View Full Version : My Free Homemade Parrises Squares Dice Game

12-10-2014, 08:28 AM
Hi everybody, this is a free game download you can try, whether you give me feedback or not, and thank you for your time either way.

I've designed a quick-play team vs. team dice-and-stats game, adapted from Star Trek: The Next Generation's fictional combat sport called Parrises Squares. Two players each create a team of 4 (or 8) members, each with a Shooter, Escort, Passer and Keeper, to compete in four quarters of fifteen-minutes each, where members must overcome the central pyramid obstacle (ala American Gladiators) to cross into the opponent's Play or Goal Zone and use an ion mallet to blast the odderon (the ball) into the opposing team's goal.

At the moment, it is basically choosing an Action Order and Play for your team for each quarter of a match, to determine what outcomes occurred for those members and what points were scored.

Any questions are welcome, as are any ideas or suggestions, and especially anyone that cared to playtest it. Again, I really appreciate your time and any feedback and what you did or didn't like, etc. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

This should be 12 pages, including a "cover" of sorts.



12-11-2014, 05:07 PM
Bravo! Well done!