View Full Version : About time for another Audition

04-09-2015, 10:59 PM
About 7 years ago I ran an audition for players. I had 4 sessions in total with 3 established players and 2-3 new players. The idea being that you don't really know how well you are going to fit into a gaming group until you actually sit down to play, and there is nothing more damaging to the cohesiveness of a group than having players come and go frequently. Given that there were about 12 people who auditioned and we only added 2 players, this move did not make us extremely popular in the Portland gaming scene (even though I was pretty up-front). However it DID net me 2 players that I still game with today, so I call that a win.

Well its time for another audition. Some players have moved away, some have stopped gaming, and some are just too busy. We have 3 players now and want 4-6 total. The "audition" will be in the form of a night of rousing adventure that will (hopefully) test your wits and judgement. Should all go well you may earn a spot in the official campaign.

Once the audition is complete the actual game will start. This is a FRESH campaign where all the decisions have not been made yet. At this point we know the following:

We will be using the new D&D 5ed gamebooks.
Setting will be fantasy with magic being uncommon
Game will likely be saturday
game will be every 3 weeks

My campaigns tend to have 70-30 roleplaying to combat. Frequently they include a sound track and atmospheric audio. Plenty of visual aids, and as much player interaction as I can manage. We are looking for players that do not take themselves too seriously and enjoy getting into character as much as falling out of it for a good joke.

Post questions if you have them, or reach out vie message and we can get the ball rolling. The date of the first session will depend entirely on the number of gamers who respond.