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10-03-2014, 07:19 PM
Time/Frequency: Saturday 8pm Eastern time until a nondescript deity knows when (usually ends in 4-6 hours); Occasionally other days (Mostly for individual side quests)
(Role Playing/Combat is not specified, Combat does expect a level of role playing, and combat is optional at every point... although often the preferred option by the group)

(Arc 4)
Plot: It has been several years since this all started, when a traitorous Japanese god was destroyed by someone unknown power. Since then many scion have sent out find out who invaded their realms and why. Many have come, many have perished. Now those that are left must join together before before a war of gods threaten to halt all the progress made thus far.
*Added: It has been several years since the first group of scions gathered, and while they still have much further to go, they have all grown into being more than mere heroes, having saved a Boston from a threat of the Titans. Now as Demigods, they must continue to seek this hidden enemy and remove it as a threat.

Additional characters may be from any valid Pantheon, there are some special rules of creation but will assist character generation.
Characters will start at Legend 8. Preferably from the core 6 pantheons, but the 4 additional cultural ones maybe allowed from the companion.

Feel free to ask questions. Will respond at earliest availability. Recommend PM for Skype information.