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02-14-2015, 02:17 AM
If any of you Shadowrun players are like me, you're terribly sick of counting the pips on the huge pile of dice you just rolled to see if you succeeded, failed, or glitched. If you'd like to save time as well as have some cool dice to show off at your next Shadowrun session, please keep reading!

Anyone who has looked for Shadowrun dice know that they are some of the most impossible things to find in the world. Being in such small production for such a short amount of time, you'd be lucky to find a pack of 4 on eBay every 6 months. I personally know only one person with some of these dice and he owns a mere 24 collected years apart over his entire Shadowrun career.

Well here I am with my own free time to the rescue! Custom dice, painted in a way that you can tell how many successes, fails, and glitches you rolled in a short, simple glance.
Shown below are the dice I currently use as well as a couple sample dice I mocked up.
Your dice can be plain white, black, or any color and amount you wish and the 5 and 6 pips can be painted with gold, silver, or any color you would like whereas the 1 pip could be painted a separate color, such as red to signify a bad roll or simply painted the die's own color to blend in with the background. You may even provide your own dice and choose your own colors.

Due to the highly variable nature of this process, the price most likely will need to e discussed on a per-order basis. Most dice can be comfortably produced for $.50 each or less.
The variables involved are if you would like plain white or black dice (I have already ordered 100 of each), if you would like to provide your own dice, order dice and have them shipped to me, or if you would like me to pay for everything such as ordering your preferred dice myself, painting them, and shipping them to you with a single flat rate.

Please let me know if this is a service you guys would like! This is as new for me as it is for you, but I saw an opportunity and decided to go for it! Prices and services can always be discussed, and if at any time you're not comfortable, feel free to cancel.

Please PM me with your e-mail and any other information you deem pertinent if this is a service you feel you would be interested in.

-Jeremy a.k.a. Jrezky