve remembered to only speak of details to at least two people at once, but then again who would’ve guessed the daughter of That man would turn on him. The world seems to be full of surprises no matter how paranoid one can get, and no matter how infuriating that is...

05-22-2015, 01:32 AM
Endless days at sea, it can change a man. Wrenwil was close to his gutfull of boats, sails and the unnerving sway of the horizon. He wasn't ungrateful though. Jarahdrin's selection of vessel for the long haul of this voyage had probably saved his skin. Upon the polished decks of a formidable merchant ship, his stomach had turned more than a few times, and not always from rum. It had started with the odd empty and abandoned old dinghy floating by, then twisting arcs of lightning as stewing storms reached maturity. He'd seen wrecks corroding and breaking apart across crusts of jutting rock, writhing dark shapes beneath the waves and even the odd shipload of looters and pirates eying off their cargo from a safe distance.

If Jarahdrin had suggested a low profile, then low profile it would be. ~Can't stoop much lower than this...~ With that he had shuffled aboard the crowded ramshackle river vessel, looking forward greatly to planting his walking stick back into firm earth... sometime soon.

Pressed hard against the gunwale with a heavy pack wedged between his legs, Wrenwil's mood was in rapid decline. ~For Pentos sake we will burst like a ripe fruit on wedding night if but one more rodent comes aboard!~ People, blasted people everywhere. The days of reading a treasured book whilst floating along had come to an end. He gazed out at the river and let the light breeze caress his trusty old hat, trying to focus on good things, like a hard drink and a tale or two with his pointy-eared friend.

Wrenfil could only look on as a great fist of water smashed across the bow. Like a handful of rocks, passengers were dislodged and flying in all directions. There was little he could do about the oncoming predicament, except brace himself, but it wasn't enough.

[Balance Check = 12 (+2 Dex) = 14]

05-22-2015, 10:05 PM
This morning you were summoned at dawn by Jarahdrin, your most generous employer. Up till now he had you delivering messages for him. Most of the time the task was straightforward, yet on occassion the circumstances were difficult and even risky. Nevertheless you haven't failed him and Jarahdrin appears to trust you a little more each time your jobs are successful. Today's summons bode well because he's asked you to meet him at The Good Guys Tavern, an expensive and very exclusive meeting spot for some of Cabarda's most powerful merchants and guild leaders. Needless to say you have never set foot in this establishment before, but you have no trouble finding it conveniently located on one of Cabarda's main streets.

This tavern is well constructed of mortarted stone on a raised foundation with an expansive tile roof that extends over both a front and rear porch. It has four chimneys and large glass windows providing a wide view of the street. Stables are available in the rear for those with mounts. Before the steps is a heavyset, muscular Akhenaten man wearing iron bracers and a chain shirt with a mace and a heavy throwing axe hanging from his belt. His expression is dour and professional as he casually observes the throng of early morning foot traffic. Given his appearance, and the fact you won't be able to enter the establishment without approaching him first, it is likely he works as a bouncer.

[What do you do?]

05-23-2015, 02:46 AM
Still blinking the sleep from his eyes, Zie'Chael approaches The Good Guys Tavern on foot. Large burly bouncer types tend not to react well to newcomers descending from the sky at them, even newcomers with plumage as easy on the eye as this particular Keu. Attempting to look as if he belongs in this region of town, and not at all in awe of the wealth on display, he can't help but stop to admire himself in the various shop windows leading up to the tavern. Vanity... possibly his greatest flaw, ~modesty too I suppose~ he chuckles to himself as he looks over his appearance in a selfishly placed shop with a display of mirrors; of all things!

Despite his vanity Zie'Chael isn't an arrogant creature, he has merely had a lifetime of Keu and other strangers alike admiring his bright red plumage. Coupled with a crimson crest, fiery orange breast and the subtle pale pink and blue flecked highlights throughout there is no doubt that he is a striking Keu but it is his mind he would prefer to be known for. A sharp witted and intelligent Keu, Zie'Chael reflects on his life so far as he begins the final approach to the, frankly terrifying, man by the taverns door.

Always curious of magic, Zie'Chael had quite early on in life taken up studying the art of alchemy; often considered a gateway to the more mysterious magical arts. His parents, at this thought a twinge of pain passes over his avian features, had always supported him and had arranged for him to spend time with Rini Krik; an accomplished Keu Summoner. Many years down the line and he finds himself running errands for pay in order to fund his continuing research, still there are worse jobs and Jarahdrin is fair and generous, if not a patient man. ~Thinking of which, I'd best get a move on!~

Zie'Chael boldy strides up to the door of the tavern, casually nodding at the bouncer, who towers over his diminutive frame, as if they are old friends and makes to enter the establishment...

05-24-2015, 01:44 AM
Ania and Crusher calmly listen to your brief synopsis of Illitid activity in the area, emptying their mugs and occassionally nodding. Crusher Hmmphs in response to your questions.

Crusher: "You are no fool Ersun, but you shouldn't mistake hearsay with fact. Sages and bards are good at collecting rumors and telling stories, but the whole truth of events isn't always evident by just witnessing them. When I spoke of the battle of Garethche I implied House Harltanik had already been conquered by the Illithids. That was the logical explanation for anyone who caught a glimpse of the battle..."

"Of course we assumed the failed assault of Garethche meant House Harltanik was essentially homeless. We even sent a reconnaissance party to their home city, Korinthdelmah, expecting a smoking ruin. What we saw completely baffled us. Korinthdelmah was still standing. It was as if they meekly surrendered to the mind flayers without a fight and threw their full strength against House Uldraeg on their behalf. Whats more, we glimpsed the underdragon Aphyon-Sarolssuule lurking there. Apparently the dragon was allied with House Harltanik before the battle, and yet, did not participate in the assault against House Uldraeg. Why not? ...The irony is, we only understood after Aphyon-Sarolssuule attacked us..."

Crusher pauses then, as if biting his own tongue. You sense he wishes to speak further but hesitates.

Ania: "Tell him!"

Crusher: Frowns. "Very well, but Ersun needs to understand this secret is very dangerous. If rumors about this ever spread, he could doom his own tribe to the same fate as my clan... Of course, he won't live long enough to see that day if he betrays my trust..."

I already told you how Aphyon-Sarolssuule elliminated our defenses by swamping our warriors in the tunnels with poison gas. In actuality our warriors were not slain, they merely collapsed and rose again a short while later... brainwashed somehow! Much to our dismay, they picked up their axes and aided the army of the mind flayer thralls infilitrate our caverns and slaughter their own clansmen!" He says with an edge of pain and pure horror creeping into his voice.

"Aphyon-Sarolssuule is the key to both of those mind flayer victories. It is obvious to me now that he is unique among underdragons, altered somehow by the mind flayers so his breath weapon works like a drug. Long ago he patiently plotted and maneuvered his way into House Harltanik's trust creating cannon-fodder for his illithid masters. I expect the only reason he didn't attempt to use his breath weapon directly against House Uldraeg, or otherwise aid in that assault, is because he was far too valuable to them. Large dragons make easy targets in such big open spaces."

"Sages and bards don't know those particular facts because no one in this area lived past their attack who could speak the truth. Only myself and a small group of my clansman survived because we barricaded ourselves within these catacombs. Once we emerged within the ruins of our fallen stronghold we decided we would never share the truth with others."

"I know what your thinking Ersun, you want to warn your tribe. I understand that, but you can't, not until its absolutely necessary! If the mind flayers believe their secret weapon is no longer a secret they will come back to finish us off!"

[Ersun: What do you do?]

05-24-2015, 09:10 PM
The wake from the larger ship slams into you like a wet fist, drenching you and knocking your grip loose from the gunwhale sending you pinwheeling across the deck with the rest of the passengers. A random elbow collides painfully against your ribs. (Take 1 point of damage) Your pack also tumbles away from your grasp and gets lost in the mass of scrambling limbs.

A random voice screams "Aiyeeeee!" as someone tumbles over the gunwhale into the swift moving current. Meanwhile the riverboat captain curses as his pilot is knocked away from the rudder allowing the strong current to begin turning the boat. The captain bellows as loudly as he can (still speaking Maharathan) but his sailors are so busy shoving against all the paniced passengers they are delayed regaining control of the rudder.

If the riverboat turns against the current it'll drift out of control. Normally that wouldn't be a huge issue because the river is so open and wide, but the last merchant ship moving past you is only the first in a small flotilla! Four more merchants ships are sailing towards you at full speed leaving very little space for your riverboat to pass between them. If Your much smaller riverboat gets broadsided it will be smashed to smitherines! There are only 3 rounds (roughly 18 seconds) before the other merchants ships bear down upon you. (You happen to be near enough to where the rudder is at the stern to make a grab for it if you wish?)

Going for the rudder
Going for the rudder will require a full round action and another Balance check at DC 15. Regaining control of the steering and maneuvering the ship between the larger merchant ships will require a DC 16 Strength Check + a DC 15 Profession (Sailor) Check as a full round action

Alternatively you could abandon the boat and swim for shore, but you would be swimming for at least 200 yards in strong current. (Technically by the rules that would require 40 seperate swim skill checks. To be reasonable I will reduce that number to 4) Fast-moving water is dangerous. [It requires a DC 15 Swim (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/skills/swim.htm) check each round to stay afloat but fighting the current deals 1d3 points of nonlethal damage (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/injuryandDeath.htm#nonlethalDamage) every round you are swimming.]

Success means you may swim at up to one-half your speed (as a full-round action (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/actionsInCombat.htm#fullRoundActions)) or at one-quarter your speed (as a move action (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/actionsInCombat.htm#moveActions)). If you fail by 4 or less, you make no progress through the water. If you fail by 5 or more, you go underwater. Once you go under, you can hold your breath for a number of rounds equal to twice your constitution modifier. After this period of time, the character must make a DC 10 Constitution check every round in order to continue holding your breath. Each round, the DC increases by 1.
If you fail your Constitution check, you begin to drown. In the first round, you fall unconscious (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/conditionSummary.htm#unconscious) (0 hp). In the following round,you drop to -1 hit points and are dying (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/conditionSummary.htm#dying). In the third round, you drown.

Finding your Pack
Also, finding your pack will require a DC 14 Search Check in addition to a DC 15 balance check as a full round action.

Other Options?
There's a very slim chance you could dive for a rope trailing in the water from the larger merchant ship that just passed you and haul yourself aboard with it. But DC 16 swim and strength checks would be necessary to successfully grab it.

[What do you do?]

05-24-2015, 10:13 PM
~My pack! No!~ Wrenwil watched as his bag of prized possessions slid away into the chaotic fury.

The despair and shock was quickly replaced by pain. Swearing profusely, he quickly felt his chest with his left hand. Yep, definitely tender. ~Who the!~ There was no time to eyeball or reprimand the fool responsible, in fact Wrenwil noted that time was quickly slipping away, a potential catastrophe imminent. If ever there was a time to man-up, it was now. As a torrent of movement and frenzy whirled around him, Wrenwil made his next move. Perhaps for once in his life Wrenwil could be the hero here, do something constructive, have a tale of his own to tell.

The rudder was quickly turning to full-lock, if only he could grab it. Dropping his walking stick, he made a leap of faith.

Fate frowned, yet again, it was not to be.

[Balance Check = 8 (+2 Dex) = 10]

05-25-2015, 12:00 AM
The bouncer gives you a strange look but does not block your way up the steps into the tavern. Immediately upon entry pleasing scents tease your senses. Bowls of complimentary honey-nut-cakes and cups for hot cider are placed on each of the common rooms tables (there are 3 tables & 3 booths) along with smoldering coals of spiced Akhenaten incense. There is also a small bar that seats eight, a hearth with four chairs placed before it, and three doors. One door is marked 'Kitchen', the other is marked 'Lavatory' and the third is marked 'Private'.

Behind the bar is an girthy Akhenaten in his early fourties, bearded with hints of grey at his cheeks. When he smiles at you his teeth are very white and nicely shaped. His dark hair is thick and well trimmed with golden studs inside into his ears. His clothes are also clearly upper class but far from tacky. He is dressed in a loose cream-colored tunic with gold trim, billowy brown sirwal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sirwal.jpg) leggings, and an apron around his waist. He also wears golden bracers and there is a jeweled dagger tucked into his waistband. He immediately welcomes you to the tavern and introduces himself.

Isra: "Welcome to The Good Guys Tavern!" He says pleasantly. "I am Isra Zaide, your humble bartender. Please make yourself comfortable!"

There are three others sitting at the bar, a foreigner who looks to be Caishian, and two hill dwarves. Around the rest of the common room are several locals, respectable professionals by the look of them, enjoying an early morning meal with business partners before the days trade commences.

A very pretty Akhenaten girl approaches with pretty pearl moon earrings bearing a kettle of hot cider.

Table Maid: "Hello whats your name? Wow your feathers are so pretty! Would you like some hot cider? Sit anywhere you want and sample some of our complimentary honey-nut-cakes." She encourages with a sweet smile.

[Zie'Chal: What do you do?]

05-25-2015, 05:09 AM
Ersun quietly digest the information. Mind flayers and dragons are scary enough separately, and now he is told there is a dragon with mind flayer powers around. “I see.” He has to keep himself from pacing and letting his thoughts run wild, that would be unseemly.

“Who else knows of this from the tribe? Also, it has been hinted often enough to me that there are mind flayer spies among us, and it seems they have more than enough force to take us on effortlessly. What would keep them from doing so, do they have such an abundance of slaves and opulence that they are content? And to be honest, the thing that feels most off is why would you decide not to ever speak of it to anyone?”

He would like to think all the spy suspicion is just the paranoia of the leadership, but that just sounds too hopeful. It might make more sense about why they are trying to reach for allies so desperately, although the extreme secrecy about it is still fishy. On the other hand, if they would be not so afraid of spies everywhere, they could’ve already formed a coalition with the other tribes. Also, he can’t help but feel a grudge against everyone who knew of this during their tribe’s life here, since despite the knowledge their defences feel very inadequate to deal with it. He also has a tingling that Crusher is somehow at fault in that, even if that was not his intention.

05-25-2015, 01:53 PM
Entering the tavern with a chuckle, the expressions that humans and their ilk can pull never fail to amuse the Keu, Zie'Chael heads directly towards the bar, scanning the room for his employer. Nodding to acknowledge the 'humble' bar-keep's greeting... ~For one so humble he displays an awful lot of wealth!~... he heads towards an empty table. The smell of the food and the sounds of drink fuelled revelry send a pang of regret through the Keu's stomach, having finally saved up enough to purchase a ring of sustenance it has been several days since he bothered to eat or drink letting the magic of the ring provide all the nourishment he needs, still the benefits of only requiring two short hours rest each night has been a real boost to his studies.

Giving the friendly bar-maid the Keu equivalent of a smile, raised eye feathers and a short melodic 'chirp', Zie'Chael can't help but be taken in by her charm "Why thank you my dear, your earrings are beautiful, i've always been fond of pearls, such an interesting stone". He politely accepts the drink and a couple of cakes, while not needing food and drink there is no harm in enjoying it for the luxury it is.

"Pray tell me miss, has Jarahdrin arrived yet, I am to meet him here..." Confident that the, no doubt knowledgable, young woman would know of whom he is speaking Zie'Chael scans the room once more awaiting her reply.

05-25-2015, 02:47 PM
Crusher: Huffs "Illithids are never content! Don't imagine for a second they think like you do. They are incapable of happiness as you know it, what to speak of mercy, respect, or compassion. They are abberant, vile, miserable creatures driven by a great desire to dominate all and feed on our minds."

"Of course I shouldn't expect you to understand evil. Compared to my kind, you underfolk are like toothless gerbils! One must know evil to truly comprehend it and how to use it. Duergar like myself are capable of great evil there is no doubt. My clan commited many vile acts of domination on weaker races before it was our turn. The irony of my situation now is not lost on me, but don't mistake cooperation on my part for remorse. I don't care about your tribe and have no desire to adopt your sense of fairness or morality. I only care about survival and revenge against those Illithid monsters. Fact is your leaders won't launch a mass attack against Kor'inthdelmah even if they knew the truth. You have no wish to conquer, only to live in peace."

Ania: "He's right Ersun. Our leadership lacks the resolve to go on the offensive. Although it is innevitable the mind flayers will come after our tribe, Crusher's clan was a more tempting target back then we are now. Of course that may change as we grow wealthier and more populous.But for now it is best that there are only a few others who know the whole truth. Izel and my father are not among them. It is the leadership after all who will be watched most closely by the Illithids."

Crusher: "As a whole, your Kezzarat Theocracy would be more than a match for the mind flayers. Yet so long as all your governers and chiefs won't fight together and your Potentate continues to preach peace and order they don't see you as a threat. We can change that however, if you're willing to do what it takes? For now however, allow me to bring us back to the subject of Izels mission. I have a suspicion about where the mind flayers will strike next beneath the Kingdom of Vulkh."

[Ersun: What do you do?]

05-25-2015, 05:15 PM
“Fair enough.” He grunts and crosses arms at changing back to the main topic. “What do you think they will do, and what makes you think it?” He gestures with a palm that he is playing along and letting him talk.

05-25-2015, 11:39 PM
Like a sack of old bones he slid across the deckboards, mud, muck and churning river water conspiring to keep him on his knees. With a quick glance ahead Wrenwil was horrified. They had moments left before being rammed into extinction.

In life changing moments, it is strange the games one's mind plays. Weighing up the options at hand, Wrenwil knew all too well that none of them presented a likely or clear path. Pentos had no answers for this one. Perhaps he would die here with his dreams unfulfilled and far from home. His funeral would have a solitary attendee, the sad face of his friend Jarahdrin making a cameo appearance deep in his subconscious.

Wrenwil wasn't blind though. He was a watcher, an observer of life from a safe distance. Some thought him a borderline pervert perhaps, but one thing was for sure, he had a knack for detail, analysis and imitation. In the weeks preceding he had studied the movements, gestures and expert seamanship on display in the merchant vessel. He'd chatted with crew, even offered a hand at times. With this, Wrenwil talked himself into it, trying to generate a false sense of security. ~I can leap like vermin and sink like lead, or face death head on, accept the fate I have been served. Do one good thing with my wasted years.~

He grunted, swore, and made one last ditch effort to get to the tiller. Nothing would stop him this time. ~Nothing!~ Rising and bending his knees, he plowed his way to the controls, leaning against the hull movement and extending his arms for balance. He'd learned a thing or two from his nights spent watching dancing girls. He twisted sideways to slide between passengers flailing around on deck, took a small jump over someones abandoned pack and found himself next to the crude steering mechanism. The vessel was pitching up hard by now, leaning a little downstream from the abrupt change of course. He took the faded timber control into both hands, breathed in, and with great strength exhaled and pulled it towards him.

To his amazement, the boat came about and pointed dead ahead, upstream out of harms path. ~How's that for keeping a low profile... heh.~

[2nd Balance Check DC15 = 20 (+2 Dex) = 22]
[Strength Check DC16 = 16 (+3 Str) = 19]
[Profession (sailor) Check DC15 = 14 (+4) = 18]

05-26-2015, 12:11 AM
Table Maid: "Oh you have come to meet Jarahdrin? Please follow me!" She says leading you to the door marked 'Private' before knocking. A porthole opens and another bouncer looks through."Mr. Jarahdrin has a visitor!" She explains gesturing to you before they open the door and step aside.

