View Full Version : Looking for player(s) for rotating Pathfinder/3.5 gaming group

10-01-2014, 02:09 PM
We need one or two players. 75% action/ 25% RP. As of now we are about to start the second installment of Mummy's Mask for Pathfinder. After that is through I will take a break from GM and Rick will begin running his 3.5 campaign he has named Knights of Damara. We are a relaxed group that appreciates players that can do a bit of RP and dont have to have a maxed out character to have fun. We dont mind a maxed character from time to time, but we all play non optimized characters as well. Our atmosphere is a non competitive one as far as characters and how they are built. We have myself (Bobby), Rick, Kristine (Rick's Wife), Eric, and Jarrod (skypes in from Chicago). We play with maps in excel on a flat screen. We are all 35 to 45 except Eric who is about 24. We recently lost a long time player who will be missed but his interests are taking him another way right now. He may be back, but anyone who joins us and becomes part of our group will not have to worry about us bumping them to take that player back. Let me know if there are questions or interest. We play every other Saturday 10 am to 5 PM.

10-20-2014, 04:06 AM
I'd be very interested in playing. I've played and enjoyed both systems before, I just haven't played all that much of either. I do know the basics, I just have a few rough spots were a couple of my groups hand-waved away "inconvenient" rules, or didn't even use some of the basic systems. I do enjoy combat, and I'd love to grow as an RP'er, as the majority of my groups didn't really RP terribly much.

10-07-2015, 07:59 AM
If you're still looking I'd love to join you guys. But I'm still new at it so I don't have much to begin with. Only have a Lv 1 Character that I tried to make, don't even know if i made it correctly.

Swift Lizzie
10-07-2015, 11:15 AM
I would love to join you guys! I have experience playing, although it has been awhile. I may need a couple refreshers, but I can hold my own. Hope to hear from you.