View Full Version : The Rough Dogs - Steampunk game (Bay Area, CA)

01-07-2015, 06:44 PM
This is a Steampunk game - which isn't an option from the above list.

Anyway, I have a game that is in need of players. It will be starting in Late January or Early February. The game is weekly, and goes from 7 PM to 10 PM.

The premise of the game is that steam-tech, early electrical technology, and a few other things boosted society forward, technologically. It's not set on Earth, at least not ours, though the parallels are easy to see.

The characters aren't dilettante global adventurers. They're stuck in the slums of the largest city in the world - a place known as The Seeds. There's a revolution brewing, as younger, less wealthy people are feeling the crunch on their backs from the society around them.

The characters are all part of a gang, which will be created in play.

Rock & Roll and it's variations came 100 years early. This influences your character.

While the Church thinks its managed to eliminate magic, magic still exists in small ways. In addition, Mad Scientists shape the world on an almost constant basis.

There are still monsters in the shadows, though some have been forced to take "The Cure," which in theory makes them human again. Well, mostly human. The government doesn't really follow up on an individual level.

The setting has a lot in it - political intrigue, horror, fantasy, doing bad things for good reasons . . .

Best pitch I can think of: A street level, rock & roll fueled Girl Genius.

I hope this interests people, and you can contact me with any questions.

Thanks for reading