Beyond the door is a very plush seating room with a separate hearth and four semi-circular tables each with four comfortable high-backed chairs. This room has three doors, marked 'lavatory', 'kitchen', and 'courtyard'. The floor is made of beautifully arranged mosaic tiles with expensive rugs laid over it. In one corner there is a raised dais where a stunningly beautiful young akhenaten woman stands singing softly while an older man sits beside her expertly strumming an Oud (http://m8.i.pbase.com/o6/93/329493/1/79300028.aUpQgu8G.SyriaMay07545.jpg).

Jarahdrin is seated at one of the tables with an older akhenatemen man. Your employer rarely talks about himself but after a few months you've learned a few things about him from his associates. Apparently his father was a very successful akhenaten trader named Hadi Masoud but his mother was a gray-elven artist from the Elven Kingdom of Seillon to the north. Thus, Jarahdrin is only half akhenaten and half gray-elf. Jarahdrin is sixty years old technically, but because of his grey-elven blood he barely looks a day over thirty and is likely to go on living for at least 200 years. He has his fathers dark hair, cut long so it covers slightly pointed ears. His eyes are amber, like his mothers, and he inherited her greyish hue to his skin which many mistake for poor health. Nothing could be further from the truth, but few realize how fit and healthy he actually is because of his calm countenance and quiet demeanor. Besides that, you've never seen him smile.

Jarahdrin is dressed in his usual traditional akhenaten Kurta (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PBA5Pt3vuSM/UOmwSv7g0MI/AAAAAAAAAH4/4cIGoOaX7Mo/s1600/Kurta+Pyjama.jpg), sirwal leggings and a broad sash with comfortable shoes. He carries no weapons besides a rare and very beautiful adamantine elvish dagger. One of his usual bodyguards stands nearby watching foot traffic through a window. Jarahdrin gestures for you to approach which is when you get a closer look at the older man sitting with him who is likely in his early sixties. You also notice he's missing half his left leg which explains why there is a tall crutch leaning up against his chair. The mans smile reminds you of the bartender so you guess this man may be his father.

Jarahdrin: "Good of you to make it Zie'Chael." He says before turning to the other man. "Please excuse us Ubayullah, we'll speak more later."

Ubayullah: "Take your time!" He says graciously leaning over to grab his crutch and makes ready to go before addressing you. "Nice to meet you Zie'Chael, I'm the owner of this establishment. Jarahdrin mentions you've been a big help to him. He's a dear friend of mine so please don't hesitate to ask if there's anything I can do for you."

[Zie'Chael: What do you do?]

05-26-2015, 03:01 AM
One of the advantages of feathers is that no-one can see when you blush. Being addressed with such respect by one so successful certainly takes Zie'Chael aback, before he can catch himself he chirrups a "Thank-You." in Keu, seeing the look of confusion on Ubayullah's face, and the amusement evident in Jarahdrin's eyes even if it doesn't make it all the way to his mouth, the Keu catches himself and mutters a self-conscious "Thank-You." again, this time in the common tongue.

Standing across the table from his employer ~it never does to sit before being asked to do so... especially when it comes to employers!~ Zie'Chael addresses Jarahdrin directly: "I apologise if I am late sir, I was delayed in the common room, those honey-nut-cakes are exceptional..." holding up his hand with the magical ring on it up for Jarahdrin to see he continues "I almost regret not having an appetite anymore, although there is something to be said for being able to enjoy them as a luxury."

Bowing slightly, but not so much that his head bobs below the table edge ~one of the curses of being a small humanoid in a generally average humanoid world he thinks to himself *sigh*~ "I must thank you for asking me to meet you here, having heard the stories of the finery of this place I was most excited to receive your summons. To what, may I ask, do I owe the pleasure of such an auspicious meeting place?"

05-26-2015, 10:51 AM
Aided by adrenaline (or possibly the strength and blessings of Pentos himself) you manage to straighten the overladen riverboat back on course not a moment too soon! White-knuckled, you maneuver it between a pair of larger merchant ships that once again swamp it with large wakes. Nevertheless, the majority of its passengers let out loud cheers as other ships pass and you remain afloat. There are a few other ships still heading towards you further upstream, but from this point on the river straightens out more and there should be no more near misses.

Now that the danger has passed, many grateful passengers reach for you to pat you heartily on the back, some with tears in their eyes! The captain shoves his way over with a grin as wide as the river, speaking common to you now that he sees you are a foreigner.

Captain: "A thousand blessings upon you my friend!" He says falling to his knees and holding his hands up towards you in the universal gesture of prayer. "You saved us!" More cheers follow.

It is almost amusing how these poor miserable wretches suddenly act like life the most precious thing in the world after a near death experience, (though there is also weeping and lamenting for lost passengers who fell overboard). All the sailors curse at the top of their lungs (speaking Maharathan) shaking their fists at the ships quickly drawing away into the distance downstream.

Captain: Explains to you in common. "Those curs would've drowned us all without a second thought!" He remarks bitterly. "The larger merchant ships always act like they own the damn river, disregarding the safety of the smaller riverboats, especially north of Maharatha... but still, for so many of them to race away like that from Masaeus under full sail, something must be happening? Perhaps we should turn back?" He wonders out loud scratching at his stringy beard. "What is your name and where do you hail from?" He asks relieving you from the rudder.

05-26-2015, 07:59 PM
Wrenwil was more than happy to stand to the side and hand over the controls, good things tended to come in small doses after all.

~Oh Pentos, I shall not forget this.~

"Captain, there is no need to thank me, just doing what anyone would have done in the same predicament. I'm so sorry for the souls we have lost here today at no fault of our own." Wrenwil thought on this a moment, coming to the conclusion that attempting to stop, slow down or rescue those overboard would probably only place more lives at risk. ~A tragedy.~

"The name's Nik, from nowhere in particular, just travelin north to see the sights and explore Masaeus." He shrugged, gave a coy look and added, "I sailed a bit a long time ago, when I was a whipper snapper, once you learn you never forget eh?" Wren winked at the Captain, took off his trusty hat and started twisting the water out of it. "How much further to Masaeus?" he asked, before scanning the deck for his stick and pack. "I have no idea what has caused the rush to head south, only one way to find out eh? Mmm... I need to find my humble belongings."

05-26-2015, 08:59 PM
Crusher: "There is a large city in the east of Vulkh known as Masaeus presently ruled by a Mgorongoron merchant lord named Baron Zomok. Mountain dwarves built this city for the Vul during the second age after the last Summaran king was overthrown. It took a decade to lay its foundations and plan its layout exactly the way the Vul wanted it, and fifty years to build. Masaeus also happens to sit atop a huge underground network of caverns connected to the lake where Garethche is buried."

"The Vul decided to build atop these caverns because of their rich natural wealth. They’ve been explored and mined with slave labor ever since for at least three hundred years. They’ve also been home to a criminal underworld and nests of wererats for nearly as long. The thieves guild of Masaeus has had lycanthropes (primarily wererats) in their leadership for most of its history. These alpha wererats formed clans beneath them who act as their thugs so they can rule various domains and neighborhoods within the undercity."

"Eventually one of those alpha wererats seized absolute power over the undercity. His name is King Kyser and he is quite possibly the strongest wererat ever known to history. When King Kyser rose to power he united the wererats under his rule which gave him the strength to push out the baron from the mining operation altogether until he recognized the undercity as Kysers domain. Now they split the mining profits and rule their separate levels in an uneasy truce. The Vul only tolerate that arrangement because it’s a well known fact they hate going underground and must rely on someone else to handle the mines."

"Kyser tied his government, the thieves guild and the favorite cult of his wererat followers together as one organization. Together they mobilize hoards of slave labor nonstop with cruel efficiency . Kyser is no fool though, he is known to employ many subterranean demihuman (and humanoid) specialists to keep things running smoothly."

"As such you can imagine how easy it might have been for the Illithids to get spies in their midst! My clan of course had our own sources in his court, a few of which I have managed to regain contact with. They tell me there are many signs of imminent attack by the mind flayers who lusted after Kysers wealth a very long time indeed. They predict it will most assuredly happen within the year, possibly much sooner."

"If the Illithids manage to conquer the undercity it will boost their numbers thrice-fold and create a whole other army of thralls to contend with! If we allow this to happen, they will certainly have the strength required to crush us and begin an invasion of the Kezzarat Theocracy!"

[Ersun: What do you do?]

(By the way, you'll have to make a knowledge check to know much about what a Wererat is since you've encountered one before)

05-28-2015, 04:09 AM
“And do you assume I will be sent to Masaesus, or am I merely to keep an ear and eye out for it? Either way, as for the reports, how would we keep contact? And how would you ensure that I am doing my job properly?” he asks stoicly.

[Nature Knowledge; Wererats: 13]
[He is untrained it, or if it's arcane knowledge instead, well he is untrained in that too]

05-30-2015, 01:00 AM
As you search the deck for your pack many of the passengers crowd around the captain arguing. Though you can't understand the language, its clear to you some of the passengers are very insistent, even threatening about the issue about whether or not the riverboat should turn around. The captain and his sailors are outnumbered so it may flare up into a mutiny.

You spot your pack lying beside a wooden crate towards the bow of the ship. The crate belongs to a stout, hooded figure of short stature, similar in build to a dwarf (yet not quite short enough to be a dwarf). You didn't pay much attention to him earlier because he seemed to be a rather gruff fellow who preferred his own company. For most of the voyage he remained seated beside his crate draped in a lightweight, threadbare, heavily stained travel cloak that conceals his form and his features quite well.

As you approach to collect your pack you see a small, gangly arm slip out of the crate through a knothole. Its skin tone is ocher, with thin, clawed fingers which it uses to begin picking at the straps and buckles of your pack trying to rummage through it. The figure beside the crate doesn't notice it from where he sits on the opposite side.

[Wrenwil: What do you do?] (If you attempt to attack the creature you must include an initiative roll in your reply)

05-30-2015, 06:11 PM
Crusher: "Izel told you about the scouts captured on the borders of our territory. Under interrogation they explained they came from Masaeus, as does the emissary you are traveling back with. An agent of mine will travel with you and remain by your side. She will report back to me about all that transpires, just as you will to Izel. Her name is Aesedai."

[Ersun: What do you do?]

05-31-2015, 06:00 AM
Wrenwil crouched to collect his staff from the wet decking, rose to a straight stance, and looked towards the bow to scan the field of view. ~A ha! My kit.~ There it was, his big burly pack in plain sight. Sure, there was nothing of exceptional value inside, but it had taken him many days to acquire all the possessions within, an assortment of travelers necessities and a few good books. All things he wasn't going to appreciate having handled and picked through by this... thing. ~What the ferral's breath is that?~

[Knowledge Check - History General = 17 (+5) = 23]
[Just in case he has ever read about a creature matching the description of the thing in the crate.]

He quickly considered the available options, a good whack would probably solve it!

No, there had already been more than enough action for this old man today. The way some of the passengers were hollering with the crew, there was probably more action brewing regardless. ~Can I have just a moment without a pain in the proverbial this day!~ Wrenwil decided to play this one tactfully, using his age and rough appearance to his advantage, just another nobody... a nobody who wanted his stuff.

Casually walking to the bow with walking stick in hand, he accentuated his mild limp a little and stopped some three yards from the hooded figure. In common tongue he said "Excuse me kind man, these here are my humble belongings," he pointed at the pack with his trusty stick before continuing, "It seems your friend might be interested in the contents, perhaps planning an escape? I can tell you now, there is nothing of particular value in there, unless it wishes to read the third edition of Once was a Fine Maiden. If you don't mind, I'm going to take my things and just walk away yes?"

05-31-2015, 06:15 PM
He nods and then scratches his head a little. He opens his mouth a little as if meaning to say something but then closes it as he gathers his thoughts. In the end he remarks:
“Maybe this little meeting was just for the pleasure of my company after all, and maybe to spook me with mind flayers...” He pauses a little again before expressing himself more clearly. “I’ve made a few assumptions on my trip up to this point, so might be mistaken, but: I figured the reason you have to go through such an elaborate way to speak with me was because while you and Izel might be acquaintances, your agendas might differ behind the scenes, resulting in imperfect sharing of information and trust issues. Another I’ve made was that I was going to leave through magical means, which would by supplied by Izel, or one of his subordinates. Now trying to put these two together along with what you’ve told me raises a few questions.”
He somewhat regrets he decided against taking ale due to his mouth drying, but he most certainly won’t change his mind about it now.
“If you two have a relationship that more-or-less works, then it is really unnecessary to bring me here only to tell me I would have another person’s company on the road. If you two don’t have a relationship where you could work out adding another person to the expedition, then that raises the question of how will she come along with me?”
“Now, I know I am only seeing a few pieces of the picture, and I am trying to fill in the rest by those, but by the ones I have, the picture doesn’t add up. One of those missing ones is: what is exactly the relationship between you and Izel, which requires such a work-around with me as this? If I may ask...”
Maybe it isn’t exactly his place to pry into such things, but surely it’s not much to ask after what they put him through so far, not to speak of what more they plan for him further on, as he is sure there will be plenty more. Of course, there is a difference in authority and power, but those are matters of perception, and they are often much more fragile than they seem. He also realises that this woman isn’t necessarily from Aridu, and could be waiting at his destination as Crushes did say that he has contacts there, but the truth is he really is just most curious about the workings behind the scenes, and this is a decent reasoning to ask with.

06-01-2015, 05:33 PM
Results of your Roll____________________________________

(Knowledge Check - History General = 17 (+5) = 23)Just in case he has ever read about a creature matching the description of the thing in the crate.

It's a Goblin!

__________________________________________________ ______

The stranger reacts immediately to your observation, throwing up his cloak to free his limbs. He looks to be a half-dwarf, or 'mule' to use the popular vernacular, standing about 5'6" weighing approximately 220 lbs with his thick build. He wears a heavily soiled longsleeve tunic and trousers, with several days worth of stubble on his face, but what is most notable about his appearance is his missing left hand and left eye!

The whole left side of his face is ruined by a horrible burns deep enough to reveal raw cheekbone. His left eye socket is covered by a masterwork silver eyepatch inset with a smooth-polished blue sapphire in a shade very similar to his right eye. His hair is coarse, black and heavily tangled draping loose over his temples to the tops of his shoulders.

Instead of a hand he has a bent iron fork attached to a cup fitted over the stump of his left forearm. He lurches up off his heals to lunge over the crate, using his fork to pin the goblins hand as it attempts in vain to retract it back through the knothole. Immediately the creature starts to howl in protest.

The half dwarf seems to grunt with satisfaction as much as anger as he reaches over with his good hand to try and grab one of the goblins fingers. Sturbbornly, the creature balls its hand into a fist inspiring a string of curses from the half dwarf.

Half Dwarf: -Speaking Common- "Gimmie a finger you worthless cretin! You know the punishment for sticking your hands where they dont belong!"

Immediately the goblin struggles all the more and the crate starts to shudder and crack with the violence of his resistance.

Half Dwarf: "GIMMIE A FINGER OR I'LL BREAK EM ALL!" He roars (Intimidate Check: = 14)

Goblin: (Level Check vs. Intimidation: = 22, Win)

The Goblin begins to shriek and hiss a stream of curses in its own foul language which only angers the half dwarf further.

Half Dwarf: "YOU DOUBT ME YOU LITTLE BASTARD?!" He growls and struggles to pry open the goblins hand by force. (Opposed Strength Check: = 23, Auto Win) "HAH!" He exclaims with triumph successfully isolating two of the Goblins fingers in his grip. Immediately thereafter there is a sickening cracking sound like twigs snapping. The Goblin howls with pain inside the crate but the dwarf holds firm. "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! ...Now tell me, WHO is the boss?" He asks. A murmered whimper can barely be heard from the crate. "LOUDER!" He urges. The Goblin answers with more spirit and the half dwarf is finally satisfied releasing the creatures wounded hand.

Half Dwarf: Turns to address you letting out a deep breath. "My apologies stranger, this one has been difficult to train to say the least. By all means take back your pack"

[Wrenwill: What do you do?]

06-01-2015, 06:20 PM
Crusher: Smirks "Izel does not have the ability to magically teleport you anywhere! Only the so-called 'speaker of the council' has that power and Izel already admitted he won't be informing the council about this mission. His arrangement with the emissary is that she will be the one to teleport you back with her, after he releases her scouts. I gather than that she is either a powerful caster in her own right or has powerful allies back in Vulkh. "

"There is no need to inform Izel about this arrangement because Aesedai will rendevous with you after you leave with the scouts to meet up with their emissary at a prearranged rendevous spot. Izel shouldn't accompany you so he won't know anything about Aesedai unless you tell him. Of course, the emissary from Vulkh may be reluctant to take a second emissary back with her, but you will convince her its either both of you, or neither of you."

"Tell the truth... explain there is a powerful underworld operating outside the law of your tribe, which in all fairness, has the means to make or break the current heirarchy. There are no serious decisions made by the leadership of the tribe that I am not involved with, and I'll be damned if Izel gets first opportunity with a potential ally without my own pawn in the game!"

"As for my relationship with Izel, there is none to speak of. He may not loathe me as much as Ania's father Kairos does, but he wouldn't hesitate to destroy me given the chance. Izel is as covetous as he is ambitious. He wants to be the next speaker of the council! That's why he's not involving the rest of the council in this mission, regardless of what he may have said about mind flayer spies. The truth is, he wants to reap all the political benefits of this potential alliance for himself!"

[Ersun: What do you do?]

06-02-2015, 01:23 AM
He had tried to interject once this stranger started the finger-cracking business, but Wrenwil couldn't get a word in edgeways. He wanted to explain that torturing the poor sod wasn't necessary, no real harm had occurred here. It was too late. The deed was done. Wrenwil crinkled his brow and wondered why he felt so guilty about this, it was a nasty goblin afterall! He'd read several stories about goblin mischief, antics and the terrible things they could achieve in numbers. He reflected on the second commandment, "Spread the rule and domain of man above all others." The key word here was "man". This half dwarven fellow, aside from the finger-cracking, seemed pretty reasonable. Near enough to being a "man", or at least half of one. The goblin on the other hand was far from manhood.

Wrenwil knew it was going to be a hard night of slogging through prayer and confession tonight, should he survive the rest of the day. The tragic demise of those who had fallen overboard, they would never be buried as all men should. Given the circumstances though, and the gift of Pentos in saving these poor peoples lives, it was a pretty clear his standing with the god was intact. ~A OK~

He nodded politely at the stranger, checked the straps and lifted the pack onto his back. Standing there a moment he considered his next move. Secretly Wrenwil wanted to unleash a barrage of questions, but probably not a wise move. ~Low profile remember.~ Finally with one hand on his stick, he extended the other and introduced himself, "I'm Nik, and grateful for your understanding. I didn't mean to cause any trouble for you or the little guy. How far to Masaeus you think?"

06-02-2015, 08:48 PM
“Fair enough,” he says with a nod. “Although it seems to me everyone is serving their own interests here without exception. While we may share a dislike for mind flayers, if a case would come where sacrificing the tribe would grant your revenge I would doubt your magnanimity.”

He sighs and just quietly inspects the details of the building before continuing.

“But such is the way of things. I assume you have something prepared to help me work with you? ...Threats of my well being or that of my family, blackmail, or maybe something more thoughtful.” Considering the reputation and image Crusher has built, he would be sourly disappointed if those would be missing.

06-03-2015, 01:07 AM
~Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to drink so much before this hellish riverboat ride?~ You ponder as you cling to the gunwale, thoroughly drenched and very ill. ~Twenty five years on the road and I still can't stand ****ing boats!~ You curse to yourself. The truth is blaming the boat is just an excuse. Each passing year your youthful prime slips a little further away, but as you retch out the last of your breakfast over the side an old Barossan saying comes to mind... 'Hold Fast!'

