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12-10-2014, 11:48 PM
​A continuing campaign that meets bi-weekly on Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 7:30PM-11PM Pacific. As of 11/21/2014, this campaign is open and looking for 3-4 players who live in the Seattle area to continue this Adventure Path from the middle of Book 1. The initial sessions were well summarized and used to evaluate Roll20 for the first quarter of 2014. We will be using that tool to complete the AP and build a group local to the Seattle, WA area.

Guidelines for players looking to join a group:
1. This is a group for working professionals who have played RPG’s for 15+ years. We are looking for those who will make the time to meet at least twice a month to keep the story going and to build a cohesive group.
2. We will play 75% of the campaign remotely on Wednesdays (sometimes Thursdays) using Roll20. The remaining percentage of play will occur in ‘old-school’ fashion at a table local to the East Side of Seattle. The live tabletop events will be 6 hours or so in length, will occur on a Friday or Saturday evening, and will generally involve a more climactic piece of the story.
3. We are using standard Pathfinder Rules. There is a wiki-page with a few house rules on our Obsidian Portal Website, relative to character generation.
In this campaign, there is a balanced amount of play between tabletop encounters and interaction between PC’s. If you are interested and will seriously commit yourself to building a group on the East Side of Seattle, please email me a character concept either through Pen & Paper or Obsidian Portal. PCs will start at 3rd Level.

OP Campaign Link​
https://pathfinder-adventure-path-ri...ianportal.com/ (https://pathfinder-adventure-path-rise-of-the-runelords.obsidianportal.com/)