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11-18-2014, 09:10 PM
Okay so this is the thread to post created wrestlers for WWW. Maybe also any guidelines or notes about wrestler creation, to help provide a brief idea. So far it's just me and Pepsi trying out WWW. So what do I do first, Pepsi?

Pepsi Twist
11-18-2014, 09:38 PM
Pick your wrestler I guess and we can go through creation! If you imagine the wrestler you want first it will be a lot quicker than running through all the options. Maybe a paragraph overview would be handy, including name, wrestling style, finishing/signature moves, anything you think might be relevant in either matches or backstage.

Any kind of character is fine, and it's up to you if you want to play it as real or not (Undertaker for example, is either a deadman with supernatural powers, or a guy pretending to be a deadman with supernatural powers, and Max Moon is either an alien or not I guess, so you can play it as real to you or not) and the overall attitude is that matches are real and wins and losses matter, but we kind of play at creative as well, so some dumb wrestling stuff can happen that wouldn't normally happen if it was a legitimate sport. I hope that's clear! Basically to the character it's real, but he will just have to deal with some stuff that might not make sense to him.

If anyone else wants to join just post away, it's experimental for now but if it works out I'll get to posting up a whole roster and shows and stuff

11-18-2014, 09:43 PM
Great post, Pepsi!


7', 365 lbs, "Dive Bomber" type, like a more agile Kane/Undertaker, looking sort of like Ultimate Warrior - like Adam Bomb or Bryan Adams

Pepsi Twist
11-18-2014, 10:00 PM
Righty ho, you've got 5 attributes -
Power (POW - obviously power moves, but also kicking out of pins and pinning others)
Athleticism (ATH - High risk offense, escaping pin attempts, beating count outs)
Brawn (BRW - Stamina and toughness, brawling and weapons etc)
Instinct (INS - More technical stuff, submissions and also awareness of ambushes and distractions etc)
Flair - (FLR - Popularity, fan favourit-ness, promos, getting over AND sneaky cheaty moves and underhanded shenanigans)

You start with 0 in each, and have 5 points to distribute however you like among them. You can also give a -1 in exchange for another +1, but no stat can be less than -5 or more than 5.
At 365 you're a super-heavyweight so after all stats are done, you get another +1 to either power or brawn, and -1 to Athleticism (this can take it above or below 5 or -5).
Also you need to pick whether you're heel, face or Tweener (you can change it later (and often!))

11-18-2014, 10:09 PM

POW 1 (and +1 you mention for 2?)
ATH 2 (-1 to 1?)

Pepsi Twist
11-18-2014, 10:30 PM
Yep, good so far. You have to do skills now. You get 4 points, and an extra 4 each level (and possibly a few more on the next/last segment, Gimmick Enhancments). Most are fairly self explanatory, and they give you a bonus to related actions.

Athletics (different from the stat!)


Knowledge (on several specific subjects - You have to take each sub-skill seperately, and 5 points in one gives you +1 when attempting a manouver of that type (so 5 points in Power manouvers will give you +1 to all power moves)
The Knowledges are Manouvers in each attribute, Foreign objects, Knowledge of the roster, Tag team and specialty match (you have to specify the match, for example Last man standing or Judy Bagwell on a pole match (or just pole match))

Language (Specify the language, it can help in delivering promos in other countries or communicating with wrestlers from that country)

Perception (finding hidden stuff, telling if someone is lying, detecting an ambush)

Performance (promos and acting stuff)

Presence (Influencing people, through diplomacy, intimidation etc)

Special Talent - This is for anything specific you want your guy to have, be it "Driving" or "Modding an RPG forum" or "Supernatural powers" whatever you fancy (though it will have to be approved so don't pick "Always wins in title matches" or anything silly!

So yeah, 4 points divided between them please

11-19-2014, 05:05 AM
QUESTION: Most Gimmick Enhancements have italicized requirements like "Powerhouse" but I don't see anywhere in the rules to pick your Style/Wrestler Type besides buying Knowledge skills. Am I missing it?



