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God Gemmon
02-18-2015, 11:19 PM
Welcome to Eldruden Earth. God is dead and so are his Angels. Demons and Devils maraud the haunted landscape, where humans hang from the skies, Hell has fused with nearly ninety percent of the Earth, and the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes have turned to blood.

Humanity is threatened with extinction. Hell Storms frequent the remaining cities. Butcher men prowl the streets in packs, preying on innocents. Serial Killers are initiated into demonic cults where their deadly art is refined and skills honed.

Fortunately, there are the Godchilds. Conscious shards of the slain deity, Jehovah, they possess many powers and are masters of wielding Kavashem and are also known as “Eldrudens”.

This Edition of Godchild contains all the rules necessary to endure a Nightmare as a Godchild.


02-19-2015, 03:46 PM
1) Sounds painful... :-)

2) WHY? Red on black? GAH!!!!! Ummm... may I suggest you try some good 'ol fashioned black on white? Let the game speak for itself. I don't need blood red on black to evoke the dark horror feeling. Either that game evokes it in words or it doesn't. GAHHHHH!@!!!!! OK. I'm ok now.

02-20-2015, 07:15 AM
Jehovah died, Tre. All white disappeared from the world.

The color scheme looks fun on my screen, but I would probably disapprove in print. The setting looks fun too, but I don't know about diceless systems.

02-20-2015, 07:54 AM
yeah i was not very optimistic when I did my read through