The truth is you weren't on this cursed riverboat trying to reach Masaeus, you only boarded it to observe the half dwarf, who you recognized was also Barossan the first moment you glimpsed him. His blue eye gave that away cold. Barossans were the only culture on the continent of Akhenaten that usually had blue eyes, a sign of your Gallian ancestry.

The half dwarf was rumored to know more about the network you seek, but you didn't expect a mere trader to be so cruel as the sound of the Goblins fingers snapping makes you cringe. The other man, clearly a foreigner ~yet also the savior of the day in fact~ seemed a little put off by that as well, though he seems too polite to say anything. (You did overhear him say his name was 'Nik')

~When shall the right time be?~ You wonder thinking about the timing to approach the half dwarf for information. ~Be done with it now or wait for a more private moment where none could help the half-dwarf if he decided to resist? ...Better to wait...~ You decide. Unfortunately the argument between the crew and the passengers appears to be quickly getting out of hand which will make any further eavesdropping much more difficult.

[Garrisan: Make a listen check, DC 16] If you want to continue eavesdropping on the half dwarf and the foreigner in your current position.

06-04-2015, 12:27 AM
Realizing his struggle with the goblin has attracted stares, the half dwarf quickly throws up his hood and steps towards you so he can speak in a lower voice.

Half-Dwarf: "My name is Ordechai friend. I am grateful to you for saving my life, that was nice work with the rudder... Because of that I owe you some good advice. I see you are a foreigner, and by your accent it is clear you have traveled far, so let me tell you Masaeus is the last place you want to be right now."

"I'm not sure if you noticed, but by the way a few of those trade ships were riding low in the water they were panicked enough to leave port without offloading their cargo. They were also willing to drown any hapless riverboats that drifted into their path without a second thought. Whatever they were fleeing from seems like serious trouble to me."

"If you must get there, I can show you a different way off this cursed riverboat. I know my way around Vulkh pretty well and I have contacts who can tell us what's really going on. As I said, I'm grateful to you for saving my life so its the least I can do. What do you say?"

06-04-2015, 01:57 AM
Not only was this half-a-dwarf appreciative for Wrenwil's good luck with the steering, he seemed... well, pretty respectable aside from the goblin torture bit. Wrenwil needed to think hard on this. Ordechai's offer bounced around in his mind a little while, ~What to do, what to do.~ He tapped his stick lightly on the deck a few times, a nervous twitch born of deep thinking. With passengers and crew continuing their escalating barney behind him, a decision needed to be made fast.

Wrenwil liked to observe and analyze, sometimes to extremes. The facts were compelling. The fellow had no interest in his pack or belongings, they had a mutual interest in getting off this forsaken boat, he'd identified potential risk ahead, ~My accent? What accent! Damn I need to be careful.~ and what would Ordechai want with setting a trap for a random old man on a doomed riverboat?

Leaning forward a little, Wrenwil spoke quietly "Ordechai, I am most grateful. It seems that it could be my life you are saving. If you have knowledge of another way to Masaeus, or indeed Cabarda, then I am your humble companion, but only if it is convenient for you. If we do this, how shall we get off this confounded piece of river-junk?"

[Sense Motive = 13 (+3 Wis) = 16]
[Just a pre-emptive check in case Wrenwil gets a sniff that Ordechai might be being less than "genuine".]

06-04-2015, 12:23 PM
(listen check result 6) Garrisan grumbles at not being able to hear over the crowd. He takes a quick look around and then timing it along with a sway of the river boat he trips himself foreword towards the pair losing his balance and falling face first a few feet away. (bluff check to make it look like a honest trip Check=25! :D) He looks around with a dazed look on his face blood now flowing from his nose, he uses the dwarf's crate to pull himself up from the ground swaying.

06-04-2015, 11:23 PM
Crusher narrows his eyes at you dangerously while Ania swallows and ever so slightly shakes her head in your direction as if to warn you.

Crusher: Laughs deeply, yet briefly, from the depths of his throat and rises slowly from this throne of skulls. "Mocking me would be a grave mistake young Ersun. This is the hallowed tomb of my ancestors. Do you not see?" He asks stepping down from his throne and sweeping his arm around in a broad gesture towards the busts carved from the rock, scowls eerily illuminated by the low burning flames. "There is a reason I hold all my audiences here..." He says stepping towards you with heavy footsteps. Now face to face, Crusher lowers his voice to a whisper. "...The spirits of the dead bear witness and whisper advice to me. I'd be careful if I were you, disrespectful words anger them..." He says stepping past you towards the silver bowl on the dias. "...and when they are angered, they demand blood!" He says reaching into the bowl elbow-deep before slowly lifting out a dismembered head of an underfolk! By the look of the wound to his neck, it appears to have been torn from his body rather than severed. "...this one for example, was very disrespectful..." He mutters.

[Ersun: What do you do?]

06-05-2015, 01:06 PM
Wrenwil: Results of Skill Check______________________________________

Ordechai's offer about safe passage and information seem genuine. However your gut tells you that Ordechai isn't completely trustworthy. Someone who trains goblins likely doesn't care much about laws or what others think. (By the look of his garb he doesn't have any vanity left in him either) Clearly he's suffered through terrible ordeals, but his mind appears intact. He speaks with intelligence that equals your own, so its very likely he's someone you can reason with. Beyond that, there's not much else you can determine about his character or his motives until you learn more about him.
__________________________________________________ ______________

Ordechai: Looks back over his shoulder with irritation at the drunk. "Get off my crate you oaf!" He complains.

The drunk appears to be of average height and build, probably forty years old and Barossan by the look of him. He wears his hair shoulder length with a well trimmed beard. His face is heavily scarred by four deep slashes that tore through half his nose and left his right eye a mangled white orb that is clearly blind. His good eye is blue and rather hazy from the drink. His traveling garb is of average quality, neither old nor new. His back bears the standards of any man long on the road, cords of rope, a scroll case, a bedroll. He wears a silver amulet at his neck. His belt is heavy with pouches and three shiny steel vials. A barossan broadsword and heavy steel shield are strapped to his pack.

[Garrisan: You did overhear Wrenwils last statement to Ordechai because you moved closer, but Ordechai hasn't responded yet because he was distracted by you. What do you do?]

[Wrenwil: What do you do?]

Note: Any intended aggressive actions will require an initiative roll before they can be attempted.

06-05-2015, 05:08 PM
The Old man slumps off the crate onto his rear scooting back against the gunwale. As he retreats the few scant inches he throws his hands up before his face cowering as if fearing retaliation. The blood seeping from his nose begins to drip to his chest mixing with a splattering of his recently disgorged breakfast. He shudders as he speaks "Please sirs, meant no offense, I has a hard time with boats and all." (Bluff Check: = 12) He gulps down a quick breath and curls up moaning as the boat swells again.

06-05-2015, 09:27 PM
Ordechai: (Sense Motive Check, DC 7: = 13) Narrows his gaze at the drunk Barossan and whispers to Wrenwil. -Whispers- "I think this stranger is putting on a show, what do you think?" He asks...

[Wrenwil: Make a Sense Motive Check, DC 12]

06-06-2015, 04:09 AM
[Sense Motive = 6 (+3 Wis) = 9]

~What is it with today, damn can't a guy have just a moment of peace in this arse-breathed land!~

The endless activity was starting to rub the wrong way and every second, the thought of getting off this boat grew more and more attractive. Sure, Ordechai wasn't exactly normal, but it was sinking in that normality was something Wren might have left at home. If this short guy could at least get him some of the way or point him in the right direction, then that was good news. For sure he wasn't about to fully trust the man, but maybe that could come later. Besides, Wrenwil thought to himself, he hadn't exactly been honest either...

Now this drunken fool seemed to have added himself into the mix. ~Talk about up the creek.~

Looking down at the wrecked sod, Wrenwil had no reason to doubt the explanation given. It mirrored his own feelings on the matter. This boat was bad news. Wren knew a thing or two about the effects of liquor and ale too, so had no problem in empathizing. Truth be told, he was starting to wish he'd had a few drinks beforehand as well! Something didn't quite add up though. The drunkard looked like he might be an experienced sell-sword or adventurer, what with his weaponry and mangled face telling a tale contrary to his lack of aptitude thus far.

Turning to his new half dwarven colleague, Wrenwil tried to diffuse the situation. "Ordechai, I think this man meant no harm, he is clearly having a crap day like the rest of us."

With a soft grunt, Wrenwil knelt down slowly, using his stick to keep balance and dropping to eye level with the stranger. "Looks like you've seen better days matey." Wrenwil pointed at the mans bloody nose with a soft outstretched finger and winked. "Where are you headed? I hope you can remember."

Wrenwil stood and leaned closer to Ordechai, whispering, "Lets get out of here."

06-06-2015, 11:34 AM
He swallows down another breath as the man stoops down. "Always do days of past be better then the cast of the present sir. as for my heading, death and doom sir. Death and doom." He leans forward at the mention of getting out of here. "Please sirs if you could see to taking me off this retched ship I won't trouble you long. I have a mighty need to get off this blasted river." He fingers his nose cursing at the flash of pain shooting through his head. ~Perhaps we made the fall a bit too real...~

06-06-2015, 12:08 PM
He slowly turned to follow Crusher with his attention. “My sincere apologies if I came across as such.” and he makes an understanding nod. He would do slight bow but that might be taken as further mocking if he is not careful, so better keep it simple. He stays quiet and pays attention to Crushes to see if he wants to speak on.

06-06-2015, 02:16 PM
Ania: Steps forward beside Ersun and gives him a quick look as if to say ~good job~ before she says. "Crusher, perhaps it would be better if I accompanied Ersun instead of Aesedai."

Crusher: Looks surprised. "Why should I let you take her place?"

Ania: "You told Ersun he had to demand they also take one of your agents along with him or refuse to go at all. I'm more palatable to strangers than Aesedai so the odds are better they'd agree to take me. They way I see it you have nothing to loose, unless Aesedai has special orders from you that I can't fulfill?" She asks.

Crusher: Glares, clearly unhappy about being questioned about any secret orders. He appears to decide to ignore that question and ask his own questions. "Honestly I'm surprised you would volunteer Ania. If you leave without notice it will raise quite an alarm won't it?"

Ania: "It will suffice if I give notice to my father, but obviously I won't tell him everything. I'll explain I learned about a secret mission from Izel from Ersun here, and volunteered to go with it to keep him informed, but of course I will report back to you first Crusher."

Crusher: "I don't like it, how do I know your father won't overreact and go after Izel rather than let the mission proceed?"

Ania: "Because I won't inform my father about it before I leave, I'll leave a message for him to find afterwards. I'll say I didn't get a chance to tell him in person before the fact. He probably will raise a fuss and confront Izel after he receives the message, but is that really such a bad thing? Izel may loose the trust of the council over this, and whatever weakens Izel helps you doesn't it?"

[Ersun: What do you do?]

06-07-2015, 12:39 PM
Just as the shoving with the crew starts to get serious enough for weapons to be drawn Ordechai shoves his way through to speak with the captain. They share words for a minute, prompting the captains orders to veer the riverboat towards the shore. From the looks of it, about sixteen other passengers would also prefer to make their way north into Vulkh by way of the road. The rest of them will stay on board as the boat returns to Maharatha. Ordechai makes his way back to the pair of you to collect his things.

Ordechai: Looks down to Garrisan. "We are both Barossans it would seem, but the road into Vulkh is dangerous. I am already risking a lot taking along a stranger with me, but Nik saved our lives so I owe him that much. Why should I bother with you?"

06-07-2015, 07:53 PM
Garrisan: Garrisan actually stumbles mentally over that question. ~Indeed why should he?~ He grins a bit within his own mind as he forms an idea. "You are a merchant are you not? If so then sell me passage by land to the city of our destination. How much would it cost an old soldier to stride beside thee on the road?"

06-08-2015, 01:33 AM
Ordechai: Reaches up to scratch his chin thoughtfully. "So you have coin then? Welllll that changes things! I can take you with us north into Vulkh. My price for you is ten gold pieces to start, per day were on the road. Of course that price may go up depending on circumstances... but forgoing any especially risky situations that will suffice. I'll take today's wages now if you agree to those terms?" He asks extending his good hand out with an open palm to collect his fee.

[Garrisan: What do you do?]

06-08-2015, 08:09 AM
He curiously watches their discussion. “I don’t mind, although if you do come, can I ask you to leave my name out when pointing fingers?” He says with a faint smile. “Or at least keep it out from the troublesome parts...”
Well, he figures at worst case he can always try bluffing that as far as he knew Izel worked with the blessing of the council, since warmages are not exactly the most social-savvy people. He would be more hesitant to do it in front of the chief, but maybe it would do well to further tangle the web by involving him as well. It is inevitable anyway, although if Ania writes her letter that would be sooner than most would expect. That reminds him, since this is supposed to be a secret mission, she might want to ensure it stays so even with that... Not that he himself is sure he wants to keep it a secret, it is a difficult decision. At the least he could try to sway the course of the information flow a little, maybe kill two bats with one stone.
“One thing, in all seriousness, you should be careful to keep the secret mission secret as much as you can. What if you do not write the letter to your father, but instead to someone who could have authority both over him and your assignment?”

Then again, the girl did poison and kidnap him when she should’ve been his protector, and so it is tempting to try to blow the affair out of proportions instead. If only there would be no further consequences which would affect much more than those present...

[Bardic Lore; Chief Sargen: 18]
[Mostly out of curiosity so he knows where to put him in all the intrigue]

06-08-2015, 05:57 PM
Garrisan: Garissan stairs at the half-man for a moment, simply stunned by the cost. He slips a hand into a pouch to fetch the man his money. Depositing it into Ordchai's waiting hand "for such a price I expect much, this is hardly the place or time to barter of course. There is your payment in full for this day, but before the sun sets this day we will make time to discuss the benefits and costs of this Venture." He grumbles and pulls himself to his feet, fighting the sway of the boat.

06-09-2015, 01:35 AM
Results of Bardic Lore Check________________________________

Hopefully have this for you tomorrow.


Ania: "Unfortunately Ersun I cannot guarantee any message I address to the speaker of the council, or chief Sargen himself, wont be intercepted by a spy before it is delivered into their hands. I can guarantee a message for my fathers eyes only. He might not hold authority over Izel, but he knows how to challenge him and cast reasonable doubt on him. That should be enough to seriously jeopardize his position."

Crusher: Grunts "That's settled then. Ania take these..." He says offering her a pair of polished stones. "We'll communicate through these Sending Stones. Use the grey one for daily reports and the red one for critical information."

[Sending Stones: These items usually resemble two lumps of unworked stone. Once per day, each stone in a pair can send a message (as the sending spell) to the bearer of the other stone. If the stone’s mate is not in a creature’s possession, no message is sent and the user knows the message did not go through. If either stone in a pair is destroyed, its mate becomes useless.

Moderate evocation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, sending; Price 15,000 gp (pair); Weight 1 lb.]

(Ersun: Roll a Knowledge: Arcana check, DC 15, to see if you already know how these function.)(Ersun: What do you do?)

06-09-2015, 10:35 PM
A semblance of a smile fell on Wrenwil's wrinkled and dreary face as it became clear that they were heading for shore. Perhaps Pentos was guiding fate here, for surely, if the goblin hadn't taken an interest in his pack, then this imminent opportunity to disembark may have come too late. Eying off this new, yet less than fresh Barossan chap and the transaction underway brought more questions to his mind. ~Ten gold! Either Ordechai is a most valued and experienced guide, or a respectful yet ambitious con.~

He studied the man more closely as the deal was made, pleased with his age, perhaps something in common might make the road less harsh. ~Better an old drunkard than a young ambitious fool.~

At an appropriate time in their discussion, Wrenwil extended his hand, "The name's Nik."

06-10-2015, 01:49 AM
As the riverboat beaches itself against the bank two of the sailors leap unto the shore holding mooring ropes and heavy stakes. They hastily do their best to anchor the boat against the currents pull, but three is no guarantee it will hold for long.

As two gangplanks are laid out and there is a rush to get all those off who plan to disembark. (Including yourselves) There is a great deal of swearing and clumsiness as some goods get dropped into the river and one man gets drenched.

After a few tense minutes everyone manages to get to shore safely however, and the captain shouts "Good luck!" as the mooring ropes are cut and the riverboat is quickly carried away downstream.

Around you the other passengers are busying their preparations for the walk ahead. The bank of the Orosis river between The Kingdom of Maharatha and the Kingdom of Vulkh is a barren no-mans land with a road that is rarely patrolled and un maintained. You are approximately midway bewteen the northern mountains of Maharatha (http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/OverlandMapofKingdomofMaharatha.png~original) and the southern mountains of Vulkh (http://i1345.photobucket.com/albums/p662/crowsontheskulls/World%20of%20Sion/Maps/OverlandMapofKingdomofVulkh_zps06c08861.png~origin al). With a regular walking pace it should require three days to reach the southern most town in Vulkh known as Tabba (#14 on the Map of Vulkh).

A strong, hot, blustery wind blows over you, forcing sweat on your brows even this early, hours before the sun will near its zenith. To the west lies the vast Thayamar Desert, a dry wasteland of shifting sands and stony hills that is quite dangerous to traverse. It would certainly be wiser to use the road and stay close to the fresh water supply the river offers. Intermittent crops of palm trees and thorny shrubs line the river banks, occasionally offering the odd berry or fruit to the weary traveler. Further south the waters are filled with dangerous crocodiles and alligators, but near the desert, away from the southern jungles, there is less meat to hunt and the larger reptiles are rare.

Besides the crate with the goblin, Ordechai has a pair of trained hogs who carry the rest of his goods. They are large enough to serve as mounts in fact, but their tusks are capped in protective sheathes and they are fairly docile. Each of them has a large silver ring fitted through their nostrils. Ordechai fills a tin bucket with river water and pours it into shallow bowls of feed making pig slop to feed the beasts while he rubs each hog behind the ears affectionately.

Ordechai: Catches your looks and explains. "I've raised these hogs since they were wild piglets. I killed their mother during a hunt and it didn't seem right to leave em to die. They're smarter than asses and capable of carrying loads up rocky trails that'd probably break a mules leg!" He says admiringly.

Now that you have a minute to take stock of the other travelers you see the following. A trio of Neferese slavers holding six Maharathan slaves in chains... a lone Mgorongoron man in very colorful garments carrying a double-sided drum and a very fancy stringed instrument called a Kora... two Katanese warriors carrying long bows and Naginatas, a pair of very old hill dwarves with riding ponies... and a young Akhenaten couple. It was the Mgorongoron man who slipped off the gangplank and got drenched. Nevertheless he is laughing to himself in good spirits wringing out his shirt to dry the strings of his Kora. (You cant help but note there are several scars across his back and shoulders from a whip, and the Neferese slavers are actually pointing and sneering, but the darker man pays them no heed)

[Garrisan, Wrenill: What do you do?]

06-10-2015, 05:27 PM
“It is sad that you don’t have anyone else to trust...” He comments to Ania and keeps an eye out to see where she puts the stones. They are handy little trinkets, although expensive ones.

“So, where do we meet after I learn how and where the sending will take place, or are you going to shadow my steps? And what do we do in case someone wants to see me off?” He would like to go through technicalities like these before they actually part ways and he can get a little rest, and put his mind onto sorting these out.

