View Full Version : Show and Tell: a new kind of bard

03-14-2015, 10:00 AM
After petitioning the chat room for some bard-design help last night, this is what I came up with (yes, this is the entire character sheet):

Kevwin of Bordrock, bard, level 3Attributes: P 14, M 8, MP 11
Skills: Defend (parry) +7 (+2), deceive +1
Perks: Toughness (18), heroic companion, fearless
Gear: dagger d4+1, short sword d6+1, long sword d8+1, large shield (parry +3)(half-elf device, dragony), leather armor d4, pet wolf
Concept: a friendly sellsword who makes money by taking on risks, and earns food by telling stories about it (deceive). He keeps his beard short to keep the lice away, and has a bit of a cleanliness fixation. His favorite story is the one about the dragon sighting: he was fighting a duel against the major’s champion (a brute of a giant), when a saw a dragon over the hills. Normally he just lies for the diversion, but this time he saw a real one, and it bought him enough time to hamstring the beast and win a nice purse as well. His pet wolf “Red,” is actually a gray wolf, but has some dark blood stains and scars.