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Pepsi Twist
11-19-2014, 04:48 PM
Nemesis stands in front of the door at the address on his letter.

After being promised TV exposure and a chance to compete for a world title against high caliber opponents, he'd flown over to merry ol' England (at great expense, since the plane ticket they sent him was for a flight from Norway), but this was not the studio he'd expected. He opened the door and stepped into what had obviously been a gym once, but had now been converted into an old-run-down-former-gym, with a wrestling ring in the middle.

Looking around, there was an area with a camera and curtained area, a locker room (former toilets??) and a bunch of large burly men standing around looking either bored, confused, or angry.
One small, quite old but very energetic and excited man in a suit which it looked like he'd been wearing for a week ran up to Nemesis as soon as the door opened, with a younger man by his side -

"Nemesis!! We're all waiting for you! Now I know it doesn't look much, but you know wrestling used to be very big here in the UK. My promotion, with its imported collection of talent from all around the world and a TV show on Public Access Iowa, we're set to make a big revival! We're all here today to film some promos and a few demo matches to get the word out and welcome people to the world to K Meyer's (that's me!) SOUTH SEA SLAM!
If you have any questions, ask away, but we're going to have you cut a promo and then an exhibition match against one our American imports, Gutbuster Robson"
As he said the name, he gestured to 2 men in the corner, talking with each other. You aren't sure which one he pointed to but, but it doesn't really matter since they're both massive, overweight guys in overalls and caps, and you can't tell if they're very accurately portraying stereotypical American truckers, or are just some truckers.

As soon as K Meyer finished his introduction, the young man beside him started translating everything he said into bad Swedish.

11-19-2014, 05:55 PM
While there is no limit to how many segments can be in a show, each character is limited to how many segments he can initiate each card. You can appear in a number of segments = 1 + your Flair, with minimum sum of 1.

Every promo or vignette you do counts as a segment. You make a Flair + Performance + Resources roll to see how well (or little) the fans react to it. You gain a Heat by reaching Difficulty 20 or rolling an automatic success. You get no Heat on automatic failure.

As a general rule, in non-match situations you gain 1 Heat for each opposing roll you exceed by 10 or more. If an opponent beaten in this manner has any Heat currently, you can “steal” one from him/her for yourself, though you cannot do that if you’re already at maximum Heat.

Cutting a promo lets you brag about yourself, verbally run down your opponents, and take the crowd for a ride as they hang on to your every word.
A vignette is more elaborate than a promo. There’s often a theme, a scene or scenario set up, on a location anywhere in the arena to just about anywhere in the world.

My Max Show Segments: 1
My Promo/Vignette Roll: 1d20 +0

11-19-2014, 07:45 PM
The tall, chiseled combatant looked the two men over briefly and made a dismissive puffing noise, much to the resentment of the potential truckers, as his eyes wandered to the backroom interview stage - a cheap particle board partition in a corner of the room, additionally made presentable by small red faux-velvet curtains and a cheap screen-printed promotion logo on plastiboard.

"Darren Goggins here, folks, with our newest arrival, all the way from across the Big Pond - well, maybe a few Big Ponds: Nemesis!" says an eminently quaffed, blonde, fresh faced youth with pitch-perfect announcer voice, with just a touch of radio morning DJ voice to convince the higher ups of his ability to connect with younger viewers. A faceless cameraman, head buried behind his giant apparatus, follows the correspondent's lead, padding over to center on the big man from "Oslo, Norway", who scowls, not prepared to do a promo without even catching his breath from the trip.

"K Meyyahhh" he intones, eyes squinting as he points a rigid, toned finger at the lens. "You've meed the wehst mishtehk uh yeah leef, agreeuhngh tuh brehngh meh hyeahhh... Ehm genna teahh threugh yehh teahh seljehhs, uhd thun whetcha gehnna hehff teh seh abehhrt byangh ehn oveah yeh hahd wegh theah lahkes uh mehh? Brehng uhn ahll thet thyenkh theah cehn shtehnd toah teh toah and fesh theah meght uhff NEHMESHESSSSS!" finishes the big man, punctuating his last sentence with a snarl and grabbing the camera and shaking it violently, til the "on air" light goes off.

"Hey! HEY! Save it for the ring, this stuff's rented, pal!" warns the camera man, finally looking up, as Darren Goggins looks on, alarmed. Nemesis slaps the side of the camera, almost toppling it, and stalks off into a hallway, pounding his forearms against the walls he can barely fit through, as though searching for something.

Darren Goggins slumps with relief. "Intense" he breathes quietly to the cameraman, who looks less impressed, and ducks his head back down to check on the camera, saying "They're gonna have to get him a manager. He's got the vocal talents of a jar of marmalade."