[Arcana Knowledge; Sending Stones: 18]

06-10-2015, 07:02 PM
With two feet and walking stick firmly planted on the ground, Wrenwil was pleased. His significant time spent aboard ships and rivercraft of late was not without side effect however. Although still and carefully eying the mismatched group on the riverbank, his sense of balance was just a touch out of whack, as though his mind was still attempting to counter the continual movement at his feet, despite their resting place on solid earth. ~It will pass soon enough.~

No doubt about it, this was going to be a hell of a walk. Walking meant time to think, things to see and maybe just maybe a little time to... ~mmm.~ At first sight of Ordechai's hogs the instinct was ~excellent! He brought food!~. Seeing the way he tended them however, and the short explanation offered, Wrenwil was surprised, but also a little more at ease. The gruff fellow was growing on him, and despite the finger-cracking, seemed to have a respect for life, even if it were to be in piggish servitude. He looked to Ordechai, adjusted his trusty hat and politely asked "How may I assist? If they are companions of yours, then I shall share in the duties." He then waved an arm around the large congregation and addressed his two would-be companions, "Shall we see if anyone else would like to accompany us? Strength in numbers? Or shall we keep it lean and tight?"

Wrenwil was conscious of keeping the cards close to his chest, too early to expose too much of his hand. The rising heat and potential for exhaustion or worse was high on his mind. Tonight, he needed prayer and rest, Pentos would take care of the rest. He wanted to tell Ordechai of the services he might be able to offer to ensure their survival, but not now...~when the time is right.~

06-10-2015, 07:38 PM
Garrisan: Once ashore he stretches and seems to regain his balence and adopts an easy stance. " I doubt any of them could afford our hosts fee" He looks around surveying his surroundings. "Nother day, another rode" He sighs sadly.

06-10-2015, 09:58 PM
Ordechai: -Answers Wrenwil- "I appreciate the offer, but nothing comes to mind right now except keeping your eyes and ears open. Out here in no mans land you shouldn't trust anyone!"

After feeding the hogs Ordechai fills the bucket again from the river before he opens the crate holding the goblin and grimaces from the stench. "Gah! You never get any cleaner do you?!" He complains dumping the river water over the creatures head. The goblin groans and clambers out soaking wet, dressed in nothing but filthy rags tied around its waist with a plain rope belt with a single pouch. A collar is shackled around its neck (that would normally serve as a manacle for a medium-sized humanoid) with a chain extending about eight feet long. Ordechai grabs the chain and secures it to a metal ring in his belt.

The goblin would stand about four feet tall if it raised itself to its full height, but for now it is hunches over miserably cradling its hurt hand hissing at the half dwarf. It's skin is ochre-orange in shade with dull yellow eyes and yellowed clawed fingers with wiry black hair tufting up from its forearms and chest. There is hair on its head as well but its been badly trimmed tufting up oddly in patches on its skull. Ordechai yanks once on the chain to get the goblins attention. "Say hello to our traveling companions Bax." He says gesturing at the pair of you with his hook.

Bax: Glares up at the pair of you hatefully, bearing small fangs and exclaims... -Speaking Common- "Go to hell!"

[Garrisan, Wrenwil: What do you do?]

06-11-2015, 02:16 AM
"Bax, little man, I'm pleased to meet you too." Wrenwil bowed as though greeting a noble, just to rub it in a bit. "If I'm not mistaken, hell is most likely dangerously close for all of us."

Turning to the sobering old soldier, Wrenwil tried once again, "It seems I know the name of our goblin companion, but as yet, yours escapes me. What brings you to these parts?"

06-11-2015, 05:58 PM
“It is sad that you don’t have anyone else to trust...” He comments to Ania and keeps an eye out to see where she puts the stones. They are handy little trinkets, although expensive ones.

“So, where do we meet after I learn how and where the sending will take place, or are you going to shadow my steps? And what do we do in case someone wants to see me off?” He would like to go through technicalities like these before they actually part ways and he can get a little rest, and put his mind onto sorting these out.

[Arcana Knowledge; Sending Stones: 18]

__________________________________________________ ____________________

[Ersun: You see her put the sending stones in a hidden pocket somewhere in her robes.]

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Ania: "We know where the scouts were found, it's likely they'll lead you back there because they are surface dwellers, unfamiliar with our caverns, how could they lead you anywhere else? I'll hide myself there and wait for you to show up with the scouts. Unfortunately I can only imagine Izel escorting Ersun personally if he sends anyone at all."

Crusher: "Aesedai could handle a fight... but perhaps the two of you want some extra muscle nearby just in case?"

Ania: Shakes her head. "I think that's a bad idea. We don't want to spook the emissary from Masaeus with thugs lurking in the shadows. If Izel escorts Ersun so be it. Technically Ersun isn't a warmage yet and Izel isn't in charge of tribal security, my father is. Izel isn't stupid enough to lay a finger on me, and he doesn't have the authority to demand Ersun to stop anymore than he had the authority to demand him to go in the first place."

Crusher: -Looks to Ersun- "Are you prepared for that Ersun? Are you committed to going with the emissary even if it's Izel himself cursing you as a traitor? What if he tries to stop you? What will you do?"

06-11-2015, 11:26 PM
Garrisan: He looks at the pitiful little monster clicking his tongue at it. He then turns to look at Wrenwil; regarding him up and down before answering. "You may, good Hero, name me as you wish. I am not but an old man searching for Death." he gives a three quarters bow.

06-12-2015, 01:13 AM
Wrenwil found the answer to his simple question a little unusual, amusing in fact.

He would try again later perhaps when the man had properly sobered and maybe loosened up a touch. Politely, he smiled and returned the bow. "Then for now, I name you 'Friend', I hope it remains that way. If you are old, then I indeed am also well past my prime, perhaps even closer to the final days than you?" It was hard to tell. Wren had had a pretty simple life, so could possibly be mistaken for being a touch younger. This Barossan though, he had clearly seem some hard days, and no doubt they have prematurely had their price.

Turning to Ordechai and his preparations, Wrenwil got his attention momentarily and asked "What do you make of this mob? See anyone worth inviting along? It is possible the Akhenaten couple may share my destination, but I am not fond of babysitting and interrupting a honeymoon in the sands. The slavers I'd rather... leave alone perhaps. The other man though, the wet one... what do you make of him? I'm ready when you are boss, my waterskin is full and my legs are back to normal."

06-12-2015, 09:23 PM
Ordechai: Shrugs. -Answers Wrenwil- "Everyone is on foot and no one looks to be in a particular hurry. We'll likely all end up traveling together anyway unless we deliberately try to outdistance the others or hang back and let them outdistance us. Neither one of those options is particularly wise, because as you pointed out already, there is usually more safety in numbers."

"Once we reach Tabba however the group will likely split up. Some will head inland towards Cabarda while others keep on the river road north to Masaeus. While we are resting and resupplying I should have no trouble learning whats happening in Masaeus from from my contacts there. I may even find out sooner if we're lucky."

"There is a waystop two days north of us known as 'The Restless Sands'. I wouldn't recommend taking shelter there, but it's usually safe enough to have a drink and a meal before we move on. On occassion I have crossed paths with other traders there, but we will have to wait and see for now."

Bax: -Speaking Common- "I'm hungry!"

Ordechai: Looks down at the Goblin and scowls. "What makes you think you deserve anything? You tried to steal from Nik and then you told him to go to hell!"

Bax: Glares. "I was looking for food!"

Ordecahi: Smirks "You'd eat twice your weight per day if you could you little bastard. Tell you what, I'll let Nik decide if you eat or not? I think he should tell you to go to hell so you learn a lesson about respect! ...but that's his choice. What do you say Nik?"

Meanwhile, the Mgorongoron man with the instrument walks over to Garrisan and introduces himself as Motimbe.

Motimbe: -Speaking Common- "Hello sir, you have quite the fierce look to you. I bet you have an interesting story to share about how you were scarred so badly? I am a bard you see so stories are my trade. I would be happy to write a song about you if you shared yours with me as we walk?"

06-13-2015, 06:46 AM
After witnessing the brutal punishment dished out on the snively little soul aboard the boat, Wrenwil could only feel compassion and empathy. "It was an unpleasant trip, I say the little man eats. Better to start a long walk with a warm belly and a positive attitude."

Crouching to help make the goblin feel less intimidated, he added, "If you behave, we can remove the pain in your hand... later."

06-13-2015, 09:43 AM
He glances at them and crosses his arms. “I will be fine so long as Ania can hold up her act as well. It seems there is a risk of making enemies whatever I do in this situation.” He shrugs and waits to see if there is more to discuss.

06-14-2015, 04:44 PM
Ordechai: Chuckles "Guess it's your lucky day Bax!" He says reaching into a belt pouch removing a handful of jerky.

Bax: Moves closer eagerly using his good hand to reach for the jerky.

Ordechai: Moves his hand up and away for a moment. "What do you say?!" He asks.

Bax: Grunts "Please!"

Ordechai nods and hands him the jerky. Bax immediately stuffs his mouth hungrily. After a few minutes of manic chewing Bax burps loudly.

Ordechai: Shakes his head. "Now what else do you say Bax?" Ordechai asks sternly.

Bax: Looks to Wrenwil and mutters. "Thank you."

Ordechai: Smiles. "Good!"

Meanwhile the rest of the crowd starts moving towards the road, led first by the Hill Dwarves on their riding ponies. Ordechai takes in a deep breath and says "Time to go!" before he steps over to his hogs picking up their lead rope (which is about the same length as Bax's chain) and moves to follow the dwarves.

[Garrisan, Wrenwil: What do you do?]

06-14-2015, 05:19 PM
Crusher: Nods appreciatively of Ersuns observation. "You are new to this game Ersun but you learn quickly. Anytime one grasps for power at the expense of someone else, one makes enemies..." He says lifting the bloodied severed up a little higher for emphasis. "...Of course anyone who desires power usually believes they deserve it. And yet it is rarely the deserving who gain power... it is usually those willing to do whatever it takes who end up on top!"

Ania: Steps beside Ersun once again and you can sense a mood of disgust and restlessness in her body language, though she keeps those feelings out of her voice very well. "With your permission Crusher we will go now? I'll show Ersun the way out."

Crusher: Lowers the head back into the bowl of blood and nods slowly. "You may go. Report back to me as soon as you reach your destination."

Ania: Nods and makes a slight bow before she leads the way towards one of the chambers three exits.

[Ersun: What do you do?]

06-14-2015, 07:42 PM
It was impressive, the goblin had been trained to speak in a polite tone and express almost human mannerism. It was unlikely that Bax actually meant any of it. Wrenwil was starting to fathom that Ordechai might indeed have a few hidden talents, a way of forcing allegiance through stimulus and response? Intimidation? He looked forward to learning more on the journey ahead.

Walking beside Ordechai, Wrenwil began his slightly meanderous walk, the walking stick touching the earth in repetition, tap, tap, tap. Every fifty yards or so he would pause and look behind, checking on any passengers following them and scanning the surrounds for anything which might construe bad news.

06-15-2015, 10:38 AM
Garrisan: He watches the three of them interact, starting as he realizes that he has been approached and spoken too silently cursing himself for his lapse in perception. He turns to look blinking several times at the man before speaking. "I'm sorry, you seem to have caught me at a disadvantage. What was it you asked?"

06-16-2015, 01:37 AM
Motimbe: Laughs good-naturedly at Garrisan. "I said I am a bard, a storyteller! I have traveled all the way from Mgorongoro seeking new stories. Would you share yours with me so I can write a song about you? Believe me folks back home are quite interested in the happenings of this region."

He says wringing out his shirt before he dons it again, veiling his scarred back once more as he hangs his Kora from a strap on his shoulder.

[Garrisan: What do you do?]

__________________________________________________ _______

As Ordechai gets the hogs moving Wrenwil, Bax has to walk much more briskly to keep up with your longer strides dragging the chain across the ground as he does so. You also easily notice how the hill dwarves ahead of you occasionally glance back at you with dirty looks and disapproving stares.

Ordechai: Chuckles. "Don't worry Nik, it is me they're staring at. It's obvious those two don't approve of my Goblin slave. They likely hail from somewhere in Vulkh, where they say the only good goblin is a dead goblin! My kin in Barossa are a little more open minded, and skilled, when it comes to our skills in animal handling and domestication! (Bluff Check: = 5)

Wrenwil: (Fate Pool Check for Sense Motive vs. Ordechai's Bluff: = 20, Success)

As Ordechai speaks you detect falsehood in his words, and not so much about what he said but what he didn't say. Though you may not be totally familiar with local ways, your gut tells you that Ordechai is ignoring the real cause for the Hill Dwaraves to regard him with such scorn and suspicion. Though of course you currently have no idea what that cause would be?

[Wrenwil: What do you do?]

[Garrisan: Roll a Spot Check, DC 13, to see if you notice the dirty looks from the Hill Dwarves, even though you are currently hanging back while Motimbe is trying to pull you into conversation. You may also roll a Listen Check, DC 13, to overhear what Ordechai just said to Wrenwil.]

06-16-2015, 09:02 AM
Ersun also makes a very slight bow to crusher and goes along with Ania. He quietly inspects the way they are going for a bit before speaking to her.
“What made you volunteer really?”
He is still not really sure what to make of her, so any conversation would be of help. Especially since he will likely have other tasks at hand once they are on the surface. He cannot help but sigh when thinking about how troublesome everything is going to be, and somewhat regrets his decision to say yes to Izel.

06-17-2015, 08:20 PM
Something was definitely off, like the smell of a rat. Wrenwil had forgotten in which book he'd read about it, or even if he had made it all the way to the last page, dwarves. One thing was clear though, either the idea of a half-dwarf and an old human walking together was unsettling, or some other cultural and political game was a play. Then again, maybe they just didn't like the look of them. Wrenwil considered the option of picking his nose with a middle finger, smiled and decided against it. "Ordechai, we better keep an eye on that lot, they mean trouble. Two of them, four of us, a trick up our sleeve, nothing to worry about."

OOC: I'm experiencing a lot of database errors with the site at the moment. I can't do Advanced replies and sometimes quick replies are also greeted to an error message. Hopefully fixed soon? If I can't reply at any point I'll PM Narayan over at MW.

06-19-2015, 02:08 AM
As you near the exit of Crusher's throne room Ania responds to you in a low whisper. "I volunteered because you'd be in twice as much trouble if some mercenary ***** went along with you instead of me. We may not know each other well, but we are both underfolk from the same tribe. We should look out for each other, and the tribe."

At the exit of the throne room is an shadowy antechamber with broad stairs leading downwards flanked by what looks like two suits of armor on display holding polearms. As you move between the armor the helmets suddenly swivel and the armor moves!

Anticipating your surprise Ania grabs your arm to prevent from you doing anything rash.

Ania: -Whispers- "Keep walking! These are Crushers sentinels."

Past the antechamber you descend into a labyrinthine network of tunnels, dimly lit by more sconces. Intermittently, side chambers branch off the tunnels containing crypts barred by beautifully worked, silver-plated, wrought iron gates with the names of each duergar family at rest inside chiseled into the stone above it. Behind you, the heavy footfalls of the sentinels follow a few paces behind.

Ania: -Whispers- "They are undead of some sort. I confirmed this once with magic, but they have the scent of old death about them anyway if you haven't already noticed?"

[Ersun: What do you do?]

06-19-2015, 12:14 PM
Garissan: Garissan laughs loudly. "Ah, well then, what you might not be noticeing about me under these scars is the wrinkles, you sure you want to hear the long and over exaggerated stories of an old man remembering the "good ol times"?" He continues to walk along behind the others with the bard, oblivious for now about the rest of the caravan.

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06-20-2015, 12:00 PM
He smirks at her use of language and quietly responds. “That is surprisingly responsible and patriotic.”
When they reach the guardians he does get surprised by their movement and can’t help but hasten his steps a bit and glance backwards as they pass.
He tries to memorise the route they take, and he whispers back while they are walking through the tenebrous tunnels: “I figured he survived so far by prudent hiding, but those things are rather eye-catching. Why are they following us?”

06-20-2015, 02:16 PM
Something was definitely off, like the smell of a rat. Wrenwil had forgotten in which book he'd read about it, or even if he had made it all the way to the last page, dwarves. One thing was clear though, either the idea of a half-dwarf and an old human walking together was unsettling, or some other cultural and political game was a play. Then again, maybe they just didn't like the look of them. Wrenwil considered the option of picking his nose with a middle finger, smiled and decided against it. "Ordechai, we better keep an eye on that lot, they mean trouble. Two of them, four of us, a trick up our sleeve, nothing to worry about."

Ordechai: Comments to Wrenwils remark. "I've dealt with dangerous and dishonorable dwarves before..." He says with deep bitterness. "...but these two don't strike me as that type. More likely they are just judgmental and petty."

Garissan: Garissan laughs loudly. "Ah, well then, what you might not be noticeing about me under these scars is the wrinkles, you sure you want to hear the long and over exaggerated stories of an old man remembering the "good ol times"?" He continues to walk along behind the others with the bard, oblivious for now about the rest of the caravan.

Motimbe: "There's an old proverb where I come from... 'If one wants to learn the best paths through the forest, follow an old gorilla.' ...You have the look of a warrior, surely there is much you can speak of about battle and conflict in this region?" He asks.

~~( Hey whats the rolz.org room again? @_@)~~

(Enter your character name as your user name, enter DDS 211 as the room name. No password required.)

06-20-2015, 07:56 PM
Ania: -Whispers- "Crusher disguises his identity only when he wants to keep his enemies guessing. Here in his inner sanctum there is no need to put on a farce. Look around you Ersun, these catacombs are all that remains of the grand halls of a once great and powerful Duergar stronghold. Crusher keeps his throne down here precisely because he wants us to be awestruck. He knows poor tribesman like us have never seen such beautiful works of architecture. Crusher's vanity is only matched by his pride in this regard. He wants us to feel small and insignificant so we'll respect and fear him more."

"I don't know where Crusher gained the power to create undead, but he has many allies I'm not aware of. These sentinels only patrol the lower levels of his hideout as far as I can tell. I imagine they are tasked to preserve and protect the integrity of these crypts. They won't follow us into the upper levels of his hideout that aren't so well preserved."

"There are areas of the lower levels the sentinels won't permit us to enter, but I try anyway on occasion. They appear to be slow moving at least, so there's a chance we might ditch them if we ran, but of course we shouldn't risk it."

Ania seems fairly familiar with these catacombs and you make quick progress. After several minutes you arrive at a four way intersection lit up by sconces with a broad stairwell and a ramp leading up on the other side. Two more sentinels stand guard here blocking both side tunnels. From one tunnel, faint echo's of horrible screams and hideous laughter can ever so faintly be heard. From the other, a rhythmic pounding and clanging of metalwork lingers in the air.

Ania: Gestures to the stairwell across the intersection "This is the exit."

[Ersun: What do you do?]

06-20-2015, 09:25 PM
Garrisan: He laughs a bit at the simple logic. "That is a good saying but you have found the a gorilla in a forest not his own, follow me and surly you will be more lost then when you started." He grins reaching into his pack for some jerky to eat.

06-21-2015, 09:19 PM
Wrenwil listened in on the soldier and the bard behind him, hoping perchance to glean some information about the sobering man. The guy was still drunk and not particularly forthcoming. So far it seemed few words had been spoken. As he shuffled along the road with the half-dwarf to his side, it dawned on him that they were probably safe, for the time being.

It was time to delicately tap, to crack the nut and see what really lay beneath.

