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http://www.koboldpress.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Loboyko-Kobold-Jiro-Mascot-238x300.png (http://www.koboldpress.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Loboyko-Kobold-Jiro-Mascot.png)Scholars can collect bits of this or bits of that amid their search for knowledge. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.
d12. Curiosity

Six polyhedrals with four sides. They change color, and each one has a different holy symbol on each side.
Seeds from a variety of plants. One is within a glass vial that says, “Do not expose to air.”
A crystal sphere that releases a rainbow into the room when touched.
A hollow minotaur horn with a blowpiece attached to the edge. Runes shimmer on the horn. (If blown, a ghostly minotaur shows up and seems peeved.)
A pane of amethyst quartz has a gold symbol representing chaos in the middle of it.
A collection of mismatched ear dangles fills the box.
The box, when opened, suddenly becomes twenty closed ones. Each one has a piece of parchment with a single word on it. These words might form a sentence.
A single leaf from a tree is within this box. It flares and crackles as if made of flame. How it does not burn the box is a mystery.
A bell crafted from translucent silver material rests within the box. If rung, the sound issues forth and then vanishes. A few seconds later, you hear, as if from very far away, a resounding crack followed by a deep bass echo that shakes the very ground you stand upon.
A collection of buttons with bits of thread still attached fills the box.
These words are within the box, “By opening this box, you have agreed to fulfill the next request made to you.” Only the person opening the box can see these words — the parchment is blank to all other gazers.
Tiny little humanoid skulls are hopping around the inside of the box. The thick velvet lining the box had muted their antics.

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