Promo/Vignette Roll: jpatterson rolls some dice

Pepsi Twist
11-20-2014, 05:19 AM
The moment Nemesis' back is turned, Gutbuster Robson storms over to the interview booth, pushing aside Darren.

"Was that crackerjack talkin' ta me?? Well I say one thang, I sure hope he's good at wrasslin cos he sure ain't not good at talkin'! But hey ya know here in England everything's smaller, did you see what they call a burger here??? Appatizer is more like it! So if they got talent as much as they got big burgers, well this nee-an-da.. idiot ain't even going to be a snack! In fact, he's going to be ROADKILL"

The 'King of the road' stares into the camera intensely for a moment, then sinks back to his usual lethargic self, takes a deep breath and walks back to his friend laughing, followed by the 'On air' light going out.

Darren Goggins wipes the spit from his face, and the microphone, and the camera, and then gets a cloth for the floor. "Man, I really miss Regal".

(Promo roll: Don't know how to do it in here but I did it in chat and it was also 4, apparently you're equally unpopular on Iowa PATV)

An announcement sounds out around the 'arena' "15 minutes to bell time, first match: Nemesis vs Gutbuster Robson" and a handful of really really die hard wrestling fans (why else would they be here?) shuffle over to the seats set up on one side of the ring.

Pepsi Twist
11-21-2014, 08:12 AM
Now you're free to shuffle about backstage or get ready for your match. You're only meant to have 1 segment but you were scheduled for a promo and match, so you have one to yourself to do what you like.

11-21-2014, 10:51 AM
I don't understand. Didn't I DO my promo? With the camera and everything? And now it's time for the match? And if so, how does a match start, in your reading of it? I'm not really clear, looking it over.

Pepsi Twist
11-21-2014, 02:18 PM
Yeah you did your promo, I meant that because you were scheduled the promo and a match (or there's not much of a game left), you can have your 1 allowed segment to yourself if you want to do anything else backstage. If not then just head to the ring and make your grand entrance

11-23-2014, 02:13 PM
"Iiiinnntroducing first, the challenger, from Oslo, Norway... the -brrrrrr-serker from the barrens of badassery... Neeeemmmmeeesssseeeeeeeeesssss!"

"Ultra KaOs" by Mother of Snail blares over the loudspeakers in the small "arena" as a massive form darkens the thinly curtained doorway, startling the few semi-conscious spectators. Suddenly the hulking shape darts from the curtains, arms outspread, veiney hands grasping at nothing, red and black arm tassles fluttering like confetti as the face-painted berserker leaps from the floor onto the ring apron, grabbing the ropes and shaking them violently a moment ala Ultimate Warrior, before pulling backward and slingshotting himself over the top rope into a diving somersault, from which he rolls to hit feet from and charges a corner, leaping to the second rope and pounding both fists into his own head and face in time to the entrance theme and the fans begin to pay attention with surprise to an actual match about to start.

Already in the ring, Gutbuster Robson backs into his corner out of the way of the swath of potential destruction, his partner on the outside also looking unsure about the opponent.

Pepsi Twist
11-23-2014, 08:31 PM
Keeping in his corner to avoid the frenzied whirlwind that's close to causing himself a head injury from his entrance, Gutbuster Robson confers with his associate, and while he may have looked unsettled before, Robson is now set to go about his business of educating this youngster.

"And his opponent, from one side of the US to the other, the King of the road, Gutbuster Robson!"

2 very excited fans cheer quite loudly, one screaming "I loved your match with Chris Hero in Greenwich in April 2005!"

Gutbuster heads to the middle of the ring as the announcer attempts to corral Nemesis into his starting position.
Finally the 2 opponents stare each other down, Nemesis shaking from adrenaline, Gutbuster being a veteran and unshakable.

A quick glance to his friend at ringside and a smile, and Robson holds one arm up, hand opened out. Nemesis cautiously grabs Gutbuster's hand in his own, initiating a test of strength between the 2.
(D20+POW, JP will always be the first roll

Pepsi Twist rolls some dice
Pepsi Twist rolls some dice

Pepsi Twist
11-23-2014, 08:42 PM
(I forgot to add the POW but you won anyway, since you won the loser says what move he's going for first, then you get to pick yours, and we roll off. So for your reply, pick your opening move and roll the dice. Then the winner describes how their move plays out, incorporating the opponents failed move if you can, so if you win the dice roll, you can go ahead and post straight away describing the result.
So your next post should be - Body slam - D6 damage + whatever mods, then the dice roll, and if you win, you can post again describing the outcome, then I'll reply
Also his flaws are Cocky, Hated and Overconfident)

Robson goes for a gut kick as he's losing the test of strength - Attribute only, BRN 7 (Total mods +8 ) = Pepsi Twist rolls some dice

11-23-2014, 09:43 PM
Gutbuster goes for a kick or knee, but Nemesis clenches his abdomen and pivots sideways, taking the brunt of the force across his whole side to negate it. He takes this moment to exert a vice-grip with both hands and rotate both of Robson's hands violently at an angle and pin his arms back behind his own body with a simple variation of a reverse full nelson. The face-painted warrior then leans back a second and then brings his head jolting forward, pounding into Robson's own, once, twice, three times, keeping the man's arms pinned and unable to bring them up for defense.

