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12-13-2014, 10:59 PM
Iím a Salem GM whoís transitioning from a slowly-dying online game to find some RL players in the area. My main focus is Fate Core--Iíve been playing almost exclusively Fate-based games for five or six years, and Iíve actually designed a Fate Core supplement (search Strange Voyages on Kickstarter)--and Iím looking to play and playtest a military/spy fiction/time travel game.
My new game--Crosstime--is a gritty pulp game about the consequences of changing history. PCs are operatives in a temporal war between many factions trying to change the timeline to their preferences.
That said, Iíve played plenty of other games and would be willing to run some other stuff. No D&D or other Tolkienian fantasy, please, Iím completely sick of it. Iím very familiar with d20 Modern and Paranoia (2nd & XP editions and just Kickstarted the new edition). Iíve also read but havenít actively played several Cortex Plus games, notably Leverage, Firefly, and Marvel Heroic, as well as Shadowrun. Iím interested in exploring some stranger games that stretch genres or format: Nobilis, Donít Rest Your Head, Fiasco, Unknown Armies, Becoming, etc.
Iíve mostly GMed for a long time, and also would be interested in taking some time on the other side of the table!