View Full Version : Bold New Horizons (Pennsville, NJ)

11-25-2014, 08:03 PM
Starting up a new campaign. I have a definite 1 player, but will need at least two more at the very least to make the adventure work. 4 to 6 players would be ideal.

I can host, but if anyone who joins has a place which can accommodate the group I'm willing to travel as well. I wouldn't mind playing a few times a month, but realistically (with work and home life being what it is for all of us these days) once a month is probably closer to the mark.

I run 4E because it's simple and uncomplicated mechanics-wise, but I tend to focus a lot on story and characters, so never fear that you will be bogged down in endless dungeon crawls unless that is really what the group is looking for. I've developed a pretty good way of keeping battles short but dangerous while offering players the chance to really immerse themselves. I haven't written any storylines yet, but inspiration comes pretty quickly and I already have some basic outlines ready if a group can be put together. I tend to let backstories and player input dictate a lot of what happens and fill in the gaps from there, so don't be afraid to make yourself heard.

I will be checking back to Pen & Paper pretty regularly for now, so feel free to message me if you are interested.