Snow Trapping Headbutts: 2d6 dmg (-2), 2 ftg (+1), KD (-1), stunning: self if missed (+1) = -2 (for extra d6)
Power: +2
Init Boost: +2
Final Roll Mod: 1d20+2 (2 InitBoost +2 Pow -2 MoveDiff)

Snow Trapping Headbutts Roll: BAM BAM BAM

11-23-2014, 10:20 PM
I lost my roll and have to post my move first and now I know I only post my move declaration and mods and NOT my narration, and Pepsi will post his move and mods and rolls for both of us, then posts who wins what.

Overhand Forearm Smash (Power)
-1 Damage 1d6
-1 Knockdown
-2 Total

Pepsi Twist
11-23-2014, 10:28 PM
Gutbuster's going for a big ol' shove

Power +4
No damage +2
Total +6

Nemesis - Pepsi Twist rolls some dice
Gutbuster - Pepsi Twist rolls some dice

Pepsi Twist
11-23-2014, 10:30 PM
Gutbuster Robson grimaces as he takes the headbutts, then with a mighty feat of strength, pulls his arms free from Nemesis' grasp. He puts both hands on Nemesis chest and shoves the big Norwegian back a few steps, a big grin on his face. Those headbutts don't seem to have had any effect!
The crown let out a small "oooo"

11-23-2014, 10:37 PM
Power Clothesline (Power)
-1 Damage 1d6
-1 Knockdown
-2 Repeating Move
-4 Total

Pepsi Twist
11-23-2014, 10:41 PM
Power clothesline!
-1 Damage D6
-1 Knockdown
-1 repeating move
+4 power
+1 total

Nemesis - Pepsi Twist rolls some dice (won't count the first power move)
Gutbuster - Pepsi Twist rolls some dice

Pepsi Twist
11-23-2014, 10:52 PM
The 2 warriors stare at each other for just a moment, Nemesis a little shocked at Gutbuster's strength, before the simultaneously lunge forward, arms extended to the side. Nemesis arm slaps against Gutbuster's chest, not even moving the mass of manhood! Robson's arm however clobbers Nemesis straight down to the floor, where he looks up to see a fat, smiling trucker with his arms raised to the crowd.

Damage - Pepsi Twist rolls some dice D6 damage plus my Power rating (4) plus your weight modifier (+1 for every 25 pounds over 200, so +6)

You take this much fatigue, and announce your next move.

11-24-2014, 06:20 PM
(You'll probably need to track the Fatigue since you're the one rolling the dice)

Okay man, stand back, I'm about to blow your mind.

BOOM! http://www.peracles-rpg.com/guest/jp/toys/index.php?pagecont=27
The Wild World Wrestling Move Generator! get a random custom or stock move!

So my move is:

Flying Mare Takedown (-2) [[do you add in his POW also or is that only if he has +5)?]]
Dmg: 1d6 (-1)
Attribute: (Pow -3)
Submission Hold (-1)
Prone Self (1)
Illegal (1)
Requires Lifting (1)

Pepsi Twist
11-25-2014, 07:32 AM
You always get the bonus for whichever you're using for the move, as well as a minus for repetition. is this move illegal though??

11-25-2014, 12:48 PM
Sorry yes its a hair pull into a flying mare. I forgot to clarify that! =)

Pepsi Twist
11-25-2014, 05:37 PM
Leg drop
Athletic -2
Untrained -4
D6 damage -1
Add weight mod to damage -1
Prone self +1
Req prone target +1
Stunning: self if missed +1
Total -5

Nemesis : Pepsi Twist rolls some dice
Gutbuster: Pepsi Twist rolls some dice

11-25-2014, 07:10 PM
The faux Norwegian looks up to see Robson lightly bouncing from the ropes as a prelude to his fairly solid legdrop followup move, but the warrior kips up to his feet and charges in, surprising the trucker by leaping into the air and encircling his head with an arm, adding a liberal handful of hair to make sure it's a solid hold, and twisting into a rapid surprise roll, bringing the American back down to the canvas with a jarring flying mare.

Damage: jpatterson rolls some dice +2

Pepsi Twist
11-26-2014, 04:59 PM
JP do you want to keep playing this game?? (you know, now we're working on our own one) (Plus if you decide to quit you have to play if I do a Savage worlds pbp)