View Full Version : Werewolf: the Forsaken

Captain America
01-22-2015, 09:06 PM

WHAT: Looking for a few players for a Werewolf: the Forsaken game. We need at least 1 more; but can take up to 3.

WHEN: The game is on Thursday's 7pm EST

WHERE: Skype, though we might try to pressure our ST onto here if we can get a few more players. :D

WHY: It's Fun?

Setting. So we are playing a game set in Western Pennsylvania, modern day. The main protagonists are spirits (ST is tired of all forsaken games being focused on Pure as sole baddies ) Our party has a couple of combat monkeys and could certainly use at least one if not two ritual or spirit types. (Bone Shadows, Iathers, ect ) That said, honestly you can make any werewolves you'd like though.