View Full Version : [Skype/Roll20] LFP Powered by the Apocalypse games

01-01-2015, 04:03 PM
Hey everyone.
I’m looking to find players who’d be interested joining one of the games that use the “Powered by the Apocalypse” system on a weekday starting at 7PM UTC+2 for about a 4 hour session. Aside from Wednesdays, my schedule is pretty flexible most evenings so I’m sure I can work something out to meet at least once a week. The game can go through Skype or Google Hangouts for voice and roll20 when needed.

I’ve read up on, played in and run a couple of the different PbtA games already, and would be up for running many of the games and genres:

Apocalypse World - Post-Apocalyptic
Monsterhearts - Teen Monster Drama
Urban Shadows - Urban Fantasy
Worlds in Peril - Superhero
Monster of the Week - Monster Hunters
Tremlus - Lovecraft Horror
Dungeon World - Sword and Sorcery

Reply or contact me on Skype/Gmail: blatoe. Tell me what games you're interested in and when you’d be free to meet up.