"Ordechai, I must say I am most grateful for your escort in these lands. This has been a most long journey for my soul so far, and I admit, rarely do I venture from comfort. Don't mean to pry, but may I ask what is your trade, your love, your reason for walking towards danger? I hope there is far more than just comforting an old man on his way to a friend. At my age, time seems to accelerate, time becomes a most precious commodity that few can afford. If we must walk this long path together, let us get to know each other a little? My home is far away, so far I can barely remember its name, an old friend offered an opportunity to meet, to tempt me out into the world. You see, I am a pious man, I fear god and all wrong that comes with men and their unnecessary violence. Yet, as a believer, I am not a good one, you see the drunkard behind us? Many a day I have spent with head spinning and awoken to the stench of mine own breath. Indeed, I have sinned many a time, done wrong and succumbed. Yet, on this fateful day I strike luck, straighten a boat, and meet the most interesting of men."

He paused a moment, checking that those behind were safe and all was well.

"I have respect for a man of compassion, one who walks with four legged friend as you. Tell me, how did you train them? Bax, he is most interesting also, from where did you find him? I have not had the pleasure of seeing such folk with mine own eyes before! Can he be trusted? Do you perchance mind if I ask my gods to heal his hand, perhaps to befriend him. I have learned today afterall, that friends are not always the ones you expect."

There, he'd done it, revealed just a little in the hope of seeing if Ordechai might spill a little, even the tiniest grains of information would at least provide for amusement.

[Pre emptive listen check eavesdropping on Garrisan. 17 (+3) = 20]

06-22-2015, 05:58 AM
He nods understandingly as she explains. He eyes the sentries suspiciously as they get to the stairway, and even more so the tunnel of hideous noises. “Well then, shall we?” He nods towards the stairs and gets going, expecting her to come along. “What is the time currently? I happened to miss out a few moments due to some unfortunate events.” He turns to her and rubs his beard as he thinks about what to do until they get going.

06-22-2015, 03:00 PM
Garrisan: The old man that is actually completely sober and hasn't drunk at all this day, although he is suffering from a hangover, he is walking and speaking like another other and is hardly worthy of the note Drunkard. "Well then Bard, I am thinking perhaps a trade. Why don't you tell me your name and some of your story and then I shall respond in kind, yes?"

06-22-2015, 10:46 PM
Ordechai: "Compassion is indeed a rare thing in these lands. I know from experience..." He mutters. "I am a humble wanderer and trader of goods. My mother was a whore who abandoned me on the steps of an orphanage in Casalan city. As a half dwarf my odds of adoption were slim to none, so every time one of my boyhood friends found a home I grew a little sadder, a little meaner. However one day an older, half mad woman paid a good price for me. She wanted a strong young boy to help her tend her farm on the outskirts of the Urzuq hills."

"Her name was Claudia. An ugly, bitter, demented, and demanding woman she was more of a taskmaster than a parent. I lived with her until my early teenage years, working day and night on menial chores. As the only other living soul on her remote parcel of land I was very lonely, so naturally I took to forming friendships with the animals I cared for. That's where my talent for training beasts comes from you see."

"One night I woke to the sound of voices in our small cabin. There were men inside, jokingly referring to her as 'crazy-Claudia' in a rudely familiar way, yet this time she actually seemed to enjoy it. She fed them a hot meal and told them to help themselves to our cache of foodstuffs stored beneath the floorboards. In return they paid her some coin and had their way with her, at her request, before promising to return in a fortnight."

"It was dark but I remember the men were rough looking and dangerous, likely bandits living in the hills somewhere nearby. I inquired about them the next day, prompting a beating, so I stopped asking questions. The visits continued, always late after the moon rose while I pretended to sleep. Eventually I learned the names of all the voices and general details about their lives. They were bandits indeed, preying on the influx of Gallian immigrants entering the blossoming Kingdom of Barossa."

"At first I hated them, but eventually their stories fascinated me. I fantasized about life as an outlaw, imagining how adventurous and exciting it must be. That all changed one dark night when one of those bandits collapsed on our doorstep, badly wounded and bleeding out. I recognized him as one of the regular visitors named Borus. This time I did not pretend to sleep and helped Claudia drag him inside. She was handy with home-remedies and needle and thread, but there was nothing we could do to save his life. He only lived long enough to speak of what happened."

"Apparently he and some other bandits shadowed a trio of dwarven traders heading for Belandrao Mountain. Normally bandits avoided going after dwarves, yet something they carried this time was too tempting to resist. However, once they attacked they realized these dwarves were nothing like usual traders. These 'bearded devils' as he called them, possessed deadly magic items and weapons that easily turned the fight in their favor, while also being cruel to the extreme."

"Borus was the only one to escape with his life. He made his way to our cabin because it was closer than their hideout, but also because he was so fond of Claudia he chose to die their in her arms instead of out in the cold, alone. Unfortunately for us, his trail of blood allowed his killers to track him straight too us..."

Ordechai trails off as if he's decided he'd rather not speak further about it.

[Wrenwil: What do you do?][Garrisan: You need to make another DC 13 Listen Check to overhear what Ordechai just said.]

06-24-2015, 01:14 AM
The pair of you ascend the stairs together and reach a heavy iron-plated gate lit up by two sconces. Although locked fast and solidly braced, Ania points out a smaller gate the size of a regular door cut into one of the larger ones. This smaller gate has its own lock and a viewing port with a sliding steel plate.

Ania: "Let me do the talking. Crusher's gatekeeper is a moody fellow who will have you clobbered to death if you speak rudely or disobey his rules..." Ania steps forward to the view port and uses the butt of her dagger to rap three times on the steel plate.

A few moments pass before the view port slides open revealing a wire mesh, behind which is a dimly lit Goblins face?! The creature speaks with a raspy voice highly advanced in age.

Goblin: -Speaking Goblin- "A pleeeeeeasure as always to see you Ania!" He says with a perverse flick of his tongue before his reddish eyes flick over in Ersuns direction "Oh look, that poor unconscious fool you carried in earlier is awake now!" It adds with a cackle.

Ania: -Speaking Goblin-"He's helping me with an errand for Crusher. Would you open up please Vakus we don't have much time."

Vakus: Huffs. "You know the rules Ania! First show me your key!"

Ania: Produces a key and holds it up to the grate.

Vakus: Peers at it closely for a moment until he's satisfied. "Very well. Use your key." He says before slamming the porthole closed.

Ania: Inserts her key into the small doors lock and twists it clockwise twice until two clicks are heard. Meanwhile you hear more locks open on the other side of the door. Ania reaches for it and gives it a good shove to force it open on squeaky hinges. "Whatever you do Ersun..." She whispers to you in undercommon before stepping through the door. "...don't say anything rude."

[Ersun: What do you do?]

06-24-2015, 03:04 AM
He listened intently to every word the half-dwarf muttered, attempting to absorb every detail, every nuance, run the facts against what he might know or believe, just in case the information came in handy later.

"Ordechai, I am most sorry to hear of your early days, the struggle and violence. Yet the past makes the man I believe, and for all you have endured, it is most pleasurable to have met you. Thank you for opening to me a little. My story, indeed, is not nearly so bold nor interesting. In fact, my tale is most the reverse. You see, my parents were wealthy folk, never a care in the world, so I grew to be a selfish and impersonable young man. I was hated and scorned, useless and awash with no hunger to succeed. They sent me to pray, to become holy, in the hope it might heal me, create a man of worth and honor and belief. It worked, a little at least, but the best years of my life were wasted, confessing, being hit with cane and learning, always learning, yet never to use this knowledge."

"And so I grow old, and with age not only do weak bones come, but also regret. So now, in my final years, I seek life and adventure."

Wrenwil rested a moment, he was placing great trust in this man, rarely, almost never would he speak of days gone by.

"This... object, that the dwarven traders to Belandrao Mountain concealed, do you have any idea what it was? Did Borus unveil more truth in his final moments... that perhaps you are comfortable to speak? From your silence on the end, I offer my apologies dear friend, for Claudia and all you have seen. I see now, why you place your trust in hogs and creatures, beings that are true to themselves, and will not deceive you."

06-24-2015, 04:08 PM
Ordechai: "Trust me friend, your better off not knowing the answer to those questions, unless you want burns like this?" He says gesturing to his face before he changes the subject."I was never very religious, but I do respect the faiths of good people, so long as they aren't pushy. Which faith do you follow Nik, if you don't mind me asking?"

Meanwhile, Motimbe responds to Garrisans inquiry.

Motimbe: Laughs. "Bards hate talking about themselves, we're much more interested in everyone else, but I will indulge you out of fairness. I lived most of my life as a teacher and a tutor for the children of a Mgorongoron warlord, until that warlord was violently deposed. It is tradition in Mgorongoro to kill all the servants of former warlords, less they hold grudges against the usurper, so I fled for my life. I've been abroad ever since, and it'll likely be several years yet before I work up the courage to return home."

[Garrisan & Wrenwil: What do you do?]

06-25-2015, 12:03 AM
Wrenwil noted Ordechai's response with great interest.

"I hail from the lands of Chival my friend, and as such was ushered into the churches of Pentos at a young age. As far as religion goes, I was blessed to at least serve a belief which is law abiding, with prevalence in justice, knowledge and the building of community. This of course was a long time ago, and although many times I have strayed from the path, it at times seems to take care of me and those around, such as on the boat I suppose. There is no doubt that perhaps justice... is something you may well dream of or wish to taste after all that has wronged you. I am not here to preach, or sway people's belief, yet I offer service where, and when it is required."

His earlier rib injury was beginning to trouble him, tightening, and each step on the road became more and more annoying. ~I will tend to this and the goblin's hand tonight.~

"We should call the soldier and wandering musician over to talk with us yes? We should learn more of those who we may have by our side for quite a while. Actually, I'm curious, what do you recommend as the most effective way to send a message in these parts? Just a short note advising my friends of my delay? I assume that no such service is easily offered in the more inhabited lands we head for?"

06-25-2015, 01:39 AM
Ordechai: "No offense to your ethos Nik but justice is just another word for vengeance. A fools quest has no end. Nothing I do will bring back Borus or Claudia, or make me forget the pain of my own face burning. I must say I value survival above justice."

"However that is not to say I am unfamiliar with rage and hate. I would give anything to choke the life of out of those responsible for my disfigurement..." He says raising his arms with emphasis of mock display and stares at his hook with foolish realization. "...though choke is probably the wrong word, I think you understand what I mean..." He says with a deep sigh.

"As for your other question, there are a few means to deliver messages quickly in these lands. Primary among those is the usual messenger on horseback. I'd suggest you hire a rider sanctioned by the messengers guild. They cost more yes, but the likelihood of success is greater and they will always treat your correspondence with the utmost privacy and respect."

"More expensive than a rider is a message delivered by way of the wizards guild. These messages can be delivered between major towns and cities with little delay. The cost varies depending on the length and form of the message. Verbal messages are the cheapest. Physical scrolls cost more because a magical creature might be summoned to deliver it in place of a rider, or they may even be teleported at an exorbitant expense. Unfortunately the wizards guild in Vulkh are closely watched and highly corrupt. I wouldn't trust any message with them you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with your worst enemy."

"The third option is using a smuggler. Smugglers are very useful in difficult circumstances, such as getting a message into a fort under siege for instance. Their vast network of contacts, and talent for skulduggery, makes it possible for them to bypass many obstacles that would otherwise hinder an honest messenger. Besides that, they stake their reputation on every job they take so you can be certain they will succeed or die trying."

"Out here in no mans land, a smuggler may be your only option until we reach Tabba. I can put in a word with the owner of the 'Restless Sands' when we reach it if you wish?"

06-25-2015, 06:22 AM
"No offense taken dear Ordechai, you may always speak your mind with me. Religion is merely another way to weave governance, power or corruption over the people. It is true, yet, at least with governance in Chival, comes duty and respect. Survival, like you say is something I also respect, it has been a long journey for me, and much needed to be learned along the way. The simple things, food, fire, the elements, navigation, can take a life as easily as bloodied sword."

"If you have trust in this owner at Sands which never Rest, then I would be most grateful if you could put in a word for me. My assumption would be that this is not a cheap enterprise?"

06-26-2015, 04:27 PM
Ordechai: "As a rule, smugglers aren't cheap but their price depends on their reputation and experience. Also, don't get me wrong, I do not trust the owner of the Restless Sands... he is devious and crooked and would sell us all out to bandits if he thinks there's profit in it. But as you can tell, I do not put on airs of being wealthy, and neither do you, or him..." He gestures jerking his thumb back at the Barossan Drunk. "...so it is more likely he'll sell his services to us rather than betray us."

"I have heard ideals of duty and chivalry are a way of life in Chival. I also know the church of Pentos originated there. Some of the Gallian immigrants, who now consider themselves Barossan, follow the Gallian Church of Pentos. Forgive me I am not well versed in history, but I understand a holy war was fought between your original church and the Gallian 'pretenders' that lasted for over two centuries?" He asks with obvious curiosity.

"Oh!" He adds suddenly "I just remembered something. Some time ago I acquired a very old tome that appears to be written in ancient Chivalan. I've been carrying it with me for month's but since nobody in these lands can read it nobody wants to buy it. I'll sell it to you cheap if you think its something you would be interested in?" He asks.

06-26-2015, 11:23 PM
~Mmm, betrayal. Not something I am used to. I shall word my message most carefully should this deal be made.~

"I am most grateful for your advice Ordechai, let us see what the current mood is in these Restless Sands, and perhaps if the timing is right, I shall prepare a short message."

"Oh the war indeed, it forms much of the history and reading our aspiring priests are forced to digest. There was much blood spilled. It is a sad tale, and to be honest one that I struggle with, violence not always being the best option perhaps... then again, sometimes you have to do, what you have to do right? It was almost a blessing that the Angul's forced our followers to begrudgingly reunite. I believe faith should achieve good things and avoid such horrid loss of life. You can call me devout yet cynical, perhaps from the old age."

He wanted to talk a little more on this, as he was surprised by the polite and intellectual conversation that this fellow was offering. ~Don't judge a tome by it's bindings hehe. ~

Upon mention of the tome, Wrenwil's ears perked up.

"Ordechai, you are a most observant man. Books you see, are my weakness," he winked at half dwarf.

"What have you got there? I'm intrigued! If the contents are of interest to you, I am more than happy to translate or narrate the main points for you. Let me see what it is, and I'll tell you what mysteries you are carrying. Of course, I will pay you most fairly."

06-27-2015, 04:00 AM
He crosses his arms and grunts in response to Ania. It seems like she already developed a peculiar image of him, but he lets its slide this time and obliges. He will keep quiet and will just be a silent observer.

06-28-2015, 03:27 AM
Ordechai: Steps back to the hogs and murmurs soothing words to them as he quickly rummages through a few of his packs. "Aha!" He says removing a heavy leather-wrapped object. "An old blind beggar with a bloody bandage wrapped over his eyes traded this to me for a berelle of my finest Tejj..." He says placing the wrapped tome in your hands which is heavier than you anticipated. "...He said he didn't need it anymore and it deserved a new owner. It was kind of odd actually the way he said it, almost as if the tome itself had a soul or some such?..." Ordechai muses.

As you unwrap the tome you see it is literally bound in steel plate with hinges along the binding. The metal is badly tarnished with knicks, dents and scratches marring its finish. The cover was likely once beautifully engraved and painted, yet centuries of age has eroded the details down to a rough relief of a sword behind a shield. There is no legible writing on the cover, but the shape of the sword and shield definitely appear Chivalan in style.

The tome had a masterwork lock at some point, which has also also eroded with time so that it only serves now as a clasp easily unlocked with the point of a dagger. As you open the tome, the hinges squeak and bind as if protesting your eager hands. Now you see the pages within are not parchment at all, but rather paper-thin sheets of tin.

With some delight you do confirm Ordechai was correct, the writing within appears to be old Chivalan, very old in fact, formed in a highly stylized script you've only glimpsed in the oldest scrolls of the moldiest church libraries. Suddenly you recall hearing how there was once a period in Chivalan history where clerics took to writing on tin pages because journals of real parchment were too flammable for men who sometimes had to literally walk through flames.

Those were the earliest days of 'The Great Cleansing' as it was known... a period of terrible conflict between the ancient Khimeran dynasty of half demon kings and the followers of the five saints of Pentos. Those were dire times indeed for the people of Chival, where so much burned of the old world that it was almost impossible to imagine a future.

Yet after many years of strife, and many many lives lost, the church successfully banished the demons back to the hells and hunted Herods followers into obscurity. Tin journals of known martyrs are treasured antiques back in Chival. Depending on the author, it might easily fetch its weight in gold back home, yet the sentimental value for those of real faith easily eclipses that.

With trembling fingers you flip over the first page and read the following inscription...

Kryslogius of Anasteria was a knight,
He would sing and he would fight,
He fell for a lady with a voice of gold,
He failed to court her and was told,
Sing to me a tale of your deeds,
100 of these I would need,
He quested ages until one day,
He found he could not hold his blade,
He begged for youth that he had lost,
For this he paid the ultimate cost,
Bound to a tome forever to serve,
Til the songs of 100 Legends are herd

...which puzzles you because at first glance this tome does not appear to be a journal at all, but rather, a very early record of a legend you heard as a boy... of Kryslogius the Melody Knight, conned by a succubus into trading his soul for her eternal love.

The legend was a lesson Chivalan youth were taught as a reminder to be vigilant, for even after the followers of Herod the demon lord were defeated, they were never completely annihilated. To this day many in Chival believe there are still evil cultists in their midst seeking the return of their lord Herod to power tempting the faithful into sin and corruption.

Clerics especially were taught by his example to deny themselves all desires beyond duty and righteousness. Kryslogius was said to be a hero who's heart was unguarded, cursed to betray himself so long as he put love before duty. Later in life you heard rumors among very learned members of the clergy that Kryslogius was himself a cleric who lost his way and was only later referred to as a knight because the church didn't want anyone looking too deeply into his true story.

Your eyes flick to the next page and read the following...

Kryslogious the brave
Kryslogious the damned
Kryslogious can be saved
by the blood of thyne own hand
Read ahead if you dare, unless you can resist
The urge to accomplish some great wish

[Wrenwil: Make a Will Save, DC 20]

06-28-2015, 06:22 AM
"Ohhhh my," Wrenwil muttered before he'd even opened it.

~What are the odds? Too low, way way too low, yet, I must have it. Yes.~

The story, the history, the age of this Tome, he knew there and then that this was the book he MUST have. Pentos had delivered it into his hands, and no doubt he would be praying like he'd never prayed before this eve. Flipping the page, the words called out to him Read ahead if you dare, unless you can resist...

[Will save 16 (+8) = 24]

06-29-2015, 02:25 AM
As you pass through after Ania you find yourself in a dank, dimly lit tunnel with another identical gate about twenty feet away. The air within stinks of half-rotten meat and old bloodstains. Both walls of the tunnel have been crudely excavated to make a holding cell (complete with iron bars) opposite a living space on the other. The eyes of the elderly goblin almost seem to glow in the deep shadows as he climbs atop a waist-high platform before the living space and seats himself behind a low desk at eye level with you.

Beside the platform, seated on a bench, is one of the most hideous looking humanoids you've ever laid eyes on. He has putrid grayish skin with less body hair than a typical underfolk. His exceedingly broad shoulders are hunched forward and sagging exaggerating the already unnatural long reach of his arms. His hands are oddly large, clawed and very strong looking.

Currently with one hand he grasps what looks like another humanoids forearm from which he rips strips of flesh off with the aid of fangs jutting out from beneath a grotesquely hooked nose. You'd guess if he stood to its full height this beastly being would stand about eight feet tall and carry nearly three hundred pounds of muscle.

His clothing is little better than rags with a patchwork of chain hauberks strapped around his torso as armor. A heavy bladed axe is tucked into a belt around his waist along with a wickedly curved dagger. He stares at the pair of you as though literally sizing you up as pieces of meat he might chew on.

