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11-19-2014, 09:00 PM
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http://www.koboldpress.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Loboyko-Kobold-Jiro-Mascot-238x300.png (http://www.koboldpress.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Loboyko-Kobold-Jiro-Mascot.png)You might see those less fortunate than you everywhere in the next town you visit, or there might be only one beggar calling for alms. If, for some reason, the characters take a look into a beggar’s cap, there might be more in there than coins. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.
d12. Curiosity

A crystal-beaded gossamer headpiece sparkles within the cap. The pattern of beads is that of an icon for a long-dead religion.
Someone put a slew of seeds in the cap. One of the seeds is sprouting and growing before your eyes.
You can faintly hear someone calling out for help from the cap’s immediate vicinity. Whether there’s a tiny creature in the cap or it’s a ventriloquist’s trick is up to the GM
A single card depicting “The Fool” is in the cap. It looks like it acquired blood at some point in the past.
Someone pitched a glass shuriken into the cap.
The hard-shelled egg sacs of some insect glimmer within the cap.
A piece of parchment has these words: “Meet me at the Red Rose at 7 in the eve. Kill the bearer of this note.”
The cap has a bunch of silver bells within it.
Inside the cap sits a miniature version of the very beggar holding the cap. It, too, is holding a cap.
Strangely, the cap holds a liquid. Any coin dropped within it plops into the liquid. It seems impossible to spill the liquid, too.
The cap leaps from the hands of the beggar and chases down a frolicking monkey.
The cap changes color each time you blink. Its contents do the same, now that you’re looking. Who is this beggar?

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