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11-27-2014, 06:13 AM
I will be looking to start running an exalted (v2) game by request of my players in a few months.
Since I am new exalted, I am looking for some help to understand the world and settings. Still working on reading books.
When trying to finding a campaign idea that will work with the interest the players have given me thus far. I have come up with a war concept that may be similar to some major war errors in China and Japan. Using the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as my primary basis as it is my most familiar conflict in Asian history.
Right now I am in the concept stages and my players seem to like the idea and what it may allow them to do. But going over possible starts, I am given the impression that the ways I would want to begin the conflict may seem unreasonable or impossible in Exalted. Help to understand why some of my concepts or considerations can or would fail to work would be appreciated.

Among the considerations, my players given me the impression that a peasant revolt/war would be unlikely to succeed as an ignition source. This may not be the actual ignition factor for the story but its currently a starting consideration.

Additionally, since I am expecting to start exalted, I will be looking for players once I get a good familiarity with exalted. It will be online skype chat game.

12-05-2014, 12:48 PM
I don't know anything about Exalted, but I'll help if I can.

Is an "ignition source" a special rule in Exalted? Or another term for plot initiation/instigation?

In general, I don't see why peasant revolt is a bad way to start a game. . .

12-05-2014, 03:45 PM
From what my players have told me (I don't have a good reference for comparative power yet). A general Peasant uprising against that looks like a central govt is something that one well placed Lesser Exalted to could eliminate in one fell swoop. I am not sure if that is actually true but that is the impression I am given. And given the govt seems like it may have at least several thousand lesser exalted (Aka Terrestrial, Dragon-Blooded) and some other... not comparatively sure where they fit in the power spectrum, it doesn't quite seem like the revolt has a chance. (Would be helpful if someone could confirm these implications)

My current idea is to have it seem like it is a peasant revolt with something obviously behind it giving the more normal people in the revolt. The period of time seems to already be one if initial time of growing destabilization. I may just need to push time further down the line. The players already know I want to set off a two part warring time. One with peasants that weaken the governing bodies. (I actually wanted this as part of the story to game but my players want to see if the can stop it... escalate it... or possibly messing things up and bring the end of the world prematurely).

The Second part would be a very large separation of existing factions and rise of new factions as varying sides go for power in the disorderly times. (Giving my players a chance to create their own kingdom.)

12-23-2014, 12:44 PM
Hi, just saw this post today. Your reason for starting is possible if you do it right. The peasants alone is unlikely to be able to revolt in any major setting without assistance from beings with power, such as Exalts, spirits, god-blooded, gods, etc. An idea may be that during this peasant revolt which was started with the leadership of a few exalts (for example) that your players may need to join in as the original leadership is either maimed, killed, or captured. There are many ways to have your ideas come into fruition but you may want to consider where you have the revolt take place in serious consideration. The revolt is less likely to come from the Blessed Isle as it is from the threshold. The 100 kingdoms would be more likely than many places, which is in the Scavenger Lands where the Realm has practically little influence.
The best thing you can do for yourself is read the setting as much as possible in the core book, then look into reading the Compass of Terrestrial Directions Books: Mainly the one that will encompass the area you plan to use for your campaign. I have no knowledge of the Romancing the Three Kingdoms series other than hearing its name and such. I truly wish you the best of luck. It is a game I like a lot and don't mind playing the game or refereeing. If you read and understand more about the Sidereal exalted you may even be able to influence the peasant revolt with hidden assistance from say the gold or silver factions, backed by a lunar(s) or solar(s) that run into a snag when the non-exalted individuals in the for front is killed off by say a Wyld hunt, which makes the Sidereal leadership very nervous and desperate in finding replacement leadership to put into place as to prevent the revolt and true reason behind the Sidereals motivation from realizing its development.
You could even begin the campaign with your players being unknown pawns in a larger heavenly fight between the Bronze and Gold Sidereal factions using the "Creation" bounded heroes to do their dirty work, only to later do change and ruin the plans of their "puppet masters." You could have many levels of intrigue within your campaign, you just have to figure a way to make things logical for the setting by adding elements to it that keeps the "realism" of the game in place.
Wishing you the best of luck and happy holidays,

12-25-2014, 11:12 PM
Another big point I may need some assistance with is what limits on different kinds of exalted (or other playable things) should I consider?
Some of the players I am working with think that only solar exalted (included Abyssal and Infernal) should be allowed. I have others that have shown interested in Lunar, Sidereal, Dragon-Blood (or a few others that I don't think I want to use) mostly due to more interesting themes related to these characters. What limits should I consider and why?

12-27-2014, 07:08 PM
In all honesty if you the limits on Exalt level is up to the Storyteller, but honestly the things you and the players have to consider is rather or not power level is important to be equal within the group? I like many of the Exalt types personally but I don't think each of them are easy to mix together in a group. In the end it depends on you, but a game is much easier by making a group who can form a circle with one another. There are so many ways you can go from a mix group, so the end should be what you can handle as a storyteller and how well your group of players will be if some character's are not as powerful as others. In Exalted you have to be cautious of power gaming (a game that every character is already powerful in the setting to begin with). I am sure you know your group, if they are just looking for making the most powerful Exalt types and bringing them together that is great if that is what you want. But, to start you may want to put some limits on the character options. Once you are comfortable running the game you should be fine and able to handle what ever a player tries to throw your way.