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Another spell lost to the ages (or vagaries of lore) has been recovered. This time, Frank Gori gives us an option for acquiring other potentially lost lore.Revive Lost Tome
School Necromancy (language dependent); Level cleric/oracle 4, wizard/sorcerer 4, inquisitor 4, bard 4
Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, F (scrap of parchment with name of tome)
Range Personal
Effect Summons a ghostly tome or parchment
Duration 1 hour/level or special see text
Saving Throw *See text Spell Resistance no
You call forth an ethereal tome or parchment that has no living copy and that you either know the proper name of or an adequate description of (may require Knowledge check.)*This can be used to summon a lost or damaged spell book, but if the summoned tome is used to memorize a spell, the duration of the spell ends and discharges a negative energy burst equal to 1d6/level of the spell memorized (DC is same as if channeled by caster, Fort save for 1/2 damage.) Illustrations, maps, schematics, and architectural plans may be summoned provided they have text. Any text summoned will be as written the day it was completed, thus the caster must be able to read the language in which the text is written. If a copy of the text exists on the Prime Material Plane, the caster will be aware of it as though they had cast a locate object spell in place of the normal effect.

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