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04-01-2015, 08:21 PM
Recently having thought about cool settings and the like, I've been wanting to run an online Evangelion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_Genesis_Evangelion) game. Here's an easy summary:

The player characters are psychologically unstable teenagers tapped by a secretive paramilitary organization in order to pilot bio-mechanical monstrosities in humanity's last bid for survival.

So with that in mind, I figure we need to have two primary systems in place; first, one for the player characters themselves, and the second one for the robots they pilot. I know that Adeptus Evangelion uses the WH40K system, but I don't think it fits for two reasons. First, it's kind of clunky, and I'd like this to be streamlined enough to be able to use on forum games. Second, WH40K is incredibly deadly and if PCs are dying all over the place, there's not much of a place for continuity or player investment. It fits much better if players slowly devolve into insanity from their minds breaking not only from abuse, but also from feeling the pain that the robot they pilot "experiences".

So for the base system, I figure that the "vanilla mortal" nWoD rules could fit well, as they model a modern human being relatively well. I'm pretty settled on that.

However, I don't know what system to use for piloting the robots and the like. Some things I would like to model:

Synchronicity ratios (how "in tune" you are with your robot). This would affect how well you can pilot and the like. A few thoughts: Perhaps roll a d10 against your sync ratio, and if you roll above it, the robot doesn't listen to you for one "round", either acting randomly or just standing there. This can be increased with proper RP of "feeling" your Evangelion's pain as you empathize with it further.

Insanity. I haven't really found insanity rules that I like, but perhaps the "breaking point" rules from the GMC nWoD rules could be a decent start. Need to think more on it. Has anyone found any decent rules for it? A thought; perhaps you can "exploit" (with a chance of permanently ruining) current relationships with NPCs in order to regain sanity? That seems to dovetail well into the concept of being alone, isolated, and misunderstood, especially as a teenager. Another cool thing might be sacrificing sanity in order to gain a bigger boost from your robot--that is, letting go of your own consciousness to meld deeper with the Evangelion... but you have a chance of losing part of yourself and maybe even turning into tang.

The robots themselves fighting against equivalent BBEG monstrosities. While it should be scary and there should be back-and-forth (especially so that they get damaged, and thus the players can raise their sync ratios by experiencing the pain themselves), I don't want it to be too fatal, for the aforementioned reasons. Furthermore, combat should be fairly streamlined so that it doesn't take months to resolve in a PbP scenario. Perhaps I should create new character-building rules under WoD for the Evangelions? Or is there a better system I can use? I don't particularly want to use WoD for the actual Evangelion fighting as I prefer that aspect of combat to be more tactical and strategic (I don't care as much about the actual characters' fighting), and WoD seems kinda sparse for that without a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock system where you can counter and out-think your opponent. Need to think more on it.

Since robots are so damn big, there would probably not be squares/hexes, but instead "zones" where you could move from one turn to the next, and only be able to affect things one zone away, and be able to attack or defend against anything in the same zone. Some ranged weaponry would be able to travel between zones, but that's a little iffy and tend to miss. We want combat to be in-your-face so enemies hurt the players, thus giving them the chance to RP feeling hurt and to increase their sync rate.

So, any thoughts on the above? Lots of questions and ideas wandering around the ol' noggin, and any input would be helpful :-)

04-02-2015, 10:44 AM
As long as you're open to drawing up some perfectly-tailored-game-specific rules (read: house rules), you should try Modos RPG (http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/144254/Modos-Roleplaying-Game-version-1301). It's free, very flexible, and not crunchy at all.

Some ideas:

Synchronicity: you can create another attribute for this, using the attribute bonus for all skills performed while piloting. Or a synchronicity die: you can add your synch-die to your contests while piloting, but this same die you use to take some type of damage (physical or mental) whenever your robot does.

Insanity: this is already modeled under the rules of mental damage.

Not too fatal: PCs don't die in Modos RPG. They just become Mostly Dead, and it's up to the player and GM to decide how to recover from that.

Zone combat: a tweak to the combat posture system might get you exactly what you're looking for.


04-02-2015, 12:27 PM
Thank, I'll take a look at it. I'm thinking of tying sanity to Willpower (both permanent and temporary) for characters, on their WoD sheet.

Your suggestion regarding sync ratings--I take it that die/attribute is in the Modos RPG? I'll give it a read-through, perhaps it'll fit my purposes well enough :-)

04-07-2015, 12:59 AM
Yes, those are references to Modos RPG, and the quick-and-easy house rules you could throw in.

If you've played D&D, you'll see a similarity between attributes and abilities. Modos RPG has three attributes, which you can use broadly or tailor them to your character. It's easy to add new attributes, and there's an example of this in chapter 10.

The synch-die is a spinoff of the hero point and progress rules. Hero points allow you to add a die to the total of certain rolls, and progress is how you measure how close you are to achieving your goals. Progress is rolled with dice from 1d4 to 1d12.

04-14-2015, 09:32 AM