View Full Version : Harm City: Super Heroics in Baltimore City

revolution 9
10-12-2014, 11:07 AM
People live in poverty and starvation. Gangs have all but taken over. Drugs are destroying families. And now there are whispers of a new super-criminal organization rising and seizing control.

Baltimore City is a city without heroes.

Until now.

Create your own customed crimefighter in the classic Marvel and DC tradition, do battle with gangs, drug lords, evil cults and colorful villains! The heroes of Harm City live in a combined Marvel/DC universe, so all the traditional heroes and villains of those words(and any associated) exist.

However, your heroes will be an all-new, original team of your construction, battling an original rogues' gallery all your own, with the occasional appearance of classic heroes and villains now and again. Plus, your heroes can participate in the major world-shattering crossovers such as Secret Wars and Legends, when not fighting the criminal elements of HARM CITY.

The system being used is the upgraded Blood of Heroes system(a newer version of the old DC Heroes system). No previous knowledge of the system or even of RPGs is necessary. We love n00bs. For the campaign we have a campaign guide and an extensive timeline of the universe, available upon request for those who wish to peruse it.

The address given is tentative and suggestions are welcome.