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07-17-2007, 05:05 PM
What is a Chaos Gamer?

A Chaos Gamer is a mature gamer who has a job and has a life that he likes. He seeks the stress relief of a group of friends joking laughing sharing problems and generally having a good time. Some call it boys night and some call it poker night. It’s more about the group dynamic than about the game we happen to be playing.

Who are we looking for? Our ideal candidate is somebody with a basic understanding of role playing who can bring a lot of interesting things to the table. He is smart, funny, and generally happy, likes to laugh and to be laughed at and puts family before anything else. He is a magician on the grill and can balance three beers on his nose while juggling bowling pins (?). He is great story teller with a vivid imagination who likes to entertain and to be entertained in return.

Here are some basic guidelines for any potential member of the group......

He is at least 21 years of age...
He owns shoes he can polish (not combat boots)...
He owns a suit (not of armor)...
He owns a tie and knows how to tie it...
He drinks or is tolerant of alcohol...
He smokes or tolerates cigars...
He thinks Star Wars and Serenity are way cooler than Star Trek and Stargate...
He can talk about things other than his old games and characters...
He can't quote the GURPS rule book and may not even know what GURPS stands for...
He thinks game rules are merely guidelines...
He has had coitus more than ten times with at least one willing live female human without paying for it...
He understands that we say “He” for a specific reason. This is “BOYS NIGHT” Sorry ladies.

If you are a convention-going, storm trooper armor-wearing, Simpsons comic book guy-like type of gamer, this is not the group for you. We are not looking for hard core gamers here. We are looking for new friends who are loyal and dependable, creative, and avid readers of fiction and fantasy.

One time event. Thursday, August 9, 7:00p. HobbyTownUSA 8041 Walnut Hill, Dallas, TX 75231

07-20-2007, 09:37 PM
Our yahoo group - groups.yahoo.com/group/dallaschaosgamers

07-30-2007, 08:59 PM
Let me explain a little more, we're not trying to be jerky, we are just a different kind of group and we know it.

A few of us were "hard core" when we were 16, and proudly wear our goob badge. It's just that we now have serious (and sometimes kinda gooby) jobs, wives and kids.

We've tried to fit "regular gamers" in our group and they hated us more than we had a problem with them. "Are we ever going to stop talking and play?" "You can't do that, it says on page 34..." "None of you watch Stargate?!"

The easiest way to think of it is classic poker night: cigars, beers, sometimes a nice brandy, chips and dip, talk about work and women. Just replace the game of poker with a game of GURPS.


07-31-2007, 03:22 PM
I consider myself a closet gamer - in the real world, I'm a Chiropractor. My patients and many of local friends are totally unaware that I participate in things that are unconventional (gaming) and often considered taboo or weird - as it could hurt my business. It stems from the 70's and 80's, when D&D was thought to be a cult of Satan and if you played you were in the back room summoning demons and making favor with the devil. Oh, and if we've not forgotten, we live in the buckle of the bible belt. Those witch hunters still exist.

And in this regard, I figure yall would be about the same. I'm not inclined to think of yall as 'jerks'; yet, your presentation can come across as elitist. I think for the most part, all of us here over the age of 26 have found careers and places in the real world. That being said, we all obviously have 'other' lives in the gaming aspect, some may share, some may not. But we've all come to become something more than the high school geek or nerd of our day. And, in that regard, I'd say we're past "Stargate" vs "Star Trek". Unless of course you can find us in some Dr Who convention wearing the 14 foot long scarf running around making vague quotes that no one really understands.

08-01-2007, 08:20 AM
We have members who are early 30s, early 40's and a fellow in his 50s. We use the "Don't scare the straights" line from Ghostbusters a lot. We call it "boys night" in public.

When pressed about what we do we just say,
"We sit around and drink and smoke and shoot the breeze (all true), and then we'll play a game or something."
"Like a board game?"
"Yeah something like that."

I understand the elitist bit, it comes from the fellow in the group who wrote the majority of the "ad". He's just that way, elitist. We've been together for years and he sees us as a bit of a fraternity (in the Lions Club sense). That's just him. But he is one of the long-time members we are replacing (he moved to Costa Rica) so we are obliged to use his bit. We are twice shy from being burned by adding over-30 "out" gamers to the group, and unfortunately, they are the easiest to find...

08-27-2007, 02:50 PM
I'm glad to say that our event was successful in adding a new member. We still have room for one more. If you are interested, give a reply or pm me. We play in North Dallas and Plano. Occasionally, we play in Lewisville. We are currently playing GURPS Serenity. Thanks!

08-29-2007, 12:11 PM
Nope...you guys are jerks!!! Hehehe. You guys seem like the ones I used to hang with on the East coast..except we were all military, FBI, and some civilians. We all spread out our own ways, and now my family and I have moved to the DFW area. The cool thing is I dont have to hide that I like to play those types of games cause I'm in IT work...its expected.

I can't believe you bashed on Star Trek :eek:...its like the greatest show on Earth...so what Star Wars was better, you guys are all about good story and acting and such, hmph. Kirk was the bomb. Did Luke or Han(d) Solo get to sleep with all kinds of hot aliens...noooo.