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03-03-2015, 06:24 AM
So I designed a game of pathfinder that was to have 2-4 players. Thus it was designed to spend quite a bit of time with each players own story line. Well I'm a victim of my own success I guess, I have 8 players. So I have decided to rush the Pathfinders game to a close. Then start a game that is designed for this many players. The principle issue has been, the acquisition of most magic items, and all above a +2 rating is completely done via Deals with planer or powerful magic creatures. These deals can take forever to hammer out. So I spend an hour talking with one PC and the rest of the group gets bored. I have been toying with the idea of steam punk as a replacement game.

The more I have been thinking about it the more I wanna go ahead and run my Star-Quake Setting, a sort of Steampunk/Fantasy/Sci-fi -Space exploration game. The primary unique thing of Star-Quake is that there are 3 different Technology paths and each race has its own progress on each of those paths. There is the Mechanical technology, Organic Technology, and finally Magic Technology. The Magic Technology is based around this special Element called "13", it is a crystalline metallic form of Mana. The Name Star-Quake comes from how the junk is mined since it doesn't naturally occur within our dimension but within a pocket dimension within stars and large gas giants. Mining this resource cause tremors(Quakes) to appear in the mined star. Also using "13" to go FTL causes similar minor Quakes in nearby stars.

Anyway enough about my game world. I have a couple of questions.
1: Any Idea how to transition a group from high fantasy to the aforementioned Steampunk/Fantasy/Sci-fi -Space exploration game?
2: I know I'm risking losing some players, they all are ok with the switch BTW. Is there any way you guys have found to maybe lessen the Culture shock?
3: Does this system sound cool to y'all or do i just have blinders on cause I made the thing?

03-03-2015, 08:06 AM
1) Require them to watch your favorite sci-fi movie before the game starts, and be sure to give them a sizeable chunk of fiction to read based in your campaign setting.
2) Just go ahead and lose players, since that's why you're starting a new game anyway.
3) Star-Quake sounds cool to me, but that's probably because I picture a game set in the Quake 2 world. But that might mix well with your setting, since the monsters in Quake 2 have plenty of organic technology AND magic technology.
Quake 2 gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4_uGTF-oJc

03-03-2015, 08:31 AM
Yeah Quake series was part of my inspiration.

03-03-2015, 08:56 AM
This is a bit outside the box, but, what if you allowed your players to incorporate their old character into the background of the new one they're creating. For example, their new character might be the great, great, great, great grandchild of the barbarian they were playing in the game that's being closed. Just a line of two to connect the old character to the new could be helpful in transitioning the players from one setting to another. You could even give a small item to any player that does this, like a piece of jewelry that has been passed down through generations.

It's a bit out of the box, but I figure it can't hurt to suggest it. Good luck with your game.

03-03-2015, 10:28 AM
Interesting idea, not really that applicable in this game but very interesting. I'm using a different set of PC races in StarQuake and with elf, dwarf, gnome, and halfling being part of the party that kinda shoots the idea down. But I like it that could be a nifty way of doing things in another setting.

03-04-2015, 11:48 AM
So I pulled a lot of inspiration for the setting from Quake, Outlaw star(anime), Old school sci fi like 1980's, a little from AD&D spelljammer, and a few random things found online. The original idea was " A game set in sci fi space adventure but where a lot of the tech is magic not technology" I evolved the setting from there. I ended up with Three technology types Organic, Magical, and Technological. They represent the various paths of technological progression and are rated 0-9 a general rule of thumb is if its under 6 they cannot get to space on that tech. If its under a 8 they are relying on Quake Rails(like a giant rail gun that shoots ships into FTL) to achieve FTL. I'm very interested in running the setting I may offer an online game on here soon. Currently the setting is fairly system agnostic but I am converted it to Savage Worlds and Alternity. Focusing heavily on Alternity at the moment cause my F2F group will be playing it in that system.

If you have any suggestions for other sources of inspiration or monsters and the like, please share. I've been working on a basic Enemy Manual. (basically a Monster manual but including ships, weapons, spells, and some history about the entry). I have a lot of work left but if I get it going it should be fairly fun and slightly campy.

I am currently building a test play adventure and party to run my group through a game with, Alternity of course. The party is a merchant transport working the rout between a major planet and a "13" mine. I was thinking of having them get attacked by an Aceary raiding ship. The Aceary are a sort of scavenger pirate race moving through the galaxy stealing tech and sometimes whole worlds. They use lots of slaves too. The party would be stranded outside of the normal shipping lanes. They scan around and find a system. Which happens to contain an undiscovered Quake Rail but this one has a lifeform attached to it, some sort of parasite feeding off the mana radiation. The Idea being they have to get the lifeform off the rail to use it to get home. But it doesn't want to let go of its rich food source.

Well does that sound like a fun adventure to introduce the game?