View Full Version : Sci-Fi Beta Kappa now on DriveTHRURPG

11-15-2014, 06:39 AM
Good news everybody! Sci-Fi Beta Kappa (http://www.rpggeek.com/rpgitem/151565/sci-fi-beta-kappa-1e) is now available from DriveTHRURPG, price 9 GBP (14.27 USD). Link to title here (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/121320/SciFi-Beta-Kappa).

AP reports here (http://www.rpggeek.com/rpg/18392/sci-fi-beta-kappa), and recent G+ Hangout here (https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/crihc9qrclfq6vce28gdep4a3a8).(For those not on G+, there's a link to the video in this thread (http://www.rpggeek.com/thread/1268795/sci-fi-beta-kappa-now-drivethrurpg)).

Have fun y'all, but don't let the Dean catch you ;).