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12-08-2014, 07:28 PM
Hi all, I'm one of the supporters of a local FLGS in Vancouver, BC called Players Wanted Games & Collectibles (http://playerswantedcollectibles.com (http://playerswantedcollectibles.com/)). We host drop-in D&D 5e on Sundays and we're always looking for more players to play and meet with! You can find all the information below. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and we hope to see you there.
Are you a player who loves D&D but can’t commit to coming every week? Are you looking for a more episodic experience but would like it to consistently happen every week? Then join the ranks of Ostheart’s (translated: Iron Forged Heart) finest and be a part of the City Watch!

Help keep the streets safe and magic free
All martial applicants welcome
Financial incentives for martial training proficiency
All recruits will have Paladin Officer escorts

Remember, “See something magical, report it”.

The City Watch is in need of recruits. Whoever shows up during the week will be one of the cadets that respond to the “apb” that went out for whatever crime has recently occurred. They will be escorted by a 4th level City Watch Officer.

Interact with a cast of recurring NPC’s who will evolve and react to the City Watch differently each time you bump into them based on his previous interactions with the City Watch. We’ll be accepting level 1 martial characters only (i.e. no druid, wizard, warlock, or sorcerer). Don’t want to make a character? We have several pre-generated characters for you to pick from!

Tutorial – 4-6 pm
Break – 6-6:30 pm
Campaign – 6:30-9pm or later