Entrance Music

Oslo, Norway (actually Willowick, Ohio)
7'0", 335 lbs., Muscular (Ultimate Warrior/Undertaker mix)

Lng blk hair, grn eyes, drk tan, rd/blk trunks, boots,
shinguards, tassles, axe-shapred facepaint

wild, loud, whirling brutal "dive-bomber" powerhouse
thrashing techno metal


Superheavyweight (+1 Pow, -1 Ath; WgtMod +5)

(5 starting)
2 (1; +1 WC SHW Mod)
1 (1; -1 WC SHW Mod)

1. Athletics
2. Deception
3. Knowledge
-- Athletics Maneuvers
-- Brawling Maneuvers
-- Flair Maneuevers
-- Foreign Objects
-- Power Maneuvers
-- Roster Lore
-- Specialty Talent
-- Tag Team
-- Technical Maneuvers
4. Language
5. Perception
6. Performance
7. Presence
8. Special Talent

(4 starting)
Ath 1

(5 pts = +1)
Ath Man 1

Pow Man 1

English 0 (with bad Norwegian accent)

Pre 1 (Intimidating)

1. Cocky

1. MF: Power
2. Go All Night
3. No Sell
4. Ring Rage
*5. Toughness

(1 per level)
foe auto-kickout once per card

(4 starting)
Reduced penalty for using Power moves
remove 2x (double) Fatigue on successful Recovery roll
1/crd; {Brn roll; TN dmg} = void dmg from 1 attk (1 Heat for Fin.)
1/crd; if take 10+dmg by 1 prev attk, +2 Pow & Brn for Brn rds
1/crd; reduce each attack dmg in a rd by Brn

Pepsi Twist
11-19-2014, 10:22 AM
Wow, great sheet! and I love the hometown.
The Gimmick Enhancement section is a little messed up on it though, which nicely brings us to... Maneuver familiarity. You get -4 to all rolls if you do a move in a style you aren't familiar in, and the familiarity is a Gimmick Enhancement, so you might want to take the GE of Maneuver Familiarity - Power moves for example. Otherwise every roll will be at -4, at least you could get rid of that with Power moves.
The italics classes underneath are just which style the GE is best suited for, it's not actually a requirement/class (class is 'defined' by your abilities, but you never actually specify, anyone can try anything, so you're free to create someone as a Brother of Destruction and try to play them as a Motor City Machine Gun)

11-19-2014, 01:54 PM
Ok. I will replace Amazing Recup. Power with MF: Power. I actually had MF: Power originally but somehow it got erased and I overlooked it. Good catch. Now what?

Pepsi Twist
11-19-2014, 03:27 PM
Well that's your guy made I guess, I'll start a new thread with an opening scene. Feel free to post any other bio-bits in here.

Pepsi Twist
11-19-2014, 04:50 PM
I don't know why I'm running this cos I have no idea how to run or even play one of these games, or how it'll work, but I made you a thread anyway, you can reply to it and if it's a small interaction with someone you can make up their part to keep things moving along. Otherwise just tell me what I'm actually meant to do!

Pepsi Twist
12-03-2014, 03:59 AM
Hey JP I know this isn't the right place but I don't know how to use Google and I know you'll see it here at least. I was thinking of some extra finisher rules, what do you think -

Finishing moves
A finishing move is the most deadly and powerful weapon in most wrestler's arsenal. In Risus Wrestling each character has a specific double pump cliche to represent their finisher. This means once per game the character can roll 3 dice for their special move (it must be double pumped, and must be named to count.). Perks cannot be used with a finisher (You can't lucky shot it to get an extra dice, for example).
In addition to naming your finishing move, when you successfully execute one (Your finisher roll beats their cliche roll) you gain 1 heat, and you can add one of these attributes to it -
Destroyer - A mighty finisher capable of ending any opponent. When you hit with this move, you do an extra dice of damage.
Pin - This move incorporates a pin, as soon as it's hit you go into a pin AND you start from the 3rd roll - They have only 1 chance to kick out! If they scape, you take a dice of damage as usual.
Submission - A destructive submission hold. When you hit with this move, you start a series of pin rolls. However, each time you win, they lose a dice in a cliche of their choice. This continues until they run out of dice, or you win 3 times, in which case they tap out. When they escape the submission, you take a dice of damage as usual.
Heat - While not the most devastating move, it sure is popular! You gain 1 extra heat when you hit your finisher.
You may spend 1 cliche dice to buy an extra use of your finisher.

12-03-2014, 05:25 PM
That all sounds pretty good Pepsi! I wonder though, so using a Finisher is not just a free 1 die DP cliche, but automatically also gives you one special effect - including an extra die. It is already a free cliche you can pump for 3 dice total for the cost of 1, and you can essentially make it a 4 die cliche for free with the special effect... correct? And you can then pin anyway, after a 4 die cliche? This may be overpowered, at least a good idea to check during playtest to see. Do you want me to put the .odt (document) up on googledocs so you and I can change it and have a live version?

