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01-23-2015, 10:47 AM
I have this D20 Modern game I've written over the last year or so and I'd like to find some people interested in playing it. It is short enough that it could be run in one or two sessions, or it could also go on for 5 or 6, depending on how much you chew the scenery. I ran it once before and I've fixed some things, so this is the second draft. It's a very cinematic kind of game, I have a lot of cut scenes that describe what's happening around you without forcing any choices on the player characters beyond the initial character creation. It's kind of a cross between Alien and Evil Dead. There are scary monsters, some are silly evil like evil dead and some are scary evil like alien and they spook you at first, but then you get it together and fight back. And I have a cool story here too. It's regular non magical D20 Modern to begin with and, not to give any spoilers (don't read beyond) but you could maybe possibly potentially you might have access to the mage and acolyte classes by 5th level (but no psionics, it just doesn't fit the flavor / theme of the game).

A little about the game for temptation purposes...

You can make any kind of character you want, but they must have a reason to be traveling across the Pacific on a commercial airline. The players can decide collectively where on the west coast of north america they are coming from and where on the east coast of asia they are going to; as this is only a matter of flavor to inspire character creation. You can start with anything you want in terms of gear, as long as it's something you could get past the TSA without significant effort (as in, no smuggling); but please specify what is in your carry on and what is in your luggage.

The exact date on which this story occurs is irrelevant, except that it takes place in 2015 during what, in the mid or south pacific, would be considered the rainy season.

Flight 236, flying over the pacific ocean in the middle of the night, in a terrible thunderstorm, from (any major city on the west coast of north america) to (any major city on the east cost of asia or australia) ran out of fuel with 306 passengers aboard. The right engine was leaky, and the crew performed a delicate fuel imbalance procedure—incorrectly—from memory. When lightning struck the plane all communication systems were fried, the radio was out and the satellite transmitting the plane's Wi-Fi internet went down. Below stretched the open ocean for hundreds of miles. As the interior lights flickered and oxygen masks dangled from the ceiling, weeping flight attendants instructed everyone to prepare for a crash landing into the sea. Then, with what seemed to be a stroke of luck, the pilot located a small abandoned WWII era military base on a tiny island in the middle of the pacific. The tarmac was cluttered with debris, but fortunately the landing strip itself was clear. The captain was preparing to make a crash landing without the aid of a landing gear, just as he lined up the plane with the landing strip and hit the flats some strong force pushed down on the left wing and sent the plane spiraling, it flipped over one and a half times, hitting the ground upside down. The right wing smashed into the debris of a massive (modern) army cargo plane, ripping the wing of and putting the plane into a spin. It skidded sideways into an airplane hangar. The fire on board the air craft was raging and a total of 200 survivors made it out of the plane alive (most with serious injuries) and retreated into the nearest shelter, another nearby hangar, to get out of the torrential rain and gain a safe distance from the burning wreckage. Shortly after retreating to a safe distance, the survivors watched as the fire reached the fuel tanks, which exploded, completely destroying the plane and the hangar it crashed into.

Now the captain organizes a group and sends them to explore the old air force base and try to find some way of sending for help. He insists the PCs go immediately, some people have critical injuries and may die soon if they don't get proper medical attention.

The players have only what is on their person or in their carryon; in which case they need a DC12 search check to find it in the chaos of those few seconds after they crashed and before they fled the burning wreckage. They may also search the hangar they find themselves in and find some tools used for fixing and maintaining airplanes. Although this is a WWII era base and appears to have been abandoned for some time, the tools you find are all modern and despite all outside appearances, everything inside the hangar seems to be clean and in working order.

Anyone interested? I would want to do this on saturday nights, although if another day of the week would work better I'm open to that. It just has to be 8pm or later.