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03-28-2015, 04:51 AM
:yo: Hello everyone! I just joined and thought I'd write a short "hey there" as well as ask about a game floating on the net that I can't find for the life of me find..

First of myself, I have barely been able to play PPGs as I didn't discover what they were until about college or so! (I remember reading Jason playing some awesome game in Foxtrot when I was younger, but I could never figure out what it was!) A little over a year ago, a few of my friends and I got together and started a game of Edge of the Galaxy. Needless to say, it's what I'd been dreaming of since I was 8.

I moved to China several months ago so I'm not really available to play. I am making a comic of some kids playing table top games though, so I'd like to be part of a community to learn more about it from 'the inside' (as much as I can without playing that is). Anyway, howdy!

The Question:
In middle school, I came across a website of a guy who made his own games. There are two games I remember from that site. One is called Warring Lands (99% sure on the name). It's a very basic fantasy PPG where you use regular playing cards instead of dice or anything else. The second game utilized a bunch of d6.. but of different colors. The white die represented the sword and the black represented the shield. But the shield also had powers such as fire and ice etc.
I've looked for this website many times and one time actually found it!! It was just before I moved to China and I have NO idea where I wrote down the URL (I MUST have though..) and I cannot for the life of me find it now.. So I was just hoping someone on here had a clue as to the games I was talking about and could kindly point me to the website ;)

Sorry for the long introduction, glad to be joining the community :tea:

Matt James
03-29-2015, 08:52 PM
Welcome to the site. I can't say I've ever heard of Warring Lands. I hope someone can help out.