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You have found the secret lair of an ancient demon in the Dwanen Mountains! Turn back adventurer before it is too late! Do you have a passion for tabletop style roleplaying games but just don't have the time for them? Darkness Ends RPG just might have a solution for you. This one of the kind fantasy game only takes a few minutes per week to enjoy. You don't have to spend hours creating a character sheet, participate in a group session at a certain day and time of the week, and you only need to come in once a week for 15 minutes online!

So what do we have here?

01. Character creation is done for you.
02. There is no requirement to participate at a certain time or day.
03. The game can cater to your style of roleplaying.
04. It takes only 15 minutes to issue commands for your adventurer to stay busy for the week or whenever you have time to play.
05. The game is free.
06. You will get ideas to write stories about your adventurer.
07. There are easy to understand rules on how to get engaged in the game right away.
08. The game is more than just a hack and slash and reap the treasure gaming. (Of course you can play this also if desired)
09. The game is played at the site.
10. This Player's Guide will get you started right away.

Do you still have questions? No problem let us see if some of those questions can be answered by reading further.

What is Darkness Ends RPG?
Darkness Ends RPG is a free play by action medieval fantasy strategy game. It is an original fantasy setting that has its own unique game system that is easy to learn on the first day.

Is it like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder?
It may seem like a Dungeons & Dragons game, yet it really is a bit easier in this perspective. You donít have to spend a long time working on the character creation or have to carry a bag of dice to play this game. You donít have to be on at a certain time of the week reporting to a group of players either. This game doesnít take long to play allowing you to enjoy other games throughout the week.

Is the game automated?
No this game is hosted for you live, but you don't have to be present to post your actions using a submission form.

Do I roll at any time the dice for this game?
The GM rolls dice for both your adventurer and the opponents. He also rolls for certain events the adventurer may encounter. There may be times when he asks for you to roll also depending on situation. He uses www.rolz.org (http://www.rolz.org/) for dice rolls, which are recorded for you to see.

Do I adjust the character sheet at anytime during the game?
The GM also adjusts your character sheet for you after each action spreadsheet result.

What exactly can I do in this game?
To play this game you only have to issue 5 action commands on a spreadsheet whenever you have time. You can also write in a journal about your adventurerís experiences after each spreadsheet result.

What is an action spreadsheet?
An action spreadsheet allows you to issue commands for your adventurer. The adventurer has 5 action points per week. The week has 5 days so each action point represents one full day. Your action spread sheet is right below your character sheet that your GM created for you here in the forums at the site.

How do I get started?
Click on Character Creation button at the top part of the website. From there, fill out the form to create your adventurer. The GM will then create a pre-made character sheet and your individual webpage on the site with instructions on how to proceed.

What can I do while I wait for my character sheet to be created?
Once you have registered find the time to read this Playerís Guidebook of which you can either read or download at the site.

Do I have to be on certain days or times in the week to play this game?
You come in whenever you have time. There is no specific time to play the game, yet it would be great if you can post your commands at least once a week.

How many classes and races are there to choose from?
There are over twenty heroes to choose from.

When exploring the lands what will I find?
Over 1000 different events can happen to your adventurer ranging from encountering monsters, allies, finding magical items, solving riddles, winning the lottery, falling in love, exploring ruins and dungeons, or even inheriting businesses.

Best Fit Gamer
As you will know this game is a one of a kind homebrew. Plays by post games usually need a small group of roleplayers to enjoy the game. In this game you only rely on the GM to provide results to the actions you posted on a spreadsheet, which will be explained later. So in principle the only job you have is to post 5 action commands to receive results from the GM. Your character sheet is automatically adjusted and you donít have to worry about being on at a certain time of the day or week. To play this game one has to have a strategic mind. In other words, one has to keep an eye on the character sheet and make wise decisions concerning which actions are best posted for the situation the character you created.

Here are other bonus points for a roleplayer when joining this game.

- A passion for reading fantasy
- Detailed orientated
- Passion for writing to keep up with a journal
- Good comprehension skills
- Persistency in learning
- Imaginative and creative
- Reliable to the game
- Honesty about real life situations in case one canít play anymore
- People friendly Ė there are activities that can get you involved with other roleplayers
- A healthy competitive nature for trivia or writing competitions
- Open minded to a flexible game system unheard of
- Cooperation with the GM
- Upbeat attitude towards the game

Join us at www.playbyaction.com (http://www.playbyaction.com/)

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8 players have joined! There is still room! Don't wait too long if you still want to have a chance in the ranking tables. :)