Pepsi Twist
12-04-2014, 01:38 AM
It should just be double pumped to a 3 dice cliche in all, and without the ability to do an extra damage dice, it still just does 1 damage, so it's exactly the same as having 'Mudhole stomping (3), except you can add an extra damage or a pin when you win. But yeah put it in the google docs if you like and I'll try to work out how to use it!

12-04-2014, 04:58 AM
White Scorpion
187 lbs
Osaka, Japan
"Cherry Blossom Firestorm"

Lucky Shots - 3

Human Hornet Swarm (4)
Gravity Is For Mortals (3)
Masked Mystery (2)
Finisher: "Cruel Venom Tail" Handstand Double Heel Strike[1]

Dice: 1 die for Lucky Shots + 9 dice for Cliches = 10 dice


RISUS Wrestling Googledocs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6bQD6P0YsOGTm1acHU3SWZwR1E/view?usp=sharing

Pepsi Twist
12-04-2014, 09:28 AM
Nice! I guess Nemesis is out of the picture then! Do you want to carry on with the same story?
Oh and why is there a list in the Google doc of animal meats and their prices, and poison elves and cryptmasters??

12-04-2014, 09:34 PM
oh did you want me to use Nemsis again and continue the same story? I can do that. Whichever you want to do.

A list of... what? What are you talking about?

Pepsi Twist
12-05-2014, 04:20 AM
No you can be your new guy, up to you. And scroll to the end of the Google doc you put up :P

12-05-2014, 06:40 AM
Yes the lists of traits and cliches and templates. Just something I might try to get to, just "work in progress" stuff.

So maybe White Scorpion was a recent Japanese puroresu exchange talent that happened the same time as Nemesis. Here's the big guy, for completeness. I'd like to continue with Nemesis just because it sucks to leave that start hanging.

7', 345 lbs
Oslo, Norway
"Apocalypse Symphony"
Red and black "ax" shaped facepaint, bare chest, red and black elbow, knee, shinpads, arm tassles, ripped 7' physique

Traits/Perks {cost: 2 dice}:
Immovable Object
Overwhelming Strike

Cliches {cost: 10 dice}:
Beatdown Blizzard (3)
Winged Fury of Thor (3)
Ring Optional Rampage (2)
Finisher: "The Rack" Canadian/Hanging Backbreaker [2]

Dice: 10 dice base + 2 dice for description = 12 dice

Pepsi Twist
12-05-2014, 10:29 AM
OK I'lll post about Nemesis tonight. You only get 1 dice in your Finisher cliche! You get the bonus ability for it as well, don't forget to add that!

(This is some of the stuff from the end of the Google doc thing you posted in the other thread -
Cattle(2); commonly used as draft animals and for meat. Quite strong, but not very smart. Prices vary widely from one
locale to the other, anywhere from $5.00 a head to $30.00 a head.
Dog(2); They come in all shapes and sizes, and are used for hunting, herding and as pets. They are very intelligent and
trainable. Prices vary widely, from nearly free to $100.00 or more.
Donkey(2); Strong for their small size, donkeys are popular pack animals. Known for their agility, they are frequently
used by prospectors in mountainous terrain. $30.00
Horse, Cavalry(4); Fast and strong, the cavalry horse is trained not to spook in battle. $100.00
Horse, Draft(3); Slow but powerful, true draft horses are uncommon out west. Some
not very good for riding, but make excellent workhorses. $60.00

Leprechaun * Being small, hoarding pots of gold, being lucky, wearing green, liking clover.
Wraith* Being spooky, wearing a hooded cloak, having piercing red eyes that seem to hover in the midst of your fog-
like "head".
Gnome * Being small, balding, having lots of facial hair, inventing things, possessing a strange kinship with creatures
of the forest.
Giant * Being big, stomping around, eating a lot, sleeping a lot, yelling "Fee fie fo fum" or some such, being easily
Doppleganger * having amoral tendencies, being lazy, spying, replicating folks and doing away with the originals,
stealing things.)

12-05-2014, 05:39 PM
But I bought an extra Finisher double pump die with my 12! >=(

Seriously I did but if it's capped at 1 that's fine, I just didn't know that. I Guess I'd trade those 2 in for Hulk-Up and 1 more to Thor's Winged Fury or whatever I put.

Yes what you reposted above are two things I included in the doc to work on later, both basically are ideas for components for names, for a random wrestler name creation chart, so you might get Ronnie the Buffalo Wilson, or Jimmy the Gnome Pantolano.