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11-03-2014, 05:46 AM
So I have been developing a game setting for just over a year now. Its set in space (hence posting it here) but it includes a varied system of tech including some cultures that use a from of solar radiation called mana to create magic type effects. It's very much a galaxy divided as most of the cultures don't cooperate and many are outright hostile on sight. I have but 10 cultures currently created. I had an interesting Idea this weekend. I could Run a game where each player had to create their own race, culture, and at least one solar system that is theirs. I just wanted to know at the moment if their was any interest in this. Also, these would have to be not from other sources. So no Volcans or Wookies.

There are some history and campaign details, that I would need to share to give these folks some chance. And at the moment I am writing this system neutral but I have run 2 small games of it in savage worlds. Which is ok at it but not as good as I wanted and 1 in open d6 which tended toward the nuke mage in space kind of mentality. just saying a 5d6 fireball in a spaceship cabin... just imagine the carnage. I'm thinking somewhere in between. I have considered Alternity, my favorite for this sort of game, but I decided not to since I seem to be one of 5 people who have heard of the game. I've been avoiding the clunky systems as the setting has a number of general rules that are designed to add feel to the game world.

Anyway my point is a generic race outline with very general abilities would be needed not like system specific details.
example to follow

11-03-2014, 05:51 AM
Discription: A short race of robe covered, dark faced creatures. Their eyes glow from the accumulated mana within their bodies. They stand between 3 and 4 foot tall with blue, four fingered and toed hands and feet being the only portion of their anatomy anyone outside their species has seen. Powerful in shaping mana these creatures call upon a greater reserve of the power than any other known race.(eg they get bonus MP) Since their homeworld was destroyed they have been a largely nomadic people colonizing only one small moon. It is speculated that this is because of their requirements for a high mana environment. Studious scientists think they have so much power because they favor High mana stars an worlds with poor radiation deflecting atmospheres. (eg they can tolerate radiation even extreme amounts) Through their wandering they have become quite adapt at being wrench wizards,(one of my professions for this game world think mechanic + mage they fix magic powered ships) and many have become experts on the use of 13 artifacts.(13 is a physical crystallized form of mana that is used in most spaceship StarQuake FTL drives also found in artifacts of some lost race of creators who left a lot of loose tech laying around)
Bonus abilities:
Size small
Mana bonus 2 times usual or large starting bonus
Magic attack bonus SS (SS, S, M, L, LL possible bonuses and minuses in order from very small to very large)
Physical attack minus any none 13 weapon SS (to balance out the bonus above but limited to any none 13 Melee weapon so over all there is a bonus)
Wrench wizard ability (even though they may have a different profession all Adjazar children learn a little Wrench Wizardry)
Environmental tolerance (radiation) 12 (on a scale of 1-20)
stat bonus other than size int or similar magic driving and knowledge stats M bonus (each race has one free M bonus)

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Ooh, interested!

11-24-2014, 06:33 AM
This setting is still being developed and I'm considering making it a setting for the system I have been developing. The two should complement each other well both are high magic including tech and alternate forms of power. I think it might be cool to have galactic summoners who call great space beasts to aid in battle or Psychics with crystal enhancers that can mind control entire vessels. Just a thought but I would like to set up a demo of the setting at the next mini con or maybe before. I'll have to see We should be getting internet at the house soon and then its on like Donkey Kong.

05-26-2015, 08:35 PM
I was working on something similar back in the days of GURPS 3e, but my idea was that Mana was a harmless background radiation generated on a few known planets and could be manipulated by those with the genetic background to do so. In game terms, these worlds are at least Low-Mana and the mages have the Magery advantage. I had only one race that could gain magery as it wasn't all that common even with them. Off world, the mages couldn't cast spells with out the aid of devices that provide mana (power stones and foci).

To provide a bit of balance, the other two races in the setting could gain psionics.