Vakus meanwhile begins to shuffle papers around on his desk by the light of a single candle. (For a moment, you even wonder if this Goblin can actually read?!)

Vakus: -Speaking Goblin- "So you wish to pass through yesss?" He asks imperiously.

Ania: Corrects him. -Speaking Goblin- "It is not a wish, it is an order. As I said we are on an important errand for Crusher himself."

Vakus: Frowns. "So you say... but I take my job very seriously, as you know Ania. I will not be dissuaded from my duty!"

Ania: Nods. "I know the drill Vakus. Lets not waste any time..."

Vakus: Smiles for a split second before he stands and looks to the... thing... beside him. --Speaking Undercommon- "Hold her!" He orders.

With a grunt the thing rises from its bench and tucks the arm it was chewing inside its waist band for later, still dribbling with blood, and moves to reach for Ania. She does not appear to be alarmed however.

[Ersun: What do you do?](Make a Knowledge: Dungeoneering, DC 16. Check to know what type of humanoid that is who is taking orders from Vakus)

07-01-2015, 12:57 AM
The inscription in the tome provokes a powerful compulsion to imagine a dark fantasy. Something ambitious, yet evil, like a throne of skulls made from your enemies. For an instant you want to believe the tome can make such a wish come true. Thankfully you realize you did not beckon those dark thoughts and have the will to resist them. Moments later, the feeling ebbs away like a dull headache.

Ordechai: Notices the worrisome look on your face and stops in his tracks. "Nik, are you alright?" He asks with concern.

You feel your own heart racing while sweat forms upon your brow. Whatever this tome is, it clearly possesses something extraordinary. Probably magical, but something else as well, not exactly awareness, but an echo of a former consciousness. A lingering presence that makes you feel like the tome is reading you while you are reading it.

You have heard rumors before about old relics having odd influences on their keepers. Other tin-journals, recovered from the pile of smoking bones of their owners who fought demons and failed, have been known to cause terrible nightmares for those who read them regardless of what was written within.

[Wrenwil: What do you do?]

07-02-2015, 01:09 AM
Wrenwil was torn like a page in an old book, a paper page, not this tin that he had in his hands. ~I want to read this. No I don't. I want to read this. No I don't. No I don't. Arrgh stop!~

As he came to terms with the clawing in his brain, he heard Ordechai's words. He looked up from the tome, wiped his brow and said, "Forgive me, I think excitement and the heat are catching up with me! Tell me, what price do you ask for this interesting work?" He tapped a finger on the cover of the Tome gently. He knew the price was irrelevant really, he was going to own this one way or another.

07-02-2015, 09:18 PM
Ordechai: Shrugs "In all honesty I probably exaggerated when I said I gave the blind beggar a berelle of my finest Tejj... it was above average at best." He chuckles. "I'll sell the tome to you for for five gold pieces. At least than I won't be taking a loss. Is that agreeable?" He asks

07-02-2015, 11:28 PM
~Five gold! For surely this man is raving mad! I expected he would ask for my very soul... I can not cheat him so. I wonder, perhaps he knows more than he lets on...~

[Sense Motive - 16 (+3) = 19]

07-03-2015, 02:45 AM
~Five gold! For surely this man is raving mad! I expected he would ask for my very soul... I can not cheat him so. I wonder, perhaps he knows more than he lets on...~

[Sense Motive - 16 (+3) = 19]

Results of Skill Check_______________________________________

You sense no trickery afoot here. Ordechai apparently has no idea how much the tome might actually be worth. But of course value is always relative to the beholder. Besides, according to him he's been carrying it for months and reports no strange thoughts? Whatever influence the tome has over its possessor must only be unlocked by someone who can actually read it.
__________________________________________________ _______

[Wrenwil: What do you do?]

07-03-2015, 11:11 PM
With a surprised look on his face, Wrenwil stood there a moment, holding this rare and battered tome in his left hand. With his right, he slid fingers beneath his tattered linen overgarments, to his belt and pouch. Checking that nobody else was paying him too much attention, he slipped out five platinum pieces, and placed them in Ordechai's hand.

"Dear friend, five pieces it is then, however for gold I would not be satisfied. I travel light in coin and attachment, however for gold it would be truly unfair. I collect books you see, and this one though old, is very new to me, and will serve well on this long journey. Here, take my payment in platinum, as thanks for all you have done this day."

[Spot Check to make sure nobody is looking before extracting coin = 5 (+3) = 8]
[50GP worth of coin subtracted from character sheet]

07-05-2015, 03:50 PM
The gleam of platinum coins in your palm startles Ordechai. He stares at them with apparent disbelief for half a moment before he quickly grabs them and tucks them away.

Ordechai: "Nooo my friend! Do not flash that sort of coin in the open again!" He says with an urgent hushed tone. "I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised to see a Chivalan carrying platinum, but here in the poorer corners of the world we rarely see it. We only know it as the currency of the rich civilizations, which attracts the wrong sort of attention in lesser hands!" He says in warning. "...Nevertheless I thank you kindly, the tome is yours..."

Bax: (Spot Check: = 19) The Goblin appears to have glimpsed the coin as well and moves closer towards you. "Show Bax more shiiiiny coins!" He says with wide eyes.

Ordechai: "Shut up damn you!" He curses immediately lifting a heavy boot to roughly kick the goblin away. Bax goes sprawling into the dirt and sand in a cloud of dust.

Several paces ahead of you, the pair of hill dwarves on ponies suddenly wheel around and trot back towards you. One levels a spear while the other aims a loaded crossbow. The one with the crossbow appears to be slightly older and likely the decision maker between them.

Hill Dwarf with crossbow: (Spot check: = 9) -Speaking Dwarven- "What is this trouble!" He growls at Ordechai.

Hill Dwarf with Spear: Glares at you Wrenwil. (Spot check: = 18) -Speaking Common- "Don't think for a second we didn't spot those platinum coins old man! How many more do you carry?!"

Meanwhile, Garrisan starts to step forward reaching for his broadsword... and then suddenly, a glowing circle appears in the sands beside Wrenwil flashing with arcane runes. A being of pure light appears standing within it, dimming in brightness as its form solidifies into a Chivalan knight in full plate!


[Wrenwil: Roll intitiative!]
[Kryslogious: You may act immediately after Wrenwil's turn in initiative in this first round]

07-05-2015, 09:31 PM
~Oh no! I was sure nobody was looking, and for a small handful of platinum I am still deceiving this man, is this my reward for honesty Pentos?~

Wrenwil's face grew stern as the hill dwarves approached, his grip on the staff tightening in anticipation. Then the Chivalan Knight appeared, and Wrenwil's jaw dropped...

[Initiative = 15]

07-06-2015, 01:33 AM
__________________________________________________ ________

<Start of Round 1>

Bleeding Damage ( * )

Fire Damage ( # )

Cold Damage ( @ )
Spell Damage ( ^ )
Poison Damage ( ! )

The order of initiative is:

(16) Bax
(13) Ordechai
(15) Garrisan
(15) Wrenwill
(14) Kryslogious
(13) Hill Dwarf 1
(08) Hill Dwarf 2
__________________________________________________ ________

Bax immediately rolls back unto his feet, fangs barred in a defensive posture as he is not seriously hurt, but is then clearly distracted by the man in plate armor appearing out of thin air! (Bax Holds his action)

Garrisan is also alarmed by the site of the knight, but it seems his instinct is to follow-through with drawing his sword and step closer towards the brewing confrontation. For the moment, he appears to view the knight as another possible threat. (Move Action to position himself 5 ft. away from Ordechai & Wrenwil facing the knight and the hill dwarves.)

Garrisan: "Is he friend or foe?!" He asks out loud to anyone who will answer.

Meanwhile, shouts of alarm can also be heard from the rest of the caravan bringing up the rear.

[Wrenwil: It is your turn, what do you do?]

07-06-2015, 01:38 AM
Wrenwil stood firm and ready with his staff, glancing quickly to the knight and yelling "Friend I think!"

[Total defense for this round to see if the Dwarves still want a taste of us. +4 dodge bonus for this round I believe]

07-06-2015, 02:18 AM
It was the end of the tunnel, a familiar feeling. His senses seemed to come alive, the sensation of air moving through slits of his plate, heavy breathing as his lungs filled with air. It was hot and tension rose within the air. He could see himself standing amongst a small hand full of people through the tiny slit in his helmet. He closed his eyes briefly sensing, feeling the calling of the book. A man stood besides him, opposed to a couple of dwarves with weapons drawn. It was then he knew his charge.

He then drew his blade from his scabbard and heaved his massive kite shield off his back and onto his arm in a swift trained motion (quick draw). The flowing crest on his shield shined off the days sun and his blade sharp and ready, an old inscription down the blade faded and missing letters. Without muttering a word he approaches the dwarves (move 20 feet) shield at the ready waiting confirmation of their resolve to do battle with him (Raises shield for total cover).

07-06-2015, 09:40 PM
Ordechai glances back and forth between the hill dwarf holding a crossbow, Wrenwill, and the mysterious knight in full plate. After the armored stranger steps before the hill dwarf weilding the spear, Ordechai seems to make up his mind.

Ordechai: Glares up at the hill dwarf on the pony. -Speaking Dwarven- "It's none of your business!" He says grasping the chain attached to Bax's collar. "This creature is my slave, I can kick him into the dirt as often as I like!"

Hill Dwarf 1: -Speaking Dwarven - "Only filth would keep and trade in filth like that!" He says angrily. "Your new friends may not recognize it, but I know what those burns mean. You deserve to die!" He says firing his crossbow at Ordechai!

(Crossbow Attack: = 17, Hit!)(Location: Right Leg)(Damage: =7)

Ordechai howls in pain as a crossbow bolt impales his right leg!

Hill Dwarf 2: Jabs his spear at the armored knight!(Jabs spear at armored knight: = 24, Hit!)(Location: Shield because of total cover)(Damage: = 11, -10 Harness = 1)

< End of Round 1 >

[Everyone: Roll Initiative Again]

07-06-2015, 10:15 PM
The old cleric looked on with horror as the bolt crunched into his friend's leg. It was a wakeup call. It was partly his fault. With heart pumping and ears ringing, Wrenwil felt that spark, that tiny flame of undiscovered glory he'd extinguished in earlier years. He was pumped, and ready to take this all the way, the hole hog so to speak.

[Initiative 18 (+2 Dex) = 20]

07-07-2015, 11:16 PM
The sound reverberates through his shield, a challenge, a call to battle. The sound of a crossbow letting loose a bolt and a heavy swish of air move past his left as the fired bolt hits home to its target, he could hear the cry but stays focused ahead. Lowering his shield he sizes up his opponent, looking thoroughly at his armor and weapon.

~the spear wilt becometh a problem as one is to stayeth mounted to his horse, I must remove one from t.~ Kryslogious thought to himself preparing himself for his move.

[Initiative = 17]

07-07-2015, 11:36 PM
__________________________________________________ ________

<Start of Round 2>

Bleeding Damage ( * )

Fire Damage ( # )

Cold Damage ( @ )
Spell Damage ( ^ )
Poison Damage ( ! )

The order of initiative is:

(20) Bax
(20) Wrenwill
(20) Hill Dwarf 1
(17) Kryslogious
(12) Hill Dwarf 2
(11) Ordechai (-7)(-1*)
(04) Garrisan
__________________________________________________ ________

Bax: Rushes over to Ordechai's side as the big half dwarf clutches at his leg. (Move Action)

Ordechai: "Pull out the bolt Bax!" He orders.

Bax: Yanks out the crossbow bolt none too smoothly. (2nd Move Action) Ordechai howls with pain. (+1 bleeding Damage to Ordechai)

[Wrenwil: It is your turn, what do you do?]

07-07-2015, 11:52 PM
Wrenwil wanted revenge badly, but commonsense prevailed. He had no idea how much strength Ordechai had left within, and the half-dwarf would no doubt be better in melee than an old man and his stick. Wrenwil went with the sensible choice, leaning to the side to touch his friend, "Ordechai, let me help you!" he called on Pentos for the gift of nurture and healing.

[Casting Cure Light Wounds on Ordechai. 10 Hit Points rolled. Attack roll of 16 done to touch him.]

07-09-2015, 11:01 PM
Ordechai: Sighs with gratitude as his wound heals but also protests. -Speaking Common- "You should stay back, it's me they want!" He argues.

Dwarf 1: -Speaking Common- "You want to help that filth?! Fine you get one too!" He shouts firing a crossbow bolt at you Wrenwil! (Crossbow attack: = 7, Miss)

[Kryslogious: It is your turn, What do you do?]

07-11-2015, 01:51 AM
Kryslogious: Swiftly stabs his blade into the sand freeing his hand, with a sharp motion he reaches for the spear wielding dwarf atop his mount.

(Trip Attempt: = 26, vs enemy ride check 11)

With a firm hand he grabs the rider and forces him off his mount and onto the ground, then with a quick motion [quick draw] he rearms himself with his blade and attacks!

(Unarmed Attack: = 20, vs prone target)(Hit location: = 19, Head)(Damage: =9)

07-13-2015, 01:59 AM
Kryslogious: Swiftly stabs his blade into the sand freeing his hand, with a sharp motion he reaches for the spear wielding dwarf atop his mount.

(Trip Attempt: = 26, vs enemy ride check 11)

With a firm hand he grabs the rider and forces him off his mount and onto the ground, then with a quick motion [quick draw] he rearms himself with his blade and attacks!

(Unarmed Attack: = 20, vs prone target)(Hit location: = 19, Head)(Damage: =9)

The hill dwarf is not wearing a helm, just a chain shirt with a shield on his back, and screams as your longsword slices into his scalp nearly cutting through his thick skull in the process! (Fortitude Save to avoid being stunned, DC 9: = 22, Success)

Blood immediately soaks through his hair and down into his collar but it is his eyes that draw in your attention. The eyes of an enemy in full panic fighting for his life!

Hill Dwarf 2: Jerks away from you and readies his shield off his back (Move Action) before attempting to rise to his feet (Move Action) which provokes an attack of opportunity!

[Kryslogious: You may take your attack of opportunity vs. the Hill Dwarf but he does gain the benefit of a Heavy Wooden Shield to his AC this time]

Ordechai: Glares hatefully at the hill dwarf with the crossbow and raises his good hand towards him twitching his fingers threateningly while his lips murmur the words for casting a spell!

A cone of searing flames erupts from his finger tips out to a distance of 15 ft. that easily engulfs the hill dwarf and his pony! [Though he aims it far enough to the side to avoid catching Kryslogious in the process] (Damage: = 3)

Hill Dwarf 1: (Reflex Save for 1/2 Damage, DC 13: = 15, Saves)
Pony: (Reflex Save for 1/2 Damage, DC 13: = 21, Saves)

However, both the hill dwarf and his mount avoid the worst of the burns. (Suffers 1 Damage Each) Yet they are still startled and the rider has to struggle somewhat to keep the pony under control!

Hill Dwarf 1: (Ride Check: = 12, Success)

Garrisan: Last to act, sword still brandished. Since the knight in plate armor clearly needs no assistance fighting his own battles Garrisan apparently decides that moving up behind Ordechai (Move Action) approaching the mounted hill dwarf with the crossbow is the most prudent course of action. However, something is off with his expression as he nears Ordechai...

[Wrenwil: Make a Sense Motive check, DC 8]

07-13-2015, 02:23 AM
Surprises! Surprises everywhere. The knight and his gruesome hit, Ordechai wielding magic... so confusing. It had been a long time since Wrenwil had seen action such as this.

[Sense Motive: 2 (+3 Wis) = 5 opps]

07-13-2015, 02:44 AM
His opponent works his way back to his feet but in the process another swift swing comes from Kryslogious' blade!

(attack roll 18+5=23) (Hit location 19= Head) (damage 1d8+3=11)

Coming down hard on his head yet again with a ferocious swing.

07-14-2015, 01:34 AM
His opponent works his way back to his feet but in the process another swift swing comes from Kryslogious' blade!

(attack roll 18+5=23) (Hit location 19= Head) (damage 1d8+3=11)

Coming down hard on his head yet again with a ferocious swing.

Hill Dwarf 2: (Fortitude Save vs. Stun, DC 11: = 10, Fail)[A stunned creature drops everything held, can’t take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any)]

Your first blow sent the dwarf into a panic, the second makes him stagger and groan loudly. His shield slips from his grasp and falls into the sands. He is almost at the point of blacking out from shock and blood loss and is thus very unsteady on his feet. It is doubtful in your estimation that he will remain a further threat.

__________________________________________________ ______

Bax: (Sense Motive Check, DC 8: = 18, Success)

As Garrisan approaches Bax lets out a warning shout as Garrisan suddenly swings his blade at Ordechai's back!

Garrisan: (Melee Attack: = 13, Miss) "YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!" He shouts at Ordechai in a sudden fury as his Barossan broadsword slices so close to him it tears a long cut through his cloak.

[B]< End of Round 2>

[Everyone: Roll initiative for round 3]

07-14-2015, 01:52 AM
Wrenwil was shocked at the attack from the Barossan, especially since Ordechai had contributed to his safe arrival on these shores. The drunkard had shown his true colors. Time to act!

[Initiative = 16]

07-14-2015, 02:01 AM
After dispatching his first opponent he turns his attention to the crossbow wielding Dwarf readying for combat (dodge AC bonus +1, AC = 24)

(Initiative= 12)

07-14-2015, 05:16 AM
As you pass through after Ania you find yourself in a dank, dimly lit tunnel with another identical gate about twenty feet away. The air within stinks of half-rotten meat and old bloodstains. Both walls of the tunnel have been crudely excavated to make a holding cell (complete with iron bars) opposite a living space on the other. The eyes of the elderly goblin almost seem to glow in the deep shadows as he climbs atop a waist-high platform before the living space and seats himself behind a low desk at eye level with you.

Beside the platform, seated on a bench, is one of the most hideous looking humanoids you've ever laid eyes on. He has putrid grayish skin with less body hair than a typical underfolk. His exceedingly broad shoulders are hunched forward and sagging exaggerating the already unnatural long reach of his arms. His hands are oddly large, clawed and very strong looking.

Currently with one hand he grasps what looks like another humanoids forearm from which he rips strips of flesh off with the aid of fangs jutting out from beneath a grotesquely hooked nose. You'd guess if he stood to its full height this beastly being would stand about eight feet tall and carry nearly three hundred pounds of muscle.

His clothing is little better than rags with a patchwork of chain hauberks strapped around his torso as armor. A heavy bladed axe is tucked into a belt around his waist along with a wickedly curved dagger. He stares at the pair of you as though literally sizing you up as pieces of meat he might chew on.

Vakus meanwhile begins to shuffle papers around on his desk by the light of a single candle. (For a moment, you even wonder if this Goblin can actually read?!)

Vakus: -Speaking Goblin- "So you wish to pass through yesss?" He asks imperiously.

Ania: Corrects him. -Speaking Goblin- "It is not a wish, it is an order. As I said we are on an important errand for Crusher himself."

Vakus: Frowns. "So you say... but I take my job very seriously, as you know Ania. I will not be dissuaded from my duty!"

Ania: Nods. "I know the drill Vakus. Lets not waste any time..."

Vakus: Smiles for a split second before he stands and looks to the... thing... beside him. --Speaking Undercommon- "Hold her!" He orders.

With a grunt the thing rises from its bench and tucks the arm it was chewing inside its waist band for later, still dribbling with blood, and moves to reach for Ania. She does not appear to be alarmed however.

