View Full Version : Recruiting new player near Maidstone - War of the Burning Sky Campaign using the Fantasy Craft

10-04-2014, 05:06 PM
Hi there,

I run a weekly gaming group that meets at my house in Leybourne, near West Malling/Maidstone, in Kent, UK. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 19:45 till 22:30 and we are looking to recruit a new player after one moved away from the local area.

We’re a friendly group, all aged 40+, and we tend to stick with a campaign for an extended period of time. Currently we've just started a new Fantasy Craft campaign (with me GMing) playing through my version of an adventure path called the “War of the Burning Sky” so now would be a good time for a new player to join.

If you are interesting in talking further then please either reply to this post or send me a PM.