View Full Version : The Bard's Tale: A New Lord Cometh

01-19-2015, 11:09 AM
Hello gamers:

I'd like to GM a Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones style game on a weekly (evening) basis. Day of the week is pretty flexible - depends on what the group needs. Also, I'll be using a learn-as-you-play style to teach the game system, which is pretty easy. The game is very flexible, which is why it's "75% roleplaying." Be ready to be creative. The reason that it's "25% combat" is because fighting might be a little more dangerous than you expect. The good news, though, is that death usually isn't an option for PCs.

What's this about a bard, and a new lord?

You live on an untamed countryside which was once the dominion of a great elven empire. However, war, magic, and legendary fire-breathing dragons have brought that empire low. Now, human tribes rise in power, with some leaders calling themselves kings, pushing away both enemy tribes and bands of savage giants. Conflict is commonplace here, which makes the highways a very dangerous place to be.

But there are brave souls who fare along the highways in order to bring tidings and seek adventure. These are the bards - homeless and fearless.

Recent tidings tell of a tribe that has won the former elven capitol. This tribe has united others, and stands to become the first human kingdom. With a new kingdom comes a new lord. And with a new lord comes a new choice: peace or war?