[Ersun: What do you do?](Make a Knowledge: Dungeoneering, DC 16. Check to know what type of humanoid that is who is taking orders from Vakus)

He quietly observes the odd pair of the goblin and the half-troll. The later one is definitely dangerous and he wouldn’t like to try his mettle against him, especially at such close quarters. The small one on the other hand must be serving Crusher for a long time now, given his comfort at playing his part. It’s unlikely that he got picked up at an elderly age, more likely learnt into it over years or decades.

When they move to do the drill on Ania he can’t help but wonder what is going to happen, but since she doesn’t seem alarmed he won’t take any action. He just hopes he won’t have to go through any discomfort during their checking out. It is also good to note the half-spawn doesn’t seem to speak goblin., if it can speak at all. He figures the living space is for the goblin while the cell is for the half-breed. If so then he would be more alike to a pet than warden.

Given that their exit is another alike sturdy door he has little chance of opening, he won’t fret over things and will just let things play out until something goes outside of the expected events.

[Results of Dungeoneering:
You are able to identify the other humanoid beside Vakus that reaches for Ania. It is a Half-Troll! A loathsome being possessing much of the strength and appetite for flesh of a troll with the patience and cunning of an underfolk. These abominations are extremely rare and generally are not permitted to live if they are found while they are still young. Those that do reach adulthood (usually far from the tribe) are typically shunned from civilization.

Most Warmages consider lone half trolls too dangerous to live among the tribe, but on some occasions half trolls are employed by powerful merchants or underworld bosses who vouch for them. Crusher would no doubt qualify as a figure with enough influence not to be challenged by the Warmages for one half troll guard.]

07-15-2015, 10:35 PM
__________________________________________________ ________

<Start of Round 3>

Bleeding Damage ( * )

Fire Damage ( # )

Cold Damage ( @ )
Spell Damage ( ^ )
Poison Damage ( ! )

The order of initiative is:
(21) Garrisan (-4)
(16) Bax
(16) Wrenwill
(12) Kryslogious
(11) Ordechai (-7)(-1*)(+10)(-13)(Incapacitated)
(10) Hill Dwarf 2 (-9)(-11)(Stunned)
(02) Hill Dwarf 1 (-1^)
__________________________________________________ ________

Garrisan: Swings again at Ordechai!

(Melee Attack: = 16, Hit)(Location: Head)(Damage: = 13, Serious Damage!)

Garrisan swings high this time as Ordechai pivots away from his last near miss and catches the half dwarf solidly against his left temple! Sparks fly as his masterwork Barossan broadsword catches Ordechai's silver eyepatch and sends it flying along with a spray of blood! The blow is enough to incapacitate the half dwarf instantly and he immediately collapses!

Bax: -Speaking Common- "YOOOU BASTAAARD!" He squeals and rushes Garrisan (5 Ft. Step) pulling a small wooden shank from his rags that he must have clawed away from the interior of the crate! (Free Action)

(Melee Attack: 13 + 2 Flanking = 15, Hit!)(Location: Skull)(Damage: = 4)

The goblin leaps up on Garrisans chest pulling himself up with his claws so he can use his makeshift weapon to best effectiveness, stabbing the Barossan in the skull near his good eye!

Garrisan: (Fortitude Save vs. Stun, DC 4: = 22, Success) The wound is not nearly enough to stun the big Barossan however.

[Wrenwil: It is your turn, What do you do?!] [Note: You may take a 5 ft. step towards Ordechai without provoking an AOO, but attempting to cast a touch spell on Ordechai will provoke an AOO since entering the same square as Ordechai means you are also entering one of Garrisans threatened squares and performing an action he does not approve of.]


07-16-2015, 06:46 AM
The mysterious gleaming knight seemed to be doing a magnificent job on the dwarves. The dirty buggers deserved every slice of it.

Seeing Ordechai suffering to this drunkard bastard however angered the old man beyond belief. Ordechai needed more healing hands, but not yet, no doubt the sod would be after Wrenwil next. Thinking back to his days of study, Wrenwil came up with a golden plan, a painful distraction for the bastard.

He rose his staff off the ground and called forth, "bring the venom of Pentos upon this fool!"

A giant celestial bee appeared behind Garrisan, and busily and buzzily got to work on him.

[Cast Summon Monster II, Celestial Giant Bee, Stats Here (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Giant_Bee) ]

[I haven't played summon monster via PBP before so not sure if you want player or DM control of the creature. My intention is to place it behind Garrisan and attack immediately. For this my 1st attack roll = 4. Spend 1 Build Point. New attack roll = 21. Location 20 = Head. Damage = 1. Fort save DC 11 required. *sigh* Well that was fun but not overly effective :lol:]

07-17-2015, 03:59 AM
He turns shield at the ready marching towards his next target, the sound of metal clashing and the scrape of sand beneath his greaves. Again placing his sword into the sand he reaches fourth with a metal hand and attempts to drag the Dwarf from his mount.

(Trip attack= 16 vs enemy ride)

07-18-2015, 01:09 AM
The half troll stands to its full height, nearly eight feet, and easily grasps Ania's arms with over sized clawed hands. She looks uncomfortable to say the least, but by the set of her jaw she appears resolved to get it over with. As the half troll holds her still the goblin clambers down from his desk and gest his hands busy searching her possessions.

Vakus: "You've been a busy girl..." He says rummaging through her robes' many pockets and pouches. "...and here again is the bag of holding you used to smuggle in this fellow..." He comments glancing towards Ersun. "He'll be next of course..."

Ania: "I am aware of that Vakus." She says matter-of-factly.

Vakus: Nods with apparent pleasure with her obedience with procedure. "You are a model of cooperation as usual Ania... so you should not be bothered by a new security precaution..." He adds with a sneer.

Ania: Swallows. "New security precaution?" She asks with thinly veiled concern.

Vakus: "Yes, something new and quite effective. It is a truth-potion, very strong. One swallow and you have to answer any question I ask with complete honesty."

Ania: Frowns. "Such a thing does not exist."

Vakus: Grins. "Believe me I had my doubts as well, but rest assured it works exactly as I claim." He says producing a strange vial of white liquid.

Ania: "Forgive me for taking offense, but such a demand is beyond tolerance! Where did you get it? Who made it?"

Vakus: Chuckles. "I am under no obligation to tell you! And you are in no position to argue. You will abide by this new procedure or else!" He spits testily.

Ania: Glances towards you Ersun with genuine panic in her eyes. You note her body gets tense and the half troll's grip appears to become much harder. Ania actually grimaces and cries out. "You're hurting me!"

The half troll grins with a very bloody smile, perhaps already savoring another meal to come...

[Ersun: What do you do?]

07-19-2015, 12:34 AM
Garrisan: (Fortitude Save vs. Bee, DC 11: = 11, Saves) Curses at the pain from Wrenwil's summoned celestial bee. "Don't interfere you fool!" He shouts at Wrenwil.
__________________________________________________ __________

Hill Dwarf 1: (Ride Check: = 7, Fail)

The crossbow wielding foe curses loudly as the armored knight handily dismounts him, yanking him off his saddle into the sand. The knight wastes no time taking advantage of the moment, jabbing at the prone and winded dwarf with his sword. However the edge of his sword is deflected by the dwarf's heavy steel breastplate.
__________________________________________________ __________

Hill Dwarf 2: (Fortitude Save vs. Stun, DC 11: = 22, Success)

Witnessing his fellow hill dwarf pulled from the saddle apparently restores the younger hill dwarf's willpower and clarity. Though still reeling from pain and blood loss he somehow finds the strength to rise again, (Move Action) except this time the knight has his back turned and is not prepared to strike him down again with an attack of opportunity. He staggers towards the knight drawing a hand axe from his belt in the process (Free Action)(5 Ft. Step)

Kryslogious: (Fate Pool Listen Check, DC 13: = 7, Fail) [Knight is now flat footed]

Unfortunately, the knight fails to hear his fallen foe regain his footing and approach him.

Hill Dwarf 2: (Melee Attack Roll: = 20, Hit!)(Location: Lower Back)(Damage: = 6)

The wounded hill dwarf hacks at the knights lower back and manages to penetrate through his steel plate armor!

Hill Dwarf 1: Rolls over and shouts with satisfaction -Speaking Dwarven- "GOOD HIT SON! LETS DROP THIS BASTARD!" He rages, twisting while the knight is distracted to pull out a short sword (Move Action) slicing angrily at the knights legs hoping for a lucky hit.

(Melee Attack: [-4 from prone, +2 from Flanking] = 22, Miss)(Damage against Tower Shield: [10 Hardness] = 3, No Damage)

The older Hill Dwarf's blade strikes the knights tower shield without any real effect.

<End of Round 3>

[Everyone: Roll Initiative for round 4]

07-19-2015, 02:35 PM
The sound of his sword deflecting off metal plate was promptly followed by a heavy impact to his rear, he felt the blade sneak under one of his plates impacting him hard through the under chain. The sting distracts him from reacting.

(Initiative roll= 3)

07-19-2015, 09:36 PM
__________________________________________________ ________

<Start of Round 4>

Bleeding Damage ( * )

Fire Damage ( # )

Cold Damage ( @ )
Spell Damage ( ^ )
Poison Damage ( ! )

The order of initiative is:
(20) Garrisan (-4)(-1)
(19) Hill Dwarf 1 (-1^)
(16) Bax
(12) Wrenwill
(03) Kryslogious (-6)
(02) Hill Dwarf 2 (-9)(-11)
(-) Ordechai (-7)(-1*)(+10)(-13)(Incapacitated)
__________________________________________________ ________


07-19-2015, 09:52 PM
His summoning caused a distraction, but it seemed that it was going to take more than this to get the situation under control. Wrenwil thought carefully on what to do next, maybe thinking... just a little too long.

[Initiative = 12]

07-21-2015, 12:22 AM
Garrisan: Lowers the gleaming, bloodied edge of his masterwork Barossan Broadsword down to Ordechai's throat and glares at Wrenwil with an unspoken threat. "IT'S FINISHED! WE HAVE HIM!" He shouts before glancing at Bax as well to be sure the goblin understands. (Readies coupe-de-grace action) "Ordechai is coming with us, dead or alive!"

Hill Dwarf 1: Hears Garrisans words and adds his own shouting up at Kryslogious. -Speaking Common- "IT'S OVER DAMN YOU! Whoever you are, cease your attack! We are lawful bounty hunters! That mule is a wanted criminal!" (Activates Active Parrying - Free Action)(Attempts to stand - Move Action)

[Kryslogious: You may attempt another AOO against Dwarf 1 for the new round, but you will have to make an opposed attack roll to hit him this time, though he still suffers a -4 to his roll. Do you attempt the AOO or not? You may attempt a Sense Motive Check as a Swift Action beforehand to first ascertain the honesty of his words.]

Bax: Appears to seethe with hate as he stares at Garrisan and speaks. "YOU ARE A DEAD MAN! Put up your blade and you may live a while longer. Kill him and you will shortly follow!" (Swift Action - Intimidation Check: = 6, Fail)(Holds Action)

Garrisan: (Swift Action - Sense Motive Vs. Bax Intimidation: = 20, Success) The Barossan snorts. "Big words for a very small creature holding a splinter!"

[Wrenwil: It is your turn, what do you do? You may attempt a Sense Motive Check as a Swift Action to first ascertain the honesty of his words before you act.Garrisan expects you to un-summon your bee. That is something you can do as a free action so you may do both if you choose without using any move or standard actions.]

07-21-2015, 02:42 AM
Standing still in his spot he says a short sentence in Old Chivalan

"what doth thee declare mine lord?"

Erupting from under the helm was a heavy authoritative voice. His facing never changed but the words were definitely directed to Wrenwil, ready at a moments notice to attack should he give the order.

07-21-2015, 02:52 AM
The bee having made it's attack, retreated from the melee to die.

~Such a short life. And mine will be short also if I do not tread carefully. Could it be true? My friend is a criminal? They proclaim to be lawful, after only moments ago threatening to steal my coin. I smell a rat or two, or three!~

[Sense Motive: 15 (+3) = 18]

07-21-2015, 09:01 PM
~Such a short life. And mine will be short also if I do not tread carefully. Could it be true? My friend is a criminal? They proclaim to be lawful, after only moments ago threatening to steal my coin. I smell a rat or two, or three!~

[Note: Technically they did not threaten to steal your coin, they asked you how many coins you carried? That question could easily be a lead up to a robbery though, so if that's how your character chooses to interpret it that's fine.]

[Sense Motive: 15 (+3) = 18]

Results of your Skill Check_______________________

You get the impression that Garrisan and the dwarves honestly believe they have lawful motives for this assault. However, different lands and races have different laws so that does not necessarily make it right. Also, don't forget you are in a no mans land anyway which means there technically is no law here.

[Wrenwil: What do you do? Don't forget, the mystery knight also asked you a question.]

07-21-2015, 09:57 PM
The tired and elderly cleric held his staff at the ready. Maybe these small folk spoke the truth?

"Wait my friend, this can be resolved with no further blood," he said to the knight.

"You..." Wrenwil gestured with his open left hand to the Barossan first, then the hill dwarves.

"... owe us your lives if I am not mistaken. Saved from a dank silty end with the fishes! This man you proclaim as a criminal, is why you stand on solid ground with air in your lungs. I beseech you to consider! Let him live a little longer. Restrain him if you must, then I will assist him so much as to allow him to speak. We will hear his defense of these accusations, right here, right now! So much as touch him again, move but an inch, and more blood will flow. "

[Wrenwil is going on the defensive and awaiting a reaction]

07-22-2015, 11:29 PM
Garrisan: Slowly pulls his blade back from Ordechai's neck with a low groan of resentment and speaks to Wrenwil. "Yes you saved our lives old man, so in good conscience I will permit you this one request. We will let Ordechai speak for himself, but this warrant for his head is all the proof of guilt we need!" He says tossing a scroll at your feet.

Dwarf 1: cautiously stands before the mysterious knight, still clutching his short sword. [No longer prone] He looks quite old at this moment, breathing so heavily he's almost wheezing. Sand sprinkles from his hair and beard as he straightens his posture and tries to catch his breath, never taking his eyes off of the armored knight.

Dwarf 2: -Speaking Dwarven- "Are you well father?!"

[Kryslogious: It is your turn, what do you do?]

07-23-2015, 12:58 AM
Kryslogious permits the dwarf to stand but as they still have their weapons drawn he remains still, the heat dries the blood on his sword as it flows onto the faded engraving on his blade. He keeps his shoulders to pointed to both dwarves ready to pivot should the situation becomes hostile again.

"I can not trusteth these men with weapons drawn, if they doeth not puteth them aroint I will killeth them all." He stated in Old Chivalan to Wrenwil of his intentions should they not comply to him.

07-23-2015, 01:21 PM
Kryslogious permits the dwarf to stand but as they still have their weapons drawn he remains still, the heat dries the blood on his sword as it flows onto the faded engraving on his blade. He keeps his shoulders to pointed to both dwarves ready to pivot should the situation becomes hostile again.

"I can not trusteth these men with weapons drawn, if they doeth not puteth them aroint I will killeth them all." He stated in Old Chivalan to Wrenwil of his intentions should they not comply to him.

Dwarf 2: -Speaking Dwarven- "What damned language is he speaking?!" He asks the older dwarf as he cautiously moves around the knight to stand by him. (Move Action)

Dwarf 1: -Speaking Dwarven- "Don't know, don't care... so long as he stops swinging!"

Dwarf 2: Shouts over to Wrenwil. -Speaking Common- "Tell your man to sheath his blade and we'll do likewise!"

Dwarf 1: Stares at the slit in the knights helm, making a gesture of sheathing his blade trying to ascertain if he can understand or not?

<End of round 4> <End of Combat>
__________________________________________________ ___

[Everyone: Do not roll initiative again unless further hostile action is taken.]

[Wrenwil: What do you do?]

07-23-2015, 09:42 PM
Looking to the silver knight, Wrenwil pondered on how unusual it was that he sought direction from the most unlikely of masters. In his native tongue he spoke, "We will sheaf our blades, for now, and expecteth them to do likewise. Watch for trickery. I have great respect for your help and all you've endured here, and my apologies for this ghastly situation."

Wrenwil nodded, a symbol of reassurance and acceptance of the deal underway. "I hope to solve this by other means."

~This is twisted beyond belief. If it were not for Ordechai and the tome, I would surely be bleeding by now. This must proceed, with as much justice as I can afford the man.~

Wrenwil slid his staff between the straps of his pack in an act of good faith, hoping these men would be true to their word, and then looked to the Barossan.

"I will tend to the prisoner's wounds a little if you do not object. We wish him to speak freely. Indeed, I know something of the ways of truth and deceit, and shall call on my god to deliver us truth from this man."

Looking to the battered Hill Dwarf, he added the final touch.

"If all goes well, with no further blood, then indeed I may be able to assist you with your wounds also."

As he let them ponder the plan, Wrenwil scooped up the scroll in his hand and began unrolling it in preparation to read.

[Wren waits for acceptance of his intentions, which are to Cure Light Wounds on Ordechai and cast Zone of Truth]

07-24-2015, 12:40 AM
Not taking the time to clean his blade he places it back in its sheath in a tidy smooth motion as to not provoke further hostilities. His shield he placed back on his back latching them to points on his armor. After disarming he makes a gesture to the dwarves, simple and direct he taps two fingers to his visor 'I'm watching you'

The heat was uncomfortable and starting to seep into the deepest layers of his under padding, but the discomfort was far more inviting then him asking someone to help him out of his armor.

07-24-2015, 07:30 PM
[Wrenwill: The scroll is an official-looking mandate from the kingdom of Borossa to kill or capture Ordechai for various crimes ranging from smuggling, theft, armed-robbery and murder. It even has a likeness drawn of him, though it is almost comical in its villainous characterization. There is a substantial reward listed for eight thousand gold pieces. At the bottom, the warrant is signed and sealed by a Commander Ramses of the Casalan Guard.]

At this point the rest of the caravan has caught up and starts to crowd around your group. The Mgorongoron bard in particular seems enamored with the drama, while others, like the slavers, get more of a perverse entertainment out of it. The pair of Katanese stand by, leaning on their pole-arms, observing with cold stares of professional warriors muttering to each other in their native tongue. Ordechai's assailant turns and shouts at the crowd.

Garrisan: "Stay back! I am a lawful bounty hunter making a legal apprehension. Interference will be regarded as complicity!" He says with a warning tone before he takes a step away from Ordechai and turns to Wrenwil. "What god do you call on to get the truth from him?" When you answer that it is Pentos he comments. "My father was a follower of Pentos, but you are obviously not Barossan, or Gallian, so you must be of the other denomination?" As you nod he says. "Well get on with it then, revive him!"

[Wrenwill: You cast Zone of Truth (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/zoneOfTruth.htm) before you revive Ordechai so he has no knowledge the spell was cast beforehand. That means he and everyone here (except the rest of the caravan onlookers) has to make a Will Save. Normally the DC for that would be a 15 from you, but this time it increases to 20 because of a divine blessing. You sense Pentos is pleased with you for intervening in this matter, gifting you a tiny portion of his powers of judgement.]

Zone of Truth

Enchantment (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#enchantment) (Compulsion (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#compulsion)) [Mind-Affecting (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#descriptor)]

Level (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#level):
Clr 2 (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spellLists/clericSpells.htm#secondLevelClericSpells), Pal 2 (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spellLists/paladinSpells.htm#secondLevelPaladinSpells)

Components (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#components):
V, S, DF

Casting Time (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#castingTime):
1 standard action (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/combat/actionsInCombat.htm#standardActions)

Range (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#range):
Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)

Area (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#area):
20-ft.-radius emanation

Duration (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#duration):
1 min./level

Saving Throw (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#savingThrow):
Will negates

Spell Resistance (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicOverview/spellDescriptions.htm#spellResistance):

Creatures within the emanation area (or those who enter it) can’t speak any deliberate and intentional lies. Each potentially affected creature is allowed a save to avoid the effects when the spell is cast or when the creature first enters the emanation area. Affected creatures are aware of this enchantment. Therefore, they may avoid answering questions to which they would normally respond with a lie, or they may be evasive as long as they remain within the boundaries of the truth. Creatures who leave the area are free to speak as they choose.

Bax: (Will Save, DC 20: = 13, Fail)
Dwarf 1: (Will Save, DC 20: = 19, Fail)
Dwarf 2: (Will Save, DC 20: = 24, Success)
Garrisan: (Will Save, DC 20: = 16, Fail)
Kryslogious: (Will Save, DC 20: = 13, Fail)
Ordechai: (Will Save, DC 20: = 21, Success)

As your healing spell revives Ordechai, you see his good eye blink open with obvious bewilderment. He takes a deep breath and recollects his bearings, seeming to take comfort from Bax kneeling by his side. Finally he lifts his head to stare at the scarred drunk who nearly chopped his head off.

Ordechai: "I should have known... there was something off about you. What's your name snake?!"

Garrisan: "I am Garrisan Greaves, a lawful bounty hunter. You are being apprehended for crimes against the kingdom of Borossa!"

Ordechai: "Under who's orders?"

Garrisan: "Commander Ramses of the Casalan Guard."

Ordechai: Guffaws. "Commander Ramses is it? He was just a captain last I knew."

Garrisan: "Things change, the nobles saw fit to recommend him for promotion to the general."

Ordechai: "Good for him, bad for Borossa... he's an even bigger snake then you are."

Garrisan: Scoffs. "Save your breath, your gonna need it to beg for mercy when we take you back for your tr...." And suddenly he looses his voice and can't finish his sentence.

Ordechai: Stares. "What's the matter? Can't say the word trial? Is that how the new parliament handles justice nowadays?"

Garrisan: "Yes it is. Barossa is a civilized kingdom now. You'll face the death penalty, but from the list of crimes I see on your warrant that's justified!"

Ordechai: Laughs. "Fool, there will be no trial. Stop pretending! This is a farce, you have a secret mandate to assassinate me for a rumored connection to the black network!" (Sense Motive: = 10)

Garrisan: (Bluff Check: = 8) Garrisan opens his mouth to deny it but he is suddenly breathless. He can't seem to deny Garrisans accusation, it must be the spell at work!

Ordechai: Stares at Garrisan with confusion. "What's the matter with you? Have no stomach for lies all of a sudden?!"

[Wrenwil, Kryslogious: What do you do?]

07-24-2015, 08:59 PM
"forsooth seems the tongue of weak justice is silenc'd. I doth not trust this mage but I hast less trust in a false law. Shalt we intervene mine lord?"

He asked Wrenwill directly in Old Chivalan.

~Our path crosseth again Pentos~ he thought to himself

07-25-2015, 05:43 AM
~Pentos has granted my wish, and after years of failed service, it is clear that the path we lay here is right and just. My resolve is firmed, and my faith stronger than ever before.~

Having revived Ordechai, Wrenwil helped the half-dwarf sit upright before standing and keeping a hand on the accuseds shoulder. He wanted to offer reassurance and friendship, but things were looking pretty grim.

"Ordechai, you are lucky to be alive my friend. Yet, I am far from home, and I am not one to interfere in the laws of such foreign lands. My desire is to help you, yet the claims made against you on this scroll are..."

He hesitated a moment before grumbling, "...somewhat substantial. What do you say to these accusations?"

As Ordechai contemplated his answer, Wrenwil's gaze moved to the Hill Dwarves, particularly the one who would speak the truth.

"Tell me, is your intention to do all in your power, to deliver this man alive and well, for a fair and just trial?" He pointed to the Barossan. "Without interruption from this one's hidden agenda? Answer truthfully, and we might all leave here alive."

Wren looked to the Barossan, "No assassinations. No more blood."

He finished by answering the knight, "We shall see if they speak the truth, and can acteth as to suit their words. Watch the Barossan, his intentions are not yet clear."

07-26-2015, 12:42 AM
The dwarves regard the unfolding dialogue with some apprehension, the older one is first to respond to Wrenwils questions.

Dwarf 1: "I am Malic MountainStone and this is my son Alic..." gestures to the younger dwarf "...we are from the StoneBones Clan (https://sion.obsidianportal.com/wikis/stonebones-clan) of Belandrao Mountain (https://sion.obsidianportal.com/wikis/belandrao-mountain), under orders to accompany Garrisan on this mission as a goodwill gesture for our recent alliance with the Kingdom of Barossa (https://sion.obsidianportal.com/wikis/kingdom-of-barossa)."

"I was not aware of a secret mandate..." He says glaring at Garrisan "And the idea such a thing was kept from me angers me because... MY SON WAS ALMOST KILLED!" He roars taking a threatening step towards Garrisan. "And yet I will not forsake my duty! As far as I'm concerned it is still my charge to take the accused back for trial. If anything, hearing he is tied to the black network makes me more committed because anyone connected to them deserves death!"

"As a foreigner I don't expect you to understand our history or our laws. So I will ask you sir to identify yourself and explain what, if anything, you know about the accused? Why should I weigh your words with more consideration than my own orders?"

07-26-2015, 03:43 AM
Wrenwil nodded to the Hill Dwarves respectfully.

"Malic, Alic, it is not my place to cross the laws and rule of foreign lands. Indeed... I am most troubled by what has transpired here. My name is Wrenwil, yet some call me Nik, a humble traveler from the far away Chivalran lands. I believe in peace, order and abiding by the laws of whatever realms these tired feet take me. I mean you no trouble, and like yourselves, I wish this dispute to end without further violence or waste of life."

He looked down at his disheveled friend.

"This man Ordechai, I met on the riverboat, he was gracious and grateful, he offered to help this tired traveler reach safety along this shore as thanks, for my unexpected return to a sailor's ways. Of all those we saved on the boat, he was the one man to seek to repay the debt and offer thanks. We have walked together and talked of many small things, and I find him to be... although a most unusual man, a man who does not appear to mean any ill. Like all of us no doubt, his past shadows may haunt him, events which one can not control yet form who we are. There is little doubt that such experience may have led him to an unscrupulous past. Myself, I do not judge on the past, only what I know, and in the short time I have known him he has only been kind, offered assistance, and one final rare thing... one thing which makes all the difference in this troubled world. Friendship."

"Hence, I can not see this man battered or killed without reason, without the trial which I believe he is owed. Yet, as a friend there is little I can do to save him from the allegations on this scroll."

Wrenwil looked around to the gathering onlookers.

"This condemned man played a very large part in us being alive this day, do not forget that. Let us walk together, find strength in numbers, and see if this man can prove to you of his worth along the way."

A glance towards Garrisan.

"Your company, however, would appear to now be unwelcome. To where do you head? Far away I would strongly recommend."

07-26-2015, 05:54 AM
~This could be a test or not. Either way enough is enough.~ He coughs and puts his right hand onto the hilt of his greatsword within the mini-scabbard. It’s most likely that the goblin already looked through his belongings and knows the nature of scabbard, but who knows, right now that might even help as it says something about him.
Firstly, he tries to be diplomatic and reach for the goblins common sense, if there is such thing. Secondly, he might back it up with a little posturing.

-Speaking Goblin- “Let’s not get things out of hand. Apparently we work for the same employer, and considering the task and schedule we’ve received, I doubt any local conflict would be appreciated. So, Mr. Vakus, let’s not do anything unnecessary.” He is somewhat proud he can put together such sentences in that language as it’s not exactly known for its refinement.

He shifts his posture a bit to a more confidently relaxed state while keeping his weapon grip and looks as if he would like his chances if it would come down to a fight. Not that his chances couldn’t be much better, but he is sure he doesn’t want to take any truth serum or the like.

The goblin is old and fragile alright, but he learnt to expect surprises so best not dismiss him fully, as for the big brute, he can only hope it is as dumb and unprofessional as it looks. In the back of his mind he is preparing a fight plan. The best would be if he could cast under his breath before they rush him, preferably even before they realise the fight is going to happen to catch them off guard. He could’ve started with that, then he might’ve had better chance at catching them, but that would be also hasty.

07-28-2015, 11:38 PM
Garrisan: Glares at Wrenwil before he appeals to the older dwarf. "Malic, we can still accomplish the mission together! Don't split us up because this old man disapproves of what must be done! I am _____ your son was hurt, but my orders..."

Malic: Glowers at Garrisan and shakes his head. "Forget it! You can't even honestly say sorry for Alic! What sort of ally are you? I expected a little more character, and honor, from an agent of the Kingdom of Barossa!"

Garrisan: Gets more desperate with his tone. "Don't be naive! This has nothing to do with us! It's about him! Ordechai must not be allowed to roam free. He needs to answer for his crimes and divulge any intelligence he knows about the black network!"

Alic: "MY FATHER IS NOT NAIVE! He's old enough to be your great-grandfather human!" He exclaims angrily while pressing at the wounds on his scalp with a bloody cloth.

Garrisan: Apologizes to Alic. "I understand you want to defend your fathers reputation, as I do! Alas mine is no longer with us, he died during the midnight massacre, a tragedy I believe the black network had a hand in. So before you judge me so harshly for dishonesty, ask yourself, would you avoid completing this mission if the black network took your fathers life?!"

Ordechai: "Ahhhh so that's it! You think your fathers memory allows you to trump up charges and execute me without a trial?!"

Garrisan: Spits towards Ordechai. "We wouldn't be having this conversation if you weren't a criminal!"

Ordechai: Guffaws. "I've been shunned by humans and dwarves alike the moment the black network scarred me with these burns. Why do you think I left Barossa? Sure I've done things I'm not proud of, but even if I hadn't, few there would trust me. I have no illusions about who I am and what I've done. I did what I had to do to get by, and I'm no more dishonest than most others in my trade..."

"What's sad is how delusional you are, regarding yourself as some sort of crusader for the cause of truth, yet only insofar as it applies to you! Your obsession blinds you to the hearts of others and what they believe in. How else could you serve a man like Ramses and not see him for what he is?"

[Everyone: What do you do?]

07-29-2015, 03:56 PM
As this back and fourth spat on Kryslogious grew weary of this fools showing, the heat was no comfort to him having to stand while they bicker.

"That is enough!" he roared in common "this dispute is not one that can be solved standing amiss in the sand! I say you-" he gestures to Garrisan "and you two-" he gestures to the dwarves "come to terms on how you wish to handle this man."

He turns his head to Ordechai "-and you, despite how I personally feel about users of magiks, have been a friend to my lord. Though I cannot save you from unlawful incursions you have undertaken I can protect you until you are tried fairly under the eyes of the lord Pentos. Maybe if you can speak upon your own behalf there may be hope for you yet, but until then I humbly suggest you keep your words to yourself."

After letting loose what he needed to project he then comes to a realization that he had overstepped his bounds. He turns to Wrenwil and kneels before him.

"forgive me mine lord, hast I overstepp'd mine authority?" he humbly apologized to him in old chivalan.

07-30-2015, 07:33 PM
~Forgive him? He's saved my skin today! It won't take long for this knight to sense that I am no leader...~

Wrenwil looked to his... guard? servant? and smiled before replying in their old native tongue.

"Ariseth bright knight! You must speak your mind when, and as you see fit, your words and thoughts do matter to me as much as your actions. Through Pentos' grace you have saved me from harm. I agree with all you have spoken, this ramshackle crew of fools must make a decision, reach terms, here and now."

A glance to the bickering Barossan and Hill Dwarves followed, this was going nowhere, it was a stewing mess, ready to froth over without warning.

"I have offered healing, a commitment to travel with you to ensure safety, a friendly hand in return for seeing this man reach fair trial. What say you? I believe that the Barossan should walk, leave us and his conspiracy behind. If not, then this disagreement is yours to resolve."

07-31-2015, 12:33 AM
-Speaking Goblin- “Let’s not get things out of hand. Apparently we work for the same employer, and considering the task and schedule we’ve received, I doubt any local conflict would be appreciated. So, Mr. Vakus, let’s not do anything unnecessary.” He is somewhat proud he can put together such sentences in that language as it’s not exactly known for its refinement.

He shifts his posture a bit to a more confidently relaxed state while keeping his weapon grip and looks as if he would like his chances if it would come down to a fight.

Vakus: Raises an arrogant brow. -Speaking Goblin- "There is no conflict... disobedience against my commands, which are Crushers own orders, is treachery punishable by death!"

Ania: Grits her teeth against pain while wriggling her fingers attempting to cast a spell while Vakus and the half troll are distracted by Ersun! (Sleight of Hand Check: = 24)

Vakus: (Spot Check, DC 24: = 21, Fail)

Half-Troll: (Spot Check, DC 24: = 7, Fail)

Ania manages to cast the spell, and suddenly her hands erupt with electrical energy which she attempts to jolt into the half troll with a surprise touch attack!

Ania: (Surprise touch attack on Half Troll: = 26, Hit!)

Ania's shocking grasp easily arch's from her fingertips into the sleeves of the half trolls patchwork chain mail hauberk! (Location: Arms)(Damage: = 22) The Half Troll immediately roars with pain and releases his grip on her!

<End of Surprise Action>
<Start of Combat>

[Ersun: Roll Initiative and declare any early actions you may want to take if you do not win the initiative roll]

08-01-2015, 10:10 AM
[Initiative: 6]

[if Early Move Action: Drawing Weapon and Positioning]
Ersun quickly reacts and positions himself while drawing his sword. He moves so to get onto the goblin’s side so it would be harder for the half-breed to come and charge or flank him.

08-02-2015, 01:46 AM
Ordechai: Turns to regard the armored knight with confusion at his outburst as if thinking to himself ~Who is this?!~ ...watching him kneel towards Wrenwil only develops this puzzlement further, but given his own fate is on the line he decides not to sidetrack the issue at hand and instead appeals to the dwarves.

"Sirs, I am not your kin, or even your ally, so I will not ask you to ignore your duty. All I ask is that you admit we share one thing in common... distaste for men like him!" Points to Garrisan. "The Kingdom of Barossa is rotten with his like. So long as they are feared, pandered too or tolerated its future is dim and full of shadows. Atrocities like the midnight massacre are only a glimpse of what will come if men like him tinder a civil war..."

Garrisan: Laughs in a mocking tone. "Is this how you beg?!"

Ordechai: Ignores Garrisan and continues to address the dwarves. "He is right about one thing though... I do know things about the black network... but I was never one of their cohorts! I will share my secrets with you because they won't go to waste on dwarves of honor and backbone."

"Judge me not on his claims..." Jabs his finger again towards Garrisan "...but rather on the value of my information on the true threat to the security of your clan and the realm of Barossa!"

08-03-2015, 01:44 AM
​Alic and Malic mutter a few things to each other in dwarven before they speak up.

Malic: "Very well Ordechai, we will hear out your testimony before we decide how imperative it is to take you back for trial."

Ordechai: Nods with some relief.

Garrisan: Appears infuriated. "This is MY MISSION! I will handle the deal-making and/or questioning!"

Alic: Shakes his head. "Wrong Garrisan, your rank and position in Barossa means nothing here. We've risked our necks for this warrant so we have every right to see it through, and since we hold more votes, we've decided the best course of action is to dissolve our partnership and report you as a dishonorable cutthroat when we get back."

Garrisan: Gets red in the face. "How DARE YOU!"

Alic: "I'd advise you to leave now before we put you in chains!"

Bax: Hops up and down giddily. -Speaking Common- "Yesss I'd like to see that!"

Garrisan: Glares at everyone memorizing all your faces. "You'll regret this!" He hisses between his teeth.

[Everyone: What do you do?]

08-04-2015, 07:42 PM
The tension between the father and son team, and the Barossan was building, but Wrenwil was pleased with the direction things were taking.

"Malic, Alic, I must thank you for your words, and your acceptance to hear Ordechai's words. Alic, if you will allow me, I will tend to your wounds before we continue."

He looked to Garissan. ~We can not trust this man, he must go.~

"I am sorry that your personal wishes will not come to fruition. Every man has his reasons, yet we fear that yours may not be as just and transparent as the rest of us desire. Respect for life, change, and the notion that a man need not die for retribution alone, has prevented much blood and suffering today. From suffering, only suffering can grow. Please be on your way, and know that should it be required, we will ensure that a fair trial is allowed to this man."

08-04-2015, 10:05 PM
Kryslogious eyes Garrisan making sure he keeps good on his promise to leave. The sound of the river near by grew ever so inviting to wash the sweat of his face with, but until Garrisan has left he did not feel comfortable showing his face. While staying ever vigilant he decides to make conversation with the dwarves.

"You have a good son Malic, and he has a good axe swing..." he digressed jokingly "I will be the first to apologies for my actions, I had no intention of causing harm to good people."

He continues to converse with them when a side question staked his mind.

"My lord," he asked Wrenwil "for what cause have you summoned me? I do not recall hearing a legendary wish when I stepped fourth from the light."

08-06-2015, 01:37 AM
Frustrated beyond measure, Garrisan hastily takes his leave striding back the way you came cursing bitterly. As he departs, Malic acknowledges the armored strangers words with a nod, though he clearly remains uneasy about him.

Malic: -Speaking Common to Kryslogious- "Alic sharpens that axe every evening, fortunate for you that your armor is fine enough to prevent a more serious wound."

Alic:-Speaking Dwarven to Malic- "Perhaps more fortunate for me that the skull of a StoneBones dwarf is harder than a rock!" He jokes while tying off the bloody bandage around his head and grimaces. "What do you think father? Should I let the stranger 'tend to my wounds'?"

Malic: -Answers back to Alic in Dwarven- "If they wanted to finish us off at this point they wouldn't have to resort to trickery. So far as this goes we might as well trust them knowing mighty Moradin is watching over us."

Alic: -Speaking Dwarven- "Does it not shame us to receive aid from a human cleric?"

Malic: -Speaking Dwarven- "No son, it does not shame us. It honors them rather to be able to aid a warrior son of Moradin, even if they might not see it that way."

Alic: Grunts and calls back to Wrenwil. -Speaking Common- "Yes sir you may tend to my wounds!"

Meanwhile Malic continues to look upon the armored knight scratching at his beard before he finally works up the nerve to ask...

Malic: -Speaking Common to Kryslogious- "Who are you strange one and why have you appeared?" He asks.

The rest of the caravan begins to move forward again now that the battle has ended. None of the others seem interested in comment except the Mgorongoron bard who timidly approaches Ordechai for an introduction.

[Kryslogious, Wrenwil: What do you do?]

__________________________________________________ __

<End of Scene 1>

Experience Award Time (* = Normal xp adjusted for bloodlines, roleplaying xp is not penalized for bloodlines like normal xp)

Main Group______________________________________


Kryslogious - 500 xp + 300 bonus roleplaying xp +1 Build Point
Wrenwil - 500 xp + 300 bonus roleplaying xp +2 Build Points

Ordechai - 250 xp
Bax - 300 xp
Alic - 250 xp
Malic - 250 xp
Zie'Chael - 150 xp

__________________________________________________ __

Other Group_________________________________________

Ersun - 750 xp + 200 bonus roleplaying xp + 2 build points

Ania - 500 xp
__________________________________________________ __

__________________